Meghan McCain does AZPBS’ Horizon for her latest book tour

Meghan McCain appeared on Arizona PBS’ Horizon recently promoting her new book, America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom.

What may come as a shock to conservatives and libertarians is her call for federal regulation of the internet (7:28) over anonymous posts.

Apparently, Meghan’s father initially was not happy about the title of her book.

You can order your copy here.


  1. The ghostly and thin-skinned Albina McJunior believes that free speech must have dog tags to benefit whom? Her popularly-maligned Daddy? Odd, her objection to what libtard Simons described as “spilling bile” seems to be from memory loss, in that years ago McSenior publically and verbally attacked an innocent minor child (Chesea Clinton) with a “bile” remark about her “parents.” As this porker spreads McCain-ingitis across the media landscape, she had better get used to public reaction and being in the spotlight – providing of course it is 10-feet wide.

  2. I have as much interest in what Meghan McCain has to say as I do in what Bristol Palin has to say.

    Zilch. Zip. Nadda.

    Although if there was a reality TV show with the two of them in a cat fight, it might be kind of fun to watch.

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