McCain to Remake GOP in “His Own Image”

I almost gave myself a “noser” when I saw this article in the Politico.

Fresh from a humbling loss in last year’s presidential election, Sen. John McCain is working behind-the-scenes to reshape the Republican Party in his own center-right image.

In his own image?  So even with the humbling loss, John still believes that he is a “player”. Does the good senator not recall that his own center-right image cost the GOP the election?;  That his “center-right image” is nowhere to be seen in any Town-Hall or Tea Party event, nor mirrored anywhere in the 912 Project March on Washington DC earlier this year?  Has he not heard a single word that conservatives have said through-out the summer recess?

I am trying to understand from where the Senator’s thought process would originate. I can only conclude that either he,

  • A:  has become as narcissistic as the sitting president.
  • B:  is suffering from some form of dementia.
  • C:  agrees with Jimmy Carter; that this summer of Town-Hallers and Tea Party participants were a bunch of racists.

Let’s start with option A, Narcissistic:  The Politico writes:

Those close to McCain say that, as much as anything else, his burgeoning political role reflects a determination he reached shortly after the conclusion of the presidential contest[which he lost]—that he would remain a factor on Capitol Hill.

Option B, Dementia:

In McCain’s case, that means backing conservative pragmatists and moderates.  “I think he’s endorsed people with center-right politics because he has an understanding that the party is in trouble with certain demographics and wants to have a tone that would allow us to grow,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican who is McCain’s closest friend and ally in the Senate.

If he is listening to Lindsey Graham-nsty, it would help to clarify from where John’s self-centered hallucinations materialize.  Let us not forget the Lindsey Graham-nsty record;

  • willing to compromise on the health-care bill;
  • believes that the banks should be nationalized;
  • voted for Sotomayor after saying he was deeply troubled by her;
  • voted for amnesty for illegal aliens immigrants.

Poor company to be keeping, Senator McCain.

Or Option C, We are all racists: John Weaver, a longtime McCain friend and strategist said,

“At a time when our party is struggling and has a lot of shrill voices and aggressive voices, he’s one that can expand our party”.

McCain demonstrates that he is anything but a conservative, confirmed last week when he endorsed GOP Rep. Jerry Moran in the Kansas Senate primary campaign against the outspoken conservative, Rep. Todd Tiahrt. Later Mccain went on to host a Capitol Hill fundraiser for Moran.  (Hey John, you do know your state is Arizona, don’t you?)

John McCain was the loser in the presidential election, and in the real world, most people do not spend too much time to seek out the opinions of the guy who came in second in a race of two.  Well, no one except for the GOP.  Back to John Weaver:

“John remains the titular head of the Republican Party and he will be until there’s a new nominee”.

Wow, that’s great Mr. Weaver.  How’s that working out for you anyway?  At last count the GOP, under the “titular” leadership of John McCain has left us in charge of, well, absolutely friggin’ nothing!  The White House, the House  and the Senate are all gone.  BHO and his buds are in charge of everything now.  Having the GOP reshaped into the “right-centered image” of John McCain could be likened to;

  • Taking cooking lessons from Hannibal Lecter.
  • Taking child-rearing classes from Michael Jackson.
  • Taking wide receiver lessons from Terrell Owens.
  • Taking financial advice from Bernie Madoff.
  • Taking marriage classes from Madonna.
  • Taking work-place sensitivity classes from David Letterman.

In a recent Rasmusen poll , only 33% of Arizonans believe McCain “has done a good job representing GOP values”.   61% of Arizona Republicans think McCain has lost touch with those in his own party. (Ya think?)

Senator McCain has not only lost touch with Arizona Republicans and conservatives in general, it is apparent that he has completely lost touch with Planet Earth.  For Senator McCain to still believe that he is relevant in this current season, shows how out of touch he really has become.  His “center-right image”, as he likes to describe it, not only cost the GOP the last election, but has now helped put America on the edge of ruin at the hands of the current administration.  Come the fall of 2010,  Arizona residents need to put John McCain out to pasture.

