Mesa Deserves Better Revealed

Nathan Sproul’s Mesa Deserves Better, finally posted their campaign finance reports for the period¬†and it’s quite revealing who made all the donations and where the money got spent.

Here is a list of the donors:

  • Marion “Mac” Magruder – $5,000
  • Sandra Magruder – $5,000
  • Nathan Sproul – $5,000
  • Tiffany Sproul – $5,000
  • Joseph Groff – $4,220
  • Willinda-Marie Groff – $4,220
  • Carl Levecke – $1,500
  • Margaret Levecke – $1,000
  • Neisha Levecke – $1,500

Here is where the money was spent:

  • Lincoln Strategy Group – $4,477.80 on Russell Pearce Hit Piece Mailing
  • Lincoln Strategy Group – $3,015.20 on Russell Pearce Hit Piece Mailing
  • Lincoln Strategy Group – $600 on Russell Pearce Hit Piece Mailing

Lincoln Strategy Group is the firm run by Nathan Sproul. Brian Murray serves as the Treasurer for the committee and is also employed by Lincoln Strategy Group.

Total money received for the period: $32,440
Total money disbursed for the period: $8,093
Cash on hand at end of reporting period: $24, 347

Read the report here.


  1. GlendaleGOP says

    No real surprise there. Hamburglar and Sproul.

  2. These individuals performed an outstanding public service. Thank you Lincoln Strategy Group for exposing the evil that is Russell Pearce.

  3. Precinct Committeeman says

    Mr. Freely,

    You couldn’t be more wrong. First, there was nothing to “expose.” Old news clips, old court records, and old attacks are not exposing anything except, perhaps, the nastiness of LSG and Nathan Sproul. Those of you who want to be so hyper-critrical of Mr. Pearce seem to think that rehashing old information makes it new. The people of his district will not reject him – they support his fight against illegal immigration and his fiscal conservative solutions to state budget problems. That some who benefit from illegal alien labor want to shut him down is not surprising – that a Christian Republican would stoop to the levels Sproul has used is very surprising. Those of us who have witnessed these tactics will not forget what Sproul has done. His work in Arizona will be more limited in the future. He better hope that McCain wins so he gets some national work. And, you? Well, come back on September 3 and tell us how well Sproul and his trash-talking benefactors did.

  4. Precinct Commiteeman,
    You are the one that couldn’t be more wrong. If it was all old news then why is the County GOP Chairman Tom Husband stating this?

    “`It says, ‘as you know.’ I certainly don’t know of Mr. Ready’s affiliation with neo-Nazis, and I am inviting them to submit evidence,’ Husband said.

    “If the evidence proves credible, Husband said he would entertain a motion calling for Ready’s resignation.”

    Seems like you folks are the last to know or beleive the truth about Pearce/ His relationship with Ready and other neo-Nazis is just beginning to be uncovered. You can call it dirty politics all you want- the truth is the truth.

    Pearce supporters are weak when it comes to the truth.

  5. get a clue says

    These personal attacks cause more harm than good. If you have a problem with Pearce, attack him on the issues, not who he took a picture with. If you have a problem with his stance on immigration, say so, don’t hide behind nutjob JT Ready.

  6. Sinned Namllig says

    Dennis Gilman,

    I watched the little video and an anti-illegal immigration rally does NOT equate to a neo-nazi rally. It appears Representative John Kavanagh was present in the video and he has been extremely strong on the immigration issue. Are you now trying to “indict” Representative John Kavanagh and any other individual who was present at that rally??? If anything is propaganda, the little YouTube video put out by Humanleague002 is definitely that.

  7. GlendaleGOP says

    Gilman and his ilk in LD18 and now LD6 paint everyone who wants to secure our borders as Nazi’s or white supremacists. Cheer up folks, that only tells you that they’re out of ideas and losing the battle.

    And PC dude, you really don’t need to argue with someone with urination in their user name. They kind of discredit themselves along the way.

  8. GlendaleGOP,

    Good last liner.

  9. Tyler Mott says

    Nathan Sproul is the biggest slimeball in all of Arizona politics. He needs to just go away and go away fast!

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