McClusky: Democrat Party Seeks to Deny Tucson Voters A Choice in Mayor’s Race

CONTACT: Sam Stone

Tucson, AZ – Yesterday, Pima County Democratic Chairman Jeff Rogers announced that he will challenge the ballot status of Republican Mayoral contender Shaun McClusky and is looking to do the same to Independent candidate Pat Darcy. Rogers clearly believes that, if successful, his challenge will clear the way for fellow attorney and Democratic candidate Jonathan Rothschild to run virtually unopposed for the position of Mayor of Tucson.

In response, McClusky has already said that he is preparing his defense in court and is confident that Mr. Rogers’ challenge will fail. “I’m getting used to being sued by Democrats in this town,” said McClusky. “I kept the citizens of Tucson from having to pay an additional sales tax and they sued me, only to have their case thrown out in court. I’m confident that the judge in this case will also rule in my favor.”

“Does the Pima Democratic Party even believe in Democracy?” asked McClusky. “They clearly want to litigate this race instead of leaving it in the hands of voters who have so far clearly been unimpressed with the Democratic Party’s chosen candidate.”



  1. Mackey A Velli says

    “Democratic” candidate Jonathan Rothschild along with his cohort Jeff Rogers probably could use a little opposition research probing done on them.

  2. Mackey A. Velli says

    Maybe 200+ Tea Party activist could assemble outside Rogers’ house with signs and bullhorns and let him know the meaning of true democracy?

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