McCain/Kyl Border Security Plan OR How to Secure Our Borders and NOT add to the deficit!

Arizona’s two Senators took the fight for our nation’s security and sovereignty to the floor of the Senate Thursday, and did it with true conservative values.  While the House passed a very similar plan, it was paid for by $200 million in cuts and added further debt of over $500 million.  Senators McCain & Kyl, however, have a plan that insures no new deficit funding by using remaining stimulus funds and an additional $100 million frozen by Sec. Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano.  The McCain/Kyl plan is designed to provide increased funding to the tune of $701 million for manpower, technology, and other resources to the border.


The legislation we introduced today will provide additional resources to help gain control of our border, without impacting our nation’s deficit,” McCain and Kyl said in a joint statement Thursday. “It is our hope that Democratic majority will swiftly work with us to ensure passage of this bill.”


The Dems attempted to load up the Afghanistan War funding bill with border security funding, all tied to increasing the deficit, and leaving hundreds of millions of unencumbered stimulus dollars available.  Republicans, led by McCain and Kyl, stripped that bill of the border funding and the McCain/Kyl bill was quickly introduced as the alternative.   

Among the items funded will be:

  • 1200 Border Patrol Agents
  • 500 additional Customs and Border Protection officers at ports of entry
  • 3 new Border Enforcement Bases
  • 2 Unmanned Aircraft
  • The FBI & DEA will have additional investigation and surveillance of drug and human traffickers.


  1. Arizona Luke says

    anybody else notice that McCain can’t speak for himself on Immigration issues anymore?

    I wonder why…

  2. Stephen Kohut says

    How is it OK to use current deficit borrowed money from China whether for border security or the “stimulus”. How about we do it without borrowing money.

    Thomas Jefferson wrote “the maxim of buying nothing without the money in our pockets to pay for it would make our nation one of the happiest on the earth.” What a novel concept.

  3. Their little 180 isn’t going to work – Kyl, McCain & Kennedy were making their backroom deal for amnesty just 2 years ago. They have NO credibility!

  4. Amnesty!!! Amnesty!!! AMNESTYYYY!!! (foaming at the mouth)*

    *Note: I am satirizing JD supporters

  5. So, what good does introducing a bill do? What good does introducing a bill NOW, do?
    A bill is nothing, just talk. It’s LAW that counts. Sens Kyl and McCain gonna arm-wrestle the majority Democrats into voting for their suggestions? How?

    McCain bent over backwards for McCain-Fiengold, McCain-Kennedy. He COULD have bent over backwards any time in the past 24 years for border security and more importantly blocking the Democrat give-aways and promises of easy amnesty that have inticed so many people into the USA – free healthcare, free schooling, sanctuary, blocking immigration checks by police -if those freebie treats hadn’t been allowed, we’d ALL be in much better shape today instead of in a politically-concoted mess now being driven by aggressive, well-funded union and partisan Left agitators.

  6. Carl Hay says


    Your posts are so absurd they are farcical!

    McCain is and long has been an advocate for amnesty. He admitted that to a reporter from the Tucson Citizen five years ago.

    When he learned that amnesty was unpopular, he simply renamed it ‘comprehensive immigration reform,’ i.e. amnesty,

    Now that the people have caught on to that fraud, he’s trying to pass off amnesty as ‘regularization.’

    Finally, if McCain were really supportive of border security, why does he refer to it as a ‘darn’ fence?

  7. Never forget that Molly Pitcher is merely a nom de plume so that she can circumvent the fact that she is a McCain campaign employee.

  8. I believe the new euphemism is “regularization”!

    Of course Molly/Ann/Lisa will not touch upon this in any post or article, and for a very good reason.

    She and hubby back only candidates who are tools of those who make their living via cheap, unskilled labor!

    Speaking of Napolitano, has anyone witnessed the ad she and McCain cut jointly opposing Prop.200 a few years back?

    And wasn’t it Jon Kyl who recommended the Clinton appointed Judge who torpedoed SB1070?

    The cynicism and disingenuousness of the GOP ‘establishment’ is becoming threadbare and laughable!

  9. State Senator Jack Harper says

    Dear CQ (contributing under a different name on a different post),

    You are a liar. I did not discharge any debt to the state. You also are violating the business agreement we have. I paid you to be my consultant for June and July. You took my money and back-stabbed me all the while you were trying to force me to run as a team with your criminal client. Posting this during the month that you are supposed to be working FOR me should send a red flag to your other clients. Of course, you damaged them for Scott as well, when Scott tried to get the Legislature to pass an amendment to give him an exclusive contract after he had already lost the bid for E-procurement. He was lobbying without being registered and is unelectable in the general election.

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