You can let John hear your shrill voice at (202) 224-223.


  1. “small man syndrome” alive and well here

  2. I missed this one….
    From the comment section on
    Bill wrote,
    “Let us not forget that Johnny didn’t even have the stones to vote on the ACORN fiasco, neither did his BFF Lindsay G.
    Proud of you John, NOT!”

  3. If we didn’t have the proof before, it is now as clear as day that McCain is a Democrat. Only Democrats gain gravitas by losing elections. McCain thinks he’s in charge of the GOP after a humiliating loss to the anointed one. (Wasn’t Algore the President-in-exile and the titular head of the Dems 2001-2005?) The last thing–the very last thing–the GOP needs is more McCain. Please: someone step up and get rid of him in the 2010 primary. (JD where are you?)

  4. Brittancus says

    Its likely there is going to be a nasty battle ahead over comprehensive immigration reform? My thought is that instead of starting from scratch, like the open border insane society is demanding we should fabricate amendments into the 1986 Simpson Mazzoli bill. First and foremost the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), was full of loopholes. Its main content was to legalize guest workers, whose labor was mostly spent in agriculture. The problem that once legalized, they vanished from the fields and orchards, taking jobs on Main Street, stealing jobs from Americans. The numbers of illegal aliens escalated, because the perforated borders and limited border patrol agents led to floods of more foreign nationals skirting our national border.

    Farmers, agriculturists and businesses had to seek more workers once again, so the borders remained intentionally open thanks to Democrats and Republicans. So instead of the estimated 3.5 newcomers the actual figure was more like 5 million, with more crossing the inept border incessantly. Most of the new entrants lied about their period of residency and produced utility bills and other bogus documentation, including fraudulent affidavits. So the prior (INS) Immigration & Naturalization Service couldn’t attempt to handle the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants applying? Now President Osama and his Democratic happy faces want to swamp us yet again, with an estimated 20 plus illegal immigrants already squatting here? Even today the doors remain wide open, because the political parties under funded the real border fence, originally drafted by Rep. Duncan Hunter of California. His short 50 mile fence in San Diego, California is double tiered, with a no-mans-land between for border patrol vehicles to make their inspection tours.

    The fence that crosses America is–ONE STRAND BARRIER–and in many places doesn’t exist at all, except for ailing cameras, sensors and other vehicle barriers? Now if the powers in Washington had any brains, they could amend the (IRCA) law? First is agriculture that wants Guest Workers to pick fruit and vegetables, they must be issued a special visa limited to a specific time. They cannot work outside that boundary and must return to their country of residence after the document expires. If they want at some point in time to qualify for permanent legal status, they must apply like all new immigrants through their embassy. There fingerprints and other data should be recorded just in case they disappear from the workplace and placed on an arrest list by ICE.

    Other amendment to the (IRCA) law can be added, but the majority of public opinion demands no path to citizenship or BLANKET AMNESTY. Leave America and apply for an immigration entry visa like honest potential immigrants have for years? If you live in America previously without THE PEOPLES PERMISSION, you will be subject to fines, but not necessarily exempt from an entrance visa. Criminal aliens and anarchists obviously must remain–persona none gratis. A points system must be enacted similar to countries in Europe and even Australia. Points are observed for special highly skilled individuals, specialty engineers, scientists and computer specialists and other equally outstanding credentialed labor.

    The deterrent for smuggling yourself and family members into a sovereign country, with no longer is a civil offense. Every business within the jurisdiction of these United States and its territories and islands will be instructed to install E-Verify permanently. A mandatory directive will include criminal penalties for not operating the E-Verification application in all employment. No working person shall be exempt including those who have been on payroll for twenty years or more. New immigrants cannot access any welfare or government subsidies, unless under emergency status. A new stage 2 E-Verify modified to check the persons right to health care, drivers licenses, car insurance, real estate including home purchase. E-Verify could also be adapted to vet a persons voting status in coming elections to halt violations of the law. Within the local Social Security administration those who have remained in limbo, can be verified for any number of irregularities.

