Press Release: MCRC Endorses Crump & Seel

The Maricopa County Republican Committee has endorsed Sam Crump and Carl Seel in the Republican Primary in Legislative District 6. Read the press release here.


  1. nightcrawler says

    Again, this type of endorsement in a contested primary election is improper. The bylaws need to change. This says more about the EGC and it members than the endorsement itself. It is not about the “who” but rather the “what” that should alarm people.

  2. Disgraceful! I know I will be voting to change my LD representation at the ECG and I am not alone!

    It is the “what”, the “why”, and the “who”.

    “What” are they trying to do, “why” are they doing it, and “who” do they think they are!?

  3. Unanimous is unanimous Ann, so changing one vote on that committee isn’t going to matter. They’ve got 25-30 folks on that thing. You’d need to change 16 of them, and most of those districts won’t do that.

  4. Giving up is no option! It has to start somewhere and once there are new voices that are not afraid of the McCarthyistic attitudes and leadership, I’m betting unanimous is no more. People are fed up with such insulting double standards.

    The current leadership makes the Dems with their superdelegates look good. This crowd would just as soon have us all sign a proxy allowing them to vote for us, because we surely could not make a valid choice without their infinite knowledge and omnipotence.

    I cannot wait for my next LD meeting! There is trouble brewing and some smug folks are going to find themselves left out and left behind!

  5. The reason these votes are unanimous is because our LD Chairs don’t want to be called RINO’s if they dissent. This whole “RINO” thing has gotten way out of hand.

  6. YES IT HAS!

  7. nightcrawler says

    You are right about the changes coming Ann. Several big districts are being eyed for take over. Unfortunately, it is not by the moderates but rather a more radical group. This infighting has not gone unnoticed by the Libertarians among us. Watch and observe.

  8. Wow. One sentence SA? You gave more coverage to Bouie getting Jim Weiers endorsement. What’s going on here? This site lost it’s sense of direction the same day a Michael Johns link went up on your home page. Johns is still smarting from his “No Thanks” from the PAChyderm Coalition so he is vicariously taking it out on former PAChyderm Coalition Chairman, Carl Seel? SA you have sunk to a new low–giving one sentence to MCRC endorsement of Crump and Seel. You should be ashamed. A conservative bent is welcomed. Cheerleading for the RINO backed BOUIE THE LIAR is just weird.

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