McCain Struggling

Two columns worth reading on the McCain campaign further confirm that it may only be a matter of time before the McCain shop closes its doors.

Real Clear Politics columnist, Gerard Baker, discusses“Three big factors have changed in ways that have hurt him: the state of the Republican field, the early phase of the Democratic race, and the politics of the Iraq war.”

Stuart Rothenberg also comments that, “McCain is having trouble being accepted by conservatives, who see him as neither entirely dependable nor entirely conservative.” 

Rothenberg also noted: “Interestingly, I’ve asked a number of thoughtful political consultants, from both parties, who they think is most likely to be the GOP nominee and who is the least likely. So far, Giuliani is seen as the most likely and McCain as the least.”


  1. What a shame. McCain certainly represents conservatives like me—NOT.

  2. John Q. Public says

    McCain will come in third in the primary election.

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