McClusky: Tucson Bureaucrats Get A Car, Close A Pool

CONTACT: Sam Stone

Get a Car, Close a Pool

Tucson, AZ — While our current Mayor and City Council claim to serve the people of Tucson, evidence continues to pile up that the only people they really serve are themselves. While we’re cutting programs and closing public swimming pools, 26 City of Tucson employees continue to drive cars, fill their gas tanks and change their oil-all courtesy of the taxpayers of Tucson.

What’s worse is that these individuals are department heads and higher-ups, most of whom already make in excess of $100,000 per year, plus benefits. Not counting the gas and maintenance, the cost to Tucson taxpayers is about $161K per year. Add in the gas and maintenance and it’s easily a quarter million.

And what would it cost these individuals if they had to drive their own cars around on city business? Nothing. That’s because any individual who uses their personal vehicle for company business can deduct their mileage when they file their federal income taxes.

“Why are we closing swimming pools and leaving our streets full of potholes instead of asking these people to drive their own cars to work?” asked Tucson Mayoral candidate Shaun McClusky. “How can they look the people of Tucson in the face and say that a car allowance is more important than giving people opportunities for recreation and clean, safe streets?



  1. Now we just need someone to capture some Tucson bureaucrat jumping in their car and speeding off juxtaposed to some kids standing outside a pool wanting to go swimming only to find out the City of Tucson closed the pool so their highest paid employees can keep their vehicles.

  2. Lindsey Palin says

    So how does $90,000 cover the pools which costs more than $600,000? Also, wasn’t he the person who said no to the half cent sales tax which would…cover pools as well as police and fire.

    So why then are Republicans such as Rick Grinnell and others supporting Pat Darcy?

    • Sam Stone says

      Lindsey, first, I have no idea where you came up with $90,000. The figure is about $250,000–which could keep almost half of the pools open, and–personally–I would say that half is better than none. Hard to have a reasonable discussion when you need to distort facts and figures to support your position.

      Second, numerous businesses in the area are already re-locating to Oro Valley, Marana, unincorporated Pima County and other outlying townships. Instead of continuing to raise taxes and accelerate those moves, Shaun McClusky fought to make the City of Tucson live within it’s means.

  3. getitright says

    McClusky needs to find some real issues. The guy’s a loser and there’s nothing he can do to change that. A whiner doesn’t inspire people.

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