McCain stood with Janet Napolitano opposing Prop. 200, the anti-illegal immigration initiative

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words.


McCain would like you to think he cares about the danged fence now, by spending millions of dollars on TV ads saying so, but in 2004, he stood with Janet Napolitano opposing Prop. 200. Prop. 200, Protect Arizona Now, passed with 56% of the vote in Arizona and requires individuals to show proof of citizenship before registering to vote or applying for public benefits.

The truth is that McCain is more aligned with Democrats than a majority of Arizonans.

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  1. I don’t know any Republican who is voting for McCain except a couple who aren’t very political and lean to the left. Why is he still polling ahead of JD, is it because people believe his fake television ads claiming he is conservative on illegal immigration and the border? His record co-sponsoring amnesty with Ted Kennedy is horrendous.

  2. Brian Rogers says

    Fact: JD Hayworth opposed Prop 200:

    “Two years ago, Hayworth had opposed Proposition 200, which restricted public benefits for illegal immigrants and mandated photo identification to vote.”

    Now can we go back to silly rumors about Donna Brazile?

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. I don’t see JD Hayworth standing with liberal Democrat Janet Napolitano at a PROTEST against it.

  4. Brian – you spin like a true McCaniac. Here is a part of the article from your link.

    “colleagues describe Hayworth as among the brightest, most well-read and engaging public servants they have ever known.”

    I don’t recall anyone saying that about McLame. The fact that Grant Woods doesn’t like JD is just an added bonus.

    You’ve been served!

  5. Brian Rogers is a paid McCain campaign consultant. ‘Nuff said.

  6. Iris Lynch says

    Been polled lately? I was by phone last week. The Mc Cain paid-for poll. However questions were honest and straight forward. I voted for JD.

  7. Arizona Ranger says

    When the election is over and JD is our new junior Senator, I am going to have a party for all of the McCain supporters! That’s right, I am going to invite BOTH of them to my house for steaks and beer. They will need the emotional support that only a compassionate and understanding person could provide. No doubt they will be emotionally drained and felt that their world just collapsed (it did!) and have no one to turn to for understanding and handy shoulder to cry on!

    Hats off to our next Senator: JD Hayworth!

  8. Must be a lot of drinking going on in Hayworthville this weekend! You people crack me up.

    Please don’t drink & drive! Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

  9. The Mole