McCain Victory Speech To Supporters On Primary Election Night


PHOENIX, AZ — U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) will deliver the following remarks, as prepared for delivery, at the Phoenix Convention Center tonight, August 24th, in Phoenix, AZ:
“Thank you, very much.  I’m very grateful for the honor – and it is a distinct honor – of being our Party’s nominee for re-election to the United States Senate.
“I’d like to thank my wife Cindy and my children for their tireless dedication and support.
“We won an important victory tonight, for which I am truly thankful.  I promise you, the Republicans and Independents who voted for me, and those Arizonans who did not, I will do my best to prove worthy of the honor.  I have never and will never take your support for granted, or feel I am entitled to your trust without earning it.  For it is your trust, and not the office I hold, that is the great ambition and privilege of my life.
“I’ve often said I consider myself one of the most fortunate people in the world.  Everyone’s life has its ups and downs, but I’ve had the honor to serve our country in good times and bad since I first swore an oath to defend her as an seventeen year old midshipman at the Naval Academy.  I know of no higher honor than that.  And I thank you, and all Arizonans, with all my heart, for allowing me the privilege to represent in Congress our beautiful state, and the interests, rights and dreams of the people who are blessed to call it home.
“This was a tough, hard-fought primary, and my opponents, Jim Deakin and Congressman Hayworth, and their families and supporters, deserve credit for having the courage to enter the arena, and give so much of themselves to the candidate they believed in.  I wish them well in the future.
“As gratified as I am for the support I received today, we all know this election isn’t over.  We have more than two more months of hard campaigning ahead of us, and I’m sure we will face a spirited challenge from the Democratic Party’s nominee.   I promise you, I take nothing for granted, and will fight with every ounce of strength and conviction I possess to make the case for my continued service in the Senate, and the policies and principles I will advocate and defend if I’m fortunate to be re-elected.
“This will be a consequential election.  No one should have any doubt about that.  No one is satisfied with the current condition of our country.  I know Arizonans, like Americans elsewhere, are rightly concerned with the direction we seem to be heading in – staggering unemployment; a devastated housing market that shows little sign of improvement; a river of red ink that threatens your prosperity and the prosperity of future generations of Americans, who will struggle to pay the costs of mistakes made before they were born; and a government that doesn’t seem to realize the trouble we’re in, and do what is necessary to confront it forthrightly and fix it effectively.
“I’m convinced that Republicans will win in November and we will regain the majorities in both the Senate and the House.  And we will win House seats here in Arizona.
“And when we do, we will stop the out of control spending and tax increases and repeal and replace Obamacare. We will keep families in their homes, we will create new jobs and we will allow our businesses to grow without Washington interference. We will secure our borders, defend our nation and bring our troops home from Afghanistan with honor and victory.
“We must act always and only on your behalf.  We must share your concerns and understand your frustrations.  We must help bear your burdens; fight your fights; defend your rights; and support your dreams. And I will fight to do the one thing every American generation has done: to leave a better country to their children than the one they inherited.
“Americans can’t afford to continue on the course we’ve been on.  We can’t continue to ransom your futures, steal from your children for the sake of growing government beyond the size that is necessary or wise or wanted.  You should be trusted to make the right choices for your families, with your own money, your own industry, your own dreams.  
“There are things that only government can do, and we must do them better and at less cost to you.  And we must trust in the freedom of Americans to do those things for themselves that no government could ever do better than they can.  We must trust in the principles of free people and free markets to recover the strength and innovation of our economy.  We must make it easier not harder for small businesses to help our economy grow.
“We have never confronted a problem we couldn’t overcome.  And we never will.  If I’m privileged to win re-election, I will continue to work night and day to help Arizonans and all Americans to overcome our present difficulties, and succeed, as we always have, in building a better country.
“I promise you I will act always and only in what I believe to be the best interests of the state and country I love.  And I will always be indebted to you for the privilege of serving you.
“Thank you, again, for your support and encouragement.  We’ve had a good night.  Now let’s get back to work, fight as hard as we can through to November, and get our country back to building a future as great and honorable as our storied past.”


  1. Sen. McCain:

    Congratulations on the most negative campaign in Arizona history.

    Congratulations on spending like a drunken sailor and blowing through millions of dollars in the primary, with more than 2 months of general election campaigning still ahead.

    In November, I’m writing in a conservative’s name, knowing that my action will not result in victory for that person, but I will have made a quality vote for a person of integrity and honor.

    I will have the comfort of knowing that when you start voting for cap and tax, bailouts, and speak of the mythical “global warming,” along with your admiration for the Democrats who are wrecking this country … I didn’t support you in those vain and hollow endeavors.

    Yours for God and country,

  2. Hayworth WAS NOT THE ONLY one running against McCain- though he was the SURE spoiler …

    If Hayworth supporters get behind McCain they are simply proving what everyone knew…they are weak minded!

    David Nolan is THE ONLY choice to beat McCain – unless you are a liar and really did support McCain originally!

  3. Lies, Lies, Lies = McCain. Johnny will be marching to Obama drum soon. AZ lost again, what fools.

  4. McCain will get 6 more years to ignore AZ , I am looking at Nolan.

  5. So, McCain doesn’t have to spend a dime running against the DEM for November? How much does he have left in his war chest?

    This guy voted for TARP and has the nerve to tell US somebody vague and amorphous overspent OUR children into collossal debt? HE DID.

    We all superstitious now, things just “happen?” No cause and effect?

  6. I’m sure the apology for smearing JD will be coming soon.

  7. molly bitcher says

    David Nolan can’t beat McCain. If Hayworth couldn’t do it, then a libertarian named David Nolan can’t do it. Unless we bomb Sun City then we have no chance of stopping McCain. Every 6 years those octogenarians keep voting him back into office, and we all wonder who’s voting for McCain. I am so disappointed!

  8. Here’s some leftover Kool Aid from Hayworth’s “victory” party. Since I only saw a few people there, I’m sure there’s enough to go around.

  9. molly bitcher says

    Megan Mccin looked fat last night

  10. So…then…McStain will remain a Republican for the next few weeks…for sure?

  11. You normally have to spend the day in a child care for 2 year olds to see this much whining and sniveling.

  12. Glenn Clark says

    We could do worse than McCain. Besides, he’s working for the people who elected him. Let them tell him what THEY want.

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