McCain vs. Club for Growth

In the latest installment of John McCain’s quixotic and shameless attempt to make nice with conservatives, McCain was asked by a reporter from Pat Robertson’s CBN about the Club for Growth. His response?

“So I’m not sure what the Club for Growth and I have really in common”

Apparently the Club for Growth agrees.


  1. kralmajales says

    Wow…so you all are not supporting McCain it appears. I understand why.

    It leaves me wondering though. He appears to be the most conservative of the viable candidates in the race. I mean, Guiliani just plain isn’t. Pro-choice, pro-gay rights. As for Romney, before you consider him to be more conservative than McCain, look at his own flip flops on choice and gay rights. He also passed a pretty liberal healthcare program. I bet his record in Mass. is not so conservative either (although he did have to work with a liberal House and Senate there).

    I mean, say what you want about McCain but he is pro-life and he is anti-gay marriage.

    So then, who are social conservatives backing. There doesn’t seem to be a very good choice here…again…among viable candidates.

  2. No Kralmajales, DSW and his gang just HATE McCain even though he has “carried the water” for the Pro-Life crowd his entire 25 year career. This is about some wanting to make a name for themselves. I can hardly wait until Sen. McCain is the President of the United States. What are these so called “conservatives” going to do then?

  3. What are we going to do then? We will breath a sigh of relief that Hillary (or Obama or Edwards) did not win.

    We at SA do not hate McCain any more than you are his long-lost love child and are being paid to pimp your blog for him. We just disagree with the senator on some of the issues.

    Yes the senator had voted pro-life for a long time but he dropped the bucked when he decided to support the harvesting of one human life for another and voted in favor of federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

  4. John Q. Public says

    John McCain is the acknowledged King of Duplicity on everything from gun control to limitations on free speech with his restrictive McCain Feingold campaign finance “reform” measure.
    The significance of his multiple political blunders will be inconsequential, since he will not be a player in the ultimate sweepstakes. McCain will come in third in the GOP primary.

  5. kralmajales says

    OK…I am hearing what John McCain supposedly is, but am not hearing much about who the other candidates supposedly are.

    I have to say, among the viable candidates (and that shouldn’t be your choice of who to vote for of course), which are any better on these positions. You KNOW Rudy is in favor of stem cell research and even the right to choose an abortion without much government interference.

    No matter what Mr. Romney says, what is his real record on this.

    I am in agreement with the above on this one. Among the three I have mentioned, McCain clearly has the only real record on life if that is what you are most concerned with. Maybe it isn’t and if that is the case, a discussion of the conservative or liberal merits of other issues might be in order.

    Anyhow, just raising questions. I find this interesting and it looks like as big a pickle as the Democrats appear to have on their side of the fence. Who is reeealllly anti-war enough and do they really think an anti-war candidate can win.

  6. az gnat Says:
    any more than you are his long-lost love child and are being paid to pimp your blog for him

    Boy Gnat, that’s the first I have heard about being paid? Where did you come up with that? No one pays me!

  7. Kralmajales,

    You are forgetting one of the biggest McCain betrayals to the pro-life and for that matter, the conservative movement – McCain-Feingold. This was not only an out and out attack on free speech, it was also a direct attack at groups like National Right to Life Committee and their ability to inform voters on pro-life issues.

  8. TonyGOPrano (Jeff Vath)

    I tend to take you prognostications about McCain being President with a grain of salt, given that it is my understanding that you were the genius who ran Clancy Jayne’s campaign. That was a real winner.

  9. Tony,

    If you could read you would notice that I never said you were getting paid. By the same token we do not hate McCain. We have been pretty tough on the other two front runners.

  10. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    And on marriage, McCain opposes the federal marriage amendment. He supported the local one but opposes protecting it nationally… Not exactly pro-marriage…

  11. kralmajales says

    Yeah, I can definitely see why McCain-Feingold would make some angry here and why that would be considered anti-conservative in a lot of corners. No question, he has problems with the base and your points are being heard loud and clear by his campaign I am sure.

    Curious, how was McCain-Feingold, by its impact, a harm to pro-life groups. Apart from the principle of free speech, of course, because there are a lot of free speech things that conservatives and liberal don’t share.

    Why does this cut so deep for some of you? Enough to jetison him for a clearly more liberal Guiliani and an unproven (and I think fairly liberal/moderate Romney)?

  12. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    GOPrano ran Jayne’s campaign? Seriously? We’ve been taking grief from Clancy’s guy?

    Hee hee hee
    Har har har

    But you know, that’s what is cool about the blogosphere… You probably couldn’t get us all in the same room to converse, but here we are, typing away!

  13. Senator John McCain has lost his way and even more damning, has walked away from those who went through hell and high water to support him.

    Maybe it’s his age or tired spirit but we are witnessing a man go through the same stages as the late Barry Goldwater. We can all remember when BG turned his back on his supporters. (Remember Karan English vs. Doug Wead?)

    Then there’s McCain’s temperament. Need I say more? And I’m not the only one in this country saying that.

    I extended an olive branch to the Senator some time ago only to have it rejected.

    I’m so done with the man.

  14. Kral,

    If you read this blog for a while you will notice that we are not jettisoning McCain for Giuliani. In fact we have been pretty tough on most of them at one time or another.

    Unlike some blogs that are already set on one particular candidate we are more devoted to principals and issues than personalities. Oh and we do enjoy stirring up a story now and then.

  15. kralmajales says

    Az Gnat:

    Fair enough! Yes it is fun to debate the merits of the candidates…and their faults. Just curious who conservatives are supporting.

    I hear you loud and clear about temperament DSW.

    And yes…I think he is old…and too conservative.

    Now a Guiliani…thats different.

  16. Keen Observer says

    Only a lib like Kralmajales would think McCain is “too conservative.”

    Some on this blog were surprised that Tony GOPrano Vath ran Clancy Jayne’s abysmal campaign. It might make you even more upset to think that Kralmajales is getting your tax dollars for teaching your kids! No wonder home schooling is gaining numbers.

    Yet here they are posting on a conservative site. Ain’t free speech grand?

  17. kralmajales says

    Hey Keen…

    He is conservative. Holy. I mean McCain is no Kyl, I will grant you, but under your standards for conservatism, I don’t see really anyone in the race that fits whatsoever, which must a bummer. Oh..well Duncan Hunter of course, but not Guiliani or Romney either. You gotta admit that?

    Oh…and come on…I don’t think I have attacked anyone here and I am a pretty reasonable, harmless fuzzball. Without me, you’d be talking to yourselves and not vetting much of anything.

    So I hope very much that I am still welcome.

    Oh…and I am pretty darned non-partisan in the classroom and I don’t really believe that I have the power to brainwash a high school student.

    Your kids are very very safe.

  18. Kral,

    You are always welcome to comment on this site. Your words are thoughtful even if we disagree.

    I used to teach and have a lot of respect for those in the classroom. I worked with a lot of liberals who made great teachers. My observation was that most problems in the public schools were with the administration (and sometimes parents who wanted special treatment for their children.)

    Don’t listen to people who get personal and keep reading and commenting!

  19. kralmajales says

    Thanks kindly Gnat…

    I learn a great deal from this blog despite my snarky comments and my disagreement at times .

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