McClusky Withdraws From Tucson Mayor’s Race


Based on information from a pre-trial hearing today, and at the advice of my attorneys, I am withdrawing from the race to become Tucson’s next mayor. A number of the signatures which I gathered were not properly witnessed by the gatherers, and based on that information I will not have the required number of petitions to qualify for the ballot. Therefore, as of today, I am withdrawing my petitions and candidacy for the Mayor’s race.

Unfortunately, Democratic Party Chairman Jeff Rogers and the local political machine he heads have chosen, and show every indication of continuing to choose, legal means to bully, intimidate and financially damage any and all candidates in these elections with the exception of their own hand-picked representatives, and to this point it’s clear that their tactics have succeeded admirably.

Regardless, the fact that I was not able to turn in a sufficient number of petitions is my fault. And I want to sincerely apologize to all my supporters for this mistake, I know many of you have worked hard to help my campaign, and I know this hurts you as much as it does me.

Tucson needs new leadership, and I hope that all of you will re-dedicated yourselves–as I am–to getting both Tyler Vogt and Jennifer Rawson elected to the City Council. Both Tyler and Jennifer are quality candidates who deserve your support.


Shaun McClusky


  1. This guy is a real joker. Let’s hope he is done in politics.

  2. I’m a Democrat but I believe voters should ALWAYS have choices. McClusky’s early bluster but ultimately poor organizational skills denied them that choice. Hopefully he’ll stop answering robo-calls and next time some good Republicans will step up for a real campaign.

  3. Sounds like the above commenters have an axe to grind.

    • Tucson Vice says

      Yep. We have an axe to grind with candidates who claim to have the chops to fix Tucson, yet lack the organizational skills and foresight to plan for and pass the most basic and preliminary step of a campaign. If McClusky wants people to believe that he is capable of being Mayor, he ought to have taken the time to vet his own signatures. He is irresponsible and lacks attention to detail. Signature gathering is the easiest part of a campaign. He failed at the “did you tie your shoes” step.

      Further, he lied in his press release. His problem had little to do with gatherers not properly witnessing signatures. His real problem is that he had numerous (hundreds) of signatures from people that were not registered to vote, or lived outside the city. One might argue that this is a difficult thing to know at the time a signature is taken. If you consult his petitions, though, you will see that many of them list their address as being in Oro Valley, Marana, Sahuarita, etc. Add dishonesty to his lack of attention to detail.

      Rather than trying to shortcut the signature gathering process by collecting them at the COUNTY fair (yes, this actually happened), he should have spent more time walking in the city of Tucson.

      Lazy, dishonest, inattentive and (just for the heck of it) dumb.

      Try again, Shaun. You don’t appear to have learned much in the years since your laughable city council campaign. Its too bad, really. A general election against a person like him would have been hilarious.

  4. Phillip the Great says

    “A number of the signatures which I gathered were not properly witnessed by the gatherers…”

    Oh, I love Tucson. I wonder if it’s because of the lack of logic there.

  5. Finger Wags says

    In fairness to Shaun the city of Tucson has lots of county islands, and those are usually in high Republican precincts. But that still is no excuse for having signatures from other cities, that is just plain dumb.

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