    In time as E-Verify and its innovations are upgraded, with biometric and photo recognition improvements, the system will certainly pay for itself. Chances are in the coming months rogue politicians whose immigration grading can be viewed on NUMBERSUSA, will try to weaken or drop E-Verify for the favors they owe the US Chamber of Commerce and the nausating special interest groups? Just as they are accomplishing breaking down 287 G, police immigration questioning. ICE raids and other enforcement tools. As I have said before this is all about ECONOMICS. ITS about deteriorating infrastructure, its about the Census bureau stating that in the year 2050, the nation’s population is projected to increase by nearly 130 million people — the equivalent of adding another four states the size of California. Understand about this physical nightmare at CAPSWEB. In conclusion, there is much more information about the corruption in our political parties; not just immigration at the JUDICIAL WATCH site.

    A mandated law must be authored that renegade businesses who employ illegal entrants, must be held accountable for the huge bills that hospitals and taxpayers get stuck with?

    PAY ATTENTION to the fact that the present Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently endorsing San Francisco’s–Sanctuary City–Liberal/Socialist Mayor Gavin Newsom for the new Governor of the State. This would be an absolute atrocity to the legal communities, when Newsom allowed ID for illegal aliens and refused to put young illegal immigrant gang members in the hands of ICE? Indirectly the sanctuary policy that was indifferent to Federal law, was an accessory in the June 22 slaying’s of Anthony Bologna and his sons Michael and Matthew. There is already a mayor in Los Angeles who supports the illegal immigrant invasion, so you definitely don’t want Gavin Newsom giving bogus identification or welcoming millions more illegal families to extract subsidies from the already cash-strapped Californians.

  5. Yep–little man syndrome in both McCain and Lil’ Lindsey Gaham’s cases! Gaham is about 5’9″–nice height–for a woman.

    Being from SC and knowing whereof I speak, I’d say that Lindsey Gaham is just the tip of the neo-con iceberg that just split the seams of the ship of the republic below the water line.

    It’s all fascism–in both parties. We’re bankrupt, the Republican party is sinking and Gaham just keeps talking the same old nonsense. Why? He’s just plundering all he can before the whole thing collapses on top of US.

    Gaham’s attitude–and that of many others in D.C.–is: “Au reste, après nous, le Déluge!” HE DOES NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS to the rest of us. He’s just sewing up a “golden parachute” while he can.

  6. Amen, thank goodness JD is starting to sound more and more like a candidate on his afternoon radio show. I will donate, walk precincts, & make calls for JD so we can flush this John.

  7. A frien dsent me an email looking for th definition of a “noser”.

    My response:
    A noser occurs at the exact instant when you see something VERY funny while you are in the act of taking a drink (water, milk, beer,etc.) and what you saw was SO hysterical that you have an involuntary reaction and said drink squirts out of your nose. Usually it happens to children due to their youthful lack of control. In this political climate, it is happening more and more to adults due to politicians arrogant lack of control.

  8. To mason, I am with you ALL the way. The challenge is not discovering that McCain is an irrelevant hack. That challenge is finding,supporting amd then putting into office, his opponent. We have a lot of work to do. JD is the MAN.

  9. Your characterization of Tiahrt as more conservative than Moran in Kansas is off the mark. Tiahrt is on Appropriations and a huge earmarker. Murtha pitched a fit the one time Tiahrt did cross him, Tiahrt crawled into his shell instead of taking Murtha on now toes the line to keep the pork flowing into his district.

