McCain’s Senior Advisor Grant Woods: “To be an Arizonan is to be a part of Mexico”

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Monday, June 7, 2010

While John McCain is running as far as he can to the right, pretending to be tough on border security now that it is an election year, his closest friends and campaign workers are saying the opposite. Grant Woods, a McCain campaign “senior advisor” and known liberal Republican in Arizona, recently told the Washington Post in an interview, “To be an Arizonan is to be a part of Mexico.” Does this mean Mr. Woods believes the U.S. should cede parts of the country to Mexico to form Aztlan? These kinds of views should come as no surprise from McCain’s campaign staff. His 2008 presidential campaign staff included Juan Hernandez, one of the biggest open borders proponents in the nation.

McCain may fool a few people during this election year who watch his misleading commercials on Fox News. But he has 24 years in the Senate he can’t hide. Watch this 2-minute video below which contrasts Obama’s statements on immigration with McCain’s. They’re exactly the same! In fact, in January of this year, Obama’s press spokesperson Robert Gibbs praised McCain for having the same view on immigration as Obama, and said that the administration wanted him to help them resolve the issue. Even the opposition knows McCain hasn’t changed on immigration.


  1. John McCain is all style over substance. People keep reelecting him based on a persona, not his record. He gets their vote because he’s a POW and he knows how to pull off the airs of a leader. But substantively there’s nothing there, he votes like a Democrat half the time and his record on immigration is just like Obama’s.

  2. Tom Dodson says

    The fact that Grant Woods has called himself a Republican all these years is beside me, here is simply a reminder for those unaware of his McCain like disdain for true conservatives. Maybe he is a McCain RINO but I thought we had finally gotten rid of him. The biggest disappointment with him is not that he has popped up again hanging out with his own kind in Amnesty Boy McCain but that he has weaseled his way next to Governor Brewer in her re-election bid. It IS scary enough to make me look hard at the other candidates in the Governor race. I expect McCain to have these Grant Woods type of out-of-touch liberals in his camp (example: Laraza’s Juan Hernandez in his run for POTUS) but the Governor should know better given her many years of involvement in Arizona politics and Grant Woods history. I do not get that.

  3. Pamela Mills says

    McCain gets re-elected because of the money he has – and throws at mis-leading and distorting advertisements. AZ needs smart voters who can see through his retoric and look at his record. We know he’ll say anything he thinks we want to hear now – and if re-nominated by the Republicans, he’ll go his maverick way. We must not be duped – again!

  4. McCain is a phony. We go thru his phony conservative talk every election. Looks like Arizonans would finally wise up. At this point in time. We need a real conservative for our Senator. Please, people, wake up.

  5. Check John McCain stories on American Freedom. Seris of ten Juke Box John changing his tune on every issue except immigration. Latest one Bad, Bad, John

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