McCain/Lieberman 2008?

Speculation now beginning that Senator John McCain and Joe Lieberman may team up for the Presidential ticket. One can only speculate how this would trickle down to the State Chairman’s race and those supporting “the establishment.”

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  1. Oh, I don’t know about this. One would assume that Lieberman is a bit too conservative for McCain’s tastes. Now John Kerry…that would be a better match.

  2. Randall Holdridge says

    McCain/Graham, tho’ I doubt McCain can win the nomination.

    Lieberman has already proven that he is a weak candidate on the national stage, both as Gore’s VP in 2000, and on his own behalf in the 2004 Democratic primaries.

  3. Randall,

    You’re definitley picking up on my thoughts when you mention Lyndsay Graham! I really think he is the dark horse McCain could pull for VP. He pulls in the South, he’s a reservist and he’s part of the Gang of 14 and a simpatico of McCain.

  4. Graham is hardly a darkhorse. He is McCain’s strategy to eliminate the problem he had in SC in 2000.

    McCain Lieberman makes a lot of sense when McCain loses the Republican nomination. No way McCain lets the network he’s built over the last 10 years go to waste. Lieberman is already an “I”. Plays well to the sentiment that the party’s are corrupt and don’t listen to the average citizen.

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