McCain “Transitioning” staff

This appeared on Dan Nowicki’s blog yesterday.

McCain shakes up staff in re-election battle
Sen. John McCain is shuffling his campaign staff as the Arizona Republican’s re-election team readies for an all-out ground fight in his bid for a fifth term. McCain is in a closely watched GOP primary race against former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth.
Campaign manager Shiree Verdone is moving to a 2010 “Republican Victory” operation. Mike Hellon, a former Arizona Republican Party chairman who had a part-time role with the McCain campaign, will join her there.
Brian Rogers, McCain’s campaign spokesman, confirmed the staff changes in a statement to The Arizona Republic:
“As part of the campaign’s plan for this election year, Shiree and Mike are transitioning over to work with party committees to create a ticket-wide Republican Victory operation. At Victory, they’ll work to raise money and organize for the statewide general election, which is vitally important to help Republican candidates win up and down the ballot all across Arizona. Sen. McCain is very grateful for all that Shiree and Mike have done to launch the re-election campaign and establish it on a firm footing, and looks forward to working closely with them for Victory in November.”
Neither Verdone nor Hellon were fired, Rogers said.
More staff announcements are expected next week. The latest developments come as McCain opens his Tucson office Friday and is poised to open other full-time offices in Prescott, Lake Havasu City and Yuma.
McCain’s strategy and decision-making brain trust of longtime advisers Rick Davis, Charlie Black, Mark Salter, Carla Eudy and Mark Buse will remain intact.
Question: Does Randy Pullen and the State Party know that Shiree Verdone and Mike Hellon are coming to work for them as part of the “2010 Republican Victory” operation?



  1. Has he hired Nathan yet?

    Arizona’s last line of defense will also knife the conservatives about five minutes after Hayworth concedes if McCain wins the primary.

    I hear he stood up his Tucson faithful yesterday. It might be too dangerous here with all the illegals that Puss Walkup is trying to protect.

  2. I heard he hired staff from Gore/Lieberman. Someone named Brazile I think.

  3. I guess it doesn’t really matter who is on McCain’s staff. He will always be the guy who abhors his constituents.

  4. azinsider says

    Verdone leaving is really going to hurt the McCain campaign. The people of Arizona do not want a campaign run by DC insiders, which seems to be what is happening. I bet the Hayworth camp is happy!

  5. azinsider says

    Verdone leaving the campaign is really going to hurt McCain. I don’t think Arizonan’s want a campaign run by DC insiders, and this is what appears to be happening. I’m sure the JD camp is thrilled.

  6. Walt Stephenson says

    Shiree Verdone is one of the most powerful Republican Fundraisers in the state. She and Mike Hellon were tasked to raise tens of thousands of dollars to be used to help our Republican Candidates in tough general election race’s and County and Legislative Districts that will support them. Before you spout off anonymously in BLOGOSPHERE you should actually learn what the road to victory is going to look like.

    If you are watching the polls the Dem’s are gaining on us nation wide, we are losing the Hispanic vote at an alarming rate(currently at just 10%, down from 70% 6-8 years ago) and the voters are anti-incumbent. There will be a fight to maintain control in the State House and Senate. We need every penny to fight for the future of our State and Country. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

  7. Walt,

    With due respect Verdone is a joke, with a crimnal background. The only surprise is how long she lasted. Powerful, your friend Jim Click is the powerful one, Verdone is more like his secretary.

    McCain’s ads are so terrible no wonder he fired these people.

  8. Walt Stephenson says

    To libel Mrs. Verdone in this manor is certainly not respectful. For you to have any credibility shouldn’t you back up your statement with the facts? I’ve noticed MSNBC and those that support JD Hayworth don’t like the ad

  9. Shiree has no criminal background, I challenge you to find any charges. Shiree did a great job with what was originally intended to be a grassroots run campaign, instead of a DC takeover, which is not what the Arizona people want.

  10. Stop the bashing says

    There are so many haters on these blogs.
    First of all Shiree is not only a talented fundraiser but she is a multi talented political operative, activist, and grassroots GOTV worker.

    That is what makes her so useful before anyone tries to identify her with one of her talents- do not overlook the others.

    We have so few remaining Republicans that are willing to put themselves out there for others to help us gain and retain seats-
    so please quit bashing and help or get out of the way.

  11. You are right. There is too much negativity. McCain’s a good guy. I think he’s misjudged how important the illegal immigration issue is to his constituents for the 28 years he’s been in Congress.

    Just seems like he’s overcompensating now and it just looks contrived, there is no other way I can describe it. I’m not a hater but at some point you think it’s time to make a change.

    Look at it this way, if it were not for the 17th amendment, the legislature would be making the appointment and state voters elect a pretty conservative majority that has been picking up after the federal government’s mess on illegal immigration for years.

    I think Hayworth has a chance, albeit a slim one, to beat him. Hard to overcome the financial and incumbency advantage. However, I’ll be voting GOP in November regardless of the outcome.

  12. The Mole says

    I know you guys like links. Here is one that gives a little background on Shiree Verdone/Foster. She understood her talents then and she still does. They just aren’t effective anymore.

    If we really want to go there, we can start posting some of the police reports and detailed stories of her exploits as a “lobbyist.”

  13. Phil Gordon is on YouTube slandering J.D. Hayworth as a racist. And because he says Hayworth is a racist, he is throwing in his support for John McCain!

  14. Jane:

    Slime will always cling to slime regardless of party registration!

    And guys like Grant Woods and Mike Hellon have always been associated with, and supportive of the left wing of the Party.

    This explains their loyalties and also those of Phil Gordon. It’s a “one rotten bird” establishment which has to be shot down!

  15. Republican Lady says

    JD has a chance! People are tired of McCain crossing the asle and flip flopping on the issues. This last ad he’s running is a joke! I have talked to him personally on the subject of the illegals and he is still talking amnesty.

  16. Where is the Lake Havasu City office going to be? Does anyone know? I would hope they would not try to take over the Republican office that is already open. They won’t enjoy the fight.

  17. Repub Lady, JD has NO chance…Arizona remembers all too well what JD did to us last time he was in Washington. We will not elect him to a seat he is not intelligent enough or ethical enough to successfully work and maintain the seat as Republican. JD is far too corrupt, far too unethical and far too much of a blowhard to gamble on, I made that mistake once and WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM again.

  18. Cindy you are dead on! there is no way AZ walks the JD line again. NO SHOCK JOCKS IN OFFICE>

  19. Look JD is not going to win He has been labled correctly as a racist. He has a snowballs chance in Phoenix of getting past his own charachter flaws.

  20. roylala9 says

    Alright Phil Gordon way to speak the truth!

  21. Oberserve says

    Notice how dishonest McCain people are.

    Read comment #9 above. No, Shiree doesn’t have a criminal background, but her husband does!

  22. Those on the conservative side of the aisle have been able to reference specific bills McCain has sponsored as grounds for our distaste for him as Senator. We’ve also been able to reference a formal Senate reprimand of McCain for his participation in the Keating scandal and the subsequent S&L bailout of the 80s. Add to that his Abramoff money, bigPharma deal, and his nasty game-playing with his own running mate in 2008. McCain is indisputably the worst possible option for Arizona.

    By contrast, the McBloggers on this site along with Phil “lost his mind” Gordon, pacify themselves by calling people racist because John McCain is under-performing in the polls and has comically documented his own senility on video. The connection between John McCain and the uber-left is deep and wide. I’m ready to believe that McCain has no significant support on the right, he’s just done enough favors for liberals that they freely lend him their community organizers and blog trolls.

  23. Carlist, I agree, and I remember Grant Woods’ contribution two years ago when Gordon was hemorrhaging over Arpaio’s crime sweeps.

  24. Welll, since we have some McCainiacs on here… can one of YOU tell me?? ..Since Juan, himself, won’t reply… Why did McCain REFUSE to lift a finger to help Ramos and Compean?

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