McCain’s Convenient Loss of Memory

On Thursday, Dan Nowicki finally breached the topic of John McCain’s connections with convicted felon and $1.2 Billion Ponzi schemer, Scott Rothstein. Rothstein was one of John McCain’s largest donors and cash bundlers during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

When John McCain’s Communications Director, Brian Rogers was asked by Nowicki about the association, his reply on Rothstein was, “He wasn’t an adviser. John McCain couldn’t pick him out of a lineup.”

Well maybe I can help jog the convenient memory loss of our senior Senator John McCain with the following photo gallery:

Here is a photo of Senator McCain, Cindy, Scott Rothstein and Florida Governor, Charlie Crist.

Look familiar Senator McCain?

Or how about this one? This was a photo of Senator McCain along with Kim Rothstein, Scott Rothstein and Cindy.

Do you remember this little get-together?

Wait! there’s more!

Here is a photo of Senator McCain alongside Scott Rothstein and Governor Christ.

And how about this one? This is from a gathering of supporters obviously to raise some money.

Seriously Senator, if you cannot remember Scott Rothstein from all these photos (and more), you may have more serious problems.




  1. Michael Holliday says

    How can anyone forget the look on that crazed chick standing next to Rothstein with his too-long sleeves and his funkadelic, shiny, 25 carat gold-threaded tie?

    Ignorance of the crazed donors is no excuse from the law!


    Got ’em!


  2. Blue Meanie says

    That’s not fair! With his health problems it should be enough he remembers to take his meds. Maybe they should be increased, I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.

  3. Jack Hammer says

    Well if he can’t remember to take his meds, he’s ideal for public office!


    Character COUNTS!

  4. Jane 001 says

    There couldn’t be a bigger liar than one straight from Hell itself. Brian Rogers shouldn’t bother to comment on this site after this and McCain should withdraw as a candidate. They must have had a group lobotomy. Twenty four years of sleazy jockeying is enough!

  5. Actually, “The John” has spent 28 yrs in Congress (2 House terms).

    In any event it’s long past “flushing” time!

    And that goes for his supporters who hold party posititions!

  6. Jane 001 says

    !!! Flush away !!!

    Btw…these pics will make great yard signs!

  7. Tom Dodson says

    This story shows the gall and shame of McCain to run idiotic incorrect TV ads smearing JD Hayworth over inuendo charges that he was exhonerated from by a committee McCain himself was on. Obviously the big money from crooks shows up in McCain’s war chest. Strangely I am more upset at the fact that over a million in tax dollars, ( mine and yours ) went to McCain’s Campaign as a thank you gift from the Bailed out banks he voted to fund. I do not like public money going to fund anyone let alone stinking liberals and McCain is a liberal. He needs to have the wrath of the Arizona Republic and mainstream Media come down hard on him for this like they did when they ran with the bogus Abramhof press smear against JD.

  8. Don’t forget the McCain Love Boat!

    The Democrats will have fun with this one if John gets past the primary!

  9. Jacobite says

    Should McCain get through the primary, the Dems will have achieved their objective!

    They will have retained their one man Fifth Column!

  10. Pamela Mills says

    These pictures show that McCain will say anything, although perhaps his memory is faulty. (Senility does that to you!) He is trusting that Arizona voters will just listen to his adds and not review his actual record. However, we’ve learned that we cannot trust his word – he’ll say anyting to get elected. Not this time, John – your proven record shows us you can’t be trusted to toe a conservative stance. Character counts and your’s shows you cannot be trusted.

  11. Saddlemaker says

    Why would Blue Meanie, a far left Democrat, agree with all you “true conservatives”? I think you both have a lot in common. The Dem’s know they can beat JD but not McCain. I suspect the “Meanie” stays awake at night dreaming up ways to get JD past the Primary.

  12. Blue Meanie says

    Saddlemaker is a moron. I was considered to be a conservative Democrat. JFK was one of my favorite presidents. Like Kennedy, the world changed. He would be a moderate or maybe even a conservative Republican today. McCain is closer to a liberal Democrat, giving away money faster than it can be printed. Pandering to criminals breaking into our Country fits him. To hell with real Americans. That boy has to go and I would vote for Glassmen first. At least he hasn’t had the opportunity to violate his oath of office yet. McCain certainly has.

  13. Funny stuff…nice little “memory jog” you provided to Senator McCain to help refresh his memory.

  14. You have backed this guy for all these years. This is not new information to you. Selective memory is your problem too. And selective use of information.

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