If this is a trial baloon, I’ll be one of the first to shoot it down.

Senator, I’m voting for you but please pick someone who will excite the base.


  1. kralmajales says

    Yeah, but PA is a pretty big state to win.

  2. Abraham Lincoln says

    I think you’re wrong about Ridge– he would be a great VP pick because of his appeal. Would you rather have President Obama or President McCain? The base needs to be there for McCain, because the alternative is not a good choice, and McCain should make a pick that gives some appeal to independents and maybe women/democrats.

  3. The true colors of John McCain come out.

  4. Abraham Lincoln says

    You’re an idiot, John.

  5. Ridge is nothing more than a Mister Potato Head in an empty suit, and dull as can be. He makes Bob Dole look exciting. He was horrible in the cabinet, and is wrong on abortion. McCain needs to pick a pro-life woman or a non-white haired, much younger man. I prefer a women to take all of Hillary’s votes.

  6. DoubleDecaf Latte says

    What is with this fetus fetish?

    I thought it was about winning elections! Give me a break! I don’t care who McCain picks…we need to pick up states like PA. Ridge could do it for us!

    If you don’t like you the party picks….go ahead and stay home and pout!

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