  10. Dear cinqo,
    Thanks so much for your input on Tiahrt. Obviously Kansas has just as many problems as we do in Arizona. I should have clarified my point better. McCain was in Kansas. What in the hell was he doing there? It is just as bad as Giffords campaining in Delaware. Check it out at
    I thought that they represented we the people in Arizona , silly me.
    Thanks, papatodd

  11. Crabby Pirate says

    I could honestly give a rats ars what kind of candidates you all pick, but if Republican’s hope to make inroads with swing voters, independents, and moderates you’ll need more Republicans like Graham. Having worked with him in the past, Graham is an honest and decent man. For a state like SC to elect him twice it tells you something. He might not be as ideologically pure as many of you would like but he’s not petty and full of himself, which voters notice. Which is why, as much as the Demint/Upstate crowd loaths Graham, they couldn’t find anyone to seriously run against him.

    As for JD. You put him on the ticket and you’ll quickly see a strong Democratic candidate challenging him. Talk about handing the NRSC a headache. It would literally be the stupidest thing the AZ GOPers could do at the moment, but then again you guys are always full of surprises.


  12. Dear Crabby,
    Why is your name Crabby? Your side has the White House, and the House and the Senate. I would think that you would be a happy camper these days. Why must you always be so mean? Here I am dissing John McCain and still you have to call people names. Aren’t you happy with what is happening in DC these days? You have everything you want,you have the votes to do whatever you want, the Republicans can’t stop anything and still you act pissy. What up with that?

  13. Crabby Pirate says

    Dear papatodd,

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment. You’re right, it was wrong of me to call people names, calling Graham an “honest and decent man” was, well, inartful. Next time I make a reference to Graham, I’ll make sure and refer to him as an “irrelevant hack” instead. Maybe then we can be friends, read the constitution to each other over coffee, and if we’re lucky, go and teabag together. Now that’s bipartisanship.

    As for being a “happy camper.” I am not a “happy camper” because of vitriolic dialogue coming from people like JD and the rest of the “irrelevant hacks.” For their cheap and temporal political gain, many conservative leaders incite hysteria or drag their feet with “all deliberate speed.” It seems that many Republican lawmakers have no intention to solve the issues facing our health care system. They would rather see our President fail, than see our country win. That makes me sad because I want our country to move forward with people “living in harmony and peace, a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity, and if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here.”

    I may be crabby, but I still believe in a “shinning city upon a hill.” Don’t you?

  14. papatodd, the problem here is similar to what Kansas was and is starting to come back from. From 2000 until this year, KS has instituted a cicular firing squad to insure “purity” in our candidates. This earned a 2-term D governor (who is now part of the administration) and half the House delegation being D’s (including the nut case who walked out on the General last year in a hearing — Nancy Boyda, now former Congresswoman).

    Tiahrt and Moran and both conservative, they are just different styles. Tiahrt wears his pro-life credentials on his sleeve. Moran votes pro-life but doesn’t talk about it — that makes him a moderate to some. Moran represents one of the biggest agriculture districts in the country — he votes for farm subsidies. Tiahrt represents what used to be the hub of aerospace manufacturing in our country — he votes for earmarks.

    Moran and Tiahrt are fighting for an open seat — Brownback is giving it up to run for Governor. There could have been a really nasty primary for Governor between Brownback and the sitting Sec. of State, which might have opened up the chance of the D’s retaining the gov’s mansion. Now, $ certainly had something do with the Sec. of State backing down, but so did reality. Brownback’s people are running the state party (fair and square — they worked at it).

    I don’t have a problem with what McCain is doing (it says the FR was in DC, btw). If he would have been doing more of this for the past 20 years instead of running for President we would have a stronger party a healthier state and healthier country.

  15. Dearest Mr Crabby Pirate, Did you this AM that your Fair and honest man Lindsey Grahamn just signed on to the Cap and Tax fiasco?
    Read it here>
    YOu must be so very proud.

  16. “WorkingTommyC Says:
    October 5th, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Yep–little man syndrome in both McCain and Lil’ Lindsey Gaham’s cases! Gaham is about 5′9″–nice height–for a woman.”

    Sorry, THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN 5’6″ and I don’t mean that as an insult nor to generalize against all men of that height.

    It’s just that some men–like McCain and Gaham–can’t handle being short and compensate for it to an extreme degree–and Gaham acts like woman in mannerisms, speech, and personality.

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