Minuteman Civil Defense Corp under attack due to jealousy of it’s success

Most organizations and people that are doing a lot, rather than a little, get their turn in the public eye of criticism.  Those  people who tend to get jealous sometimes put actions towards others that will cause them harm or doubt, at least in the eyes of others.  Bad news always travels faster in the media than good news.  I am making the following available to Sonoran Alliance readers to give you the opportunity to read it for yourself and make your own judgements:

Dear Supporters and Allies of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps,

It is an unfortunate fact of life that some conservatives are jealous of the success of others.  These individuals believe that somehow someone else has received credit for ideas and projects that they would have come up with, or executed, if only they had the resources, and the credibility.  They are angry that someone else has “invaded their turf.”  It doesn’t matter that the successes of others are a result of the other’s creativity, hard work, and persistence.  It only matters to these individuals that someone else is receiving credit and they are not.

I have seen this happen in other causes, and organizations, before.  The jealousy leads to the spreading of innuendo and malicious gossip through third parties and media friendly to those who are, ultimately, willing to destroy other individuals and organizations just to somehow try to further their personal agendas, and to benefit themselves.

Such is the situation that MCDC finds itself in.  It is being attacked by a reporter, with unnamed sources that he refuses to identify, and distorted and falsified accounts of past conversations or interview demands, presenting a variety of unfounded, untrue, distortions and allegations against MCDC.  This reporter works for a newspaper whose owner has ties to the Bush administration, and to the Bushes personally.  I know from personal experience that this same newspaper has been used to carry out political vendettas by one group of conservatives against another in the past.

As many groups do, MCDC is applying for non-profit status with the federal government.  Due to this, and as a result of internal decisions to be as open as possible about MCDC’s finances, MCDC is undergoing an independent audit.  The results of the audit will be filed with the federal government as part of the non-profit application process, and, as a result, will become a public document, available from MCDC upon request.  However, until the audit is done, which it is anticipated will be completed within recommended governmental timelines, on or about November 15, 2006, MCDC has been counseled by its audit manager, Douglas White, Certified Public Accountant and founding partner of Polan, White & Associates, PC, not to release any financial information publicly. 

The reason is quite simple: releasing part of the organization’s information could be misleading as to the whole financial picture of MCDC.  If, for instance, relatively few contributions were received during one period of time, or one specific project, information about which was revealed, as opposed to other periods of time or projects also covered by the audit, it could appear that MCDC was not being forthright about the contributions being received.  Then, when the audit is released, that partial release of information could be used to attack MCDC by those who seek to destroy it.  Those who wish to harm MCDC do not care about the truth, they care only about how they can manipulate a media situation of their own devising for their own advantage.

Therefore, when you read or hear stories being spread by other so-called allies in the fight to protect our borders attacking MCDC, keep in mind the damage that they are doing to the cause and think about how they might be maliciously trying to benefit themselves, to the damage of our secure borders movement, and the national security and sovereignty of our country.

General Counsel,
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
Gary G. Kreep


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