Anti-Meth Ads Come to Arizona

Maricopa County Supervisors and the Office of the Arizona Attorney General have launched a major anti-meth ad campaign (read press release).

Let’s hope the message gets through and politics don’t interfere.

Here’s the official website: Arizona Meth Project.


  1. The ads are not allowed to feature or mention any politicians, they are based on the succesful Montana Meth Project. While Supervisor Don Stapley and Attorney General Terry Goddard are leading the charge, neither are featured or mentioned in the ads. This just seems good and bi-partisan, which is the way we need to approach the scourge that is meth.

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Oh lordy, not another ad that plays EVERY TIME I visit this page… Why can’t we set up our videos to play when we press play like every other web site?

    Does anyone remember the Duncan Hunter – Fox News clip that played for weeks!


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