MCRC Resolution #7 – Party Unity

The final resolution being offered at the Maricopa County Republican Party Organizational Meeting on Saturday, January 10th deals with Party Unity.

A Call for Party Unity

WHEREAS, more unites us than divides us and we recognize we need each other because we are stronger united than we are divided, and

WHEREAS, we must unite under the banner of smaller government, lower taxes, peace through strength, faith and family. We must put aside our differences…not our principles; and

WHEREAS, as Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided cannot stand.”;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Maricopa County Republican Committee shall stand together and prepare for the challenges ahead.

(Passed unanimously as amended by the MCRC Resolutions Committee on December 12, 2008. David Braswell, Chairman)


  1. “We must put aside our differences…not our principles;”

    That’s nice feel good stuff, but it’s our principals that make up the differences among the two sides. If there weren’t differences in principals, there would be few differences.

  2. Sherlock Homie says

    I never could understand knowingly passing something unanimously. If the support was unanimous, why even take a vote? I mean, the purpose of the political process is to take differing factions and get some consensus among the majority. If you satisfied every little idiot enough to get their vote then you’ve got nothing but a cheap paper resolution left. Party unity is for the USSR. Open government and hotly contested elections is the American way. Thank God that in reality that’s what we have, even in our little ole MCRC.

  3. “…smaller government, lower taxes, peace through strength, faith and family.” In other words, please stop demanding border security and workplace enforcement.

    Given the Dem platform and the Republican platform, how can you leave border security out of the above?? Given the major party platforms we ARE (or claim to be) united for border security.

    One faction staunchly demands immigration law enforcement. The other faction demands we look the other way when it comes to illegal hiring.

    You are either with Russell Pearce or you are with McAmnesty. The majority of voters (70% conservatively) are with Russell Pearce.

    Kyl, McCain, Shadegg and Flake want you to forget about border security and workplace enforcement as contained in the Republican platform. Until they stand with the platform on this issue, there will be no unity.

  4. Homie, I think it was passed unanimously by the Resolutions Committee. If its a small enough committee, that wouldn’t be much of an accomplishment. Or is your beef that they voted at all? Because logic dictates that you don’t know its unanimous UNTIL you vote.

  5. Sherlock Homie says

    Logic also dictates that everyone who now reads it and has a vote will vote the same way. It best it’s just a big waste of time. At worst, it’s a bogus demonstration of unity, because the body will agree that two plus two equals four only because a “lot of people” “worked hard” to “unite the party” behind our “common principles.”

  6. Orrrrrr, it might be an actual demonstration of unity. Surely you allow for the possibility? It might only pass with 90% or even 80% but that’s a pretty strong mandate, isn’t it? And if it passes without any objections, then what harm was done? You can object to “smaller government, lower taxes, peace through strength, faith and family” just because you don’t like the notion of unity, but if we as Republicans can’t rally around these staple issues, then we are doomed to failure.

  7. Not A Rino says

    Good job with the resolutions MCRC. We are known as the party of keeping those mexicans out of here, aren’t we? I’m with Pearce 100%

  8. Not A, False charges of racism. You sound a lot like Tony Bouie and his backers, Adams, Quinlan et al.

  9. Resolutions on unity are like voting on motherhood and apple pie – who wants to be seen as divisive?

    Actions speak louder than words.

  10. ron, Who wants to be seen as divisive? Well, Shadegg says if you’re a Republican who cares about the job you lost to an illegal alien then you are just an intolerant xenophobe. And he endorsed Bouie to the exclusion of Rep. Sam Crump and Carl Seel. Shadegg doesn’t mind being seen as divisive.

    Rob Haney and the Tom Husband lead MCRC endorsed Crump and Seel unanimously. Divisiveness exists. Let’s hope higher numbers of Republicans join the conservative team-especially since that’s where the voting public is.

  11. Betsy Ross says

    Until they abandon their neocon positions and agendas, and global and corporate socialist stances, there will be no party unity. Bush and McCain prime examples of where that philosophy has allienated more and more true Americans under their global banner for corporate profits at the citizen’s expense.

    There are now only two parties in this country. The former conservative Republicans and Democrats are American Sovereignists, and the liberal Democrats and Neocon Republicans the Global Socialists.

    And it is time to start calling a spade a spade, rather the the misnomer of the former political parties they now represent.

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