McComish draws First Blood

From the AZ Republican Party resolutions:
“Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”
John Parker, Battle of Lexington, 1775.


In a stunning late night move Republican Senators John McComish, Adam Driggs, Rich Crandall, Steve Pierce, Bob Worsley and last minute surprise Michele Reagan turned on the Republican caucus passing a pork-heavy-spend-expand-grow budget. Make no mistake – they drew first blood.

Senator John McComish voted 18 times with the Democrats.

There was nothing bi-partisan about the budget, nothing bi-partisan about the amendments and absolutely nothing bi-partisan about the Medicaid Expansion – simply the 6 Brewercrats gave the Democrats everything they asked for.  An observer in the gallery observed the Democrats were “drunk with glee.”

The afternoon began with President Biggs proposing a budget that offered the Governor many of her spending increases including education but not including the Medicaid Expansion.

So John McComish put it on their for her releasing a frenzy of million dollar spending.

The AZ Capitol Times reported  they “included $9 million for Child Protective Services, $875,000 for Navajo Technical College and funding for the Arizona State Parks Board and Arizona Arts Commission.” Senator Rich Crandall justifies making the cake and then fork-feeding it to the Democrats as a “challenge to get the 16 votes …. Biggs warned his colleagues that adding at least $57 million in spending over three years could blow up the entire spending package.”

So – you following this? The Democrats would only agree to pass the Medicaid Expansion budget if it also funded Adult Education, Arts, and the stupid State Parks Board!  Not one compromise was extended to a Republican.  President Biggs offered 11 amendments trying to keep the Expansion constitutional and in control of the legislator.  All were voted down by the democrats and a mixture of the same 5 Senators.  Senator Kelli Ward, the only elected physician, offered 7 amendments with justifications based on real life consequences – all defeated.  The oh-so-delighted to discover the liberal out of control spending mindset was back in charge at the Arizona senate twittering press ramped up the personal insult slings at Ward.

If  the Medicaid Expansion circuit breaker kicks in and the Federal Government stops paying Medicaid Expansion these additional programs and all this spending will not stop.  This scenario is setting Arizona up for mountainous debt worse than 4 years ago.  Do we want to live through all these cuts again?

Six Republican Senators turned on their own over and over and over again.
They turned on the precinct committeemen in Arizona.
They turned on those who walked and called and gave them money.
They turned on the 11 republicans in the room with them.
Then they went up to the Governor’s office for a pizza party before they dealt the final blow.
All while the Democrats celebrate the new plus four majority in the Arizona Senate.

What is next?  It now goes to the House.  – we can and must stop it there.  Speaker Tobin is leading this battle and trying everything in his power to stop Obrewercare.  For a complete list of contact information, email updates and call to actions go to:





Arizona Republican Legislative District 10 Conclusion:

While we applaud Governor Brewer’s decision to oppose the Obamacare Exchanges, we oppose her support for the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. We must stop State implementation of both. We urge Governor Brewer, and all Republican legislators, to hold the line against enabling the socialist takeover of our health care system and insurance industry by rejecting the Medicaid expansion. Do not sell out our Republican principles and our birthright of Liberty for a bowl of lentils and the promise of 3 years funding that will benefit a few special interests at the cost of our State sovereignty and our core Republican values. We will adamantly oppose all those who compromise our core values for short term political expediency. Governor Brewer is correct that “elections have consequences”. She is wrong in believing that it means that Republicans must roll over and forsake our core values whenever Republicans lose a national race. This is our line in the sand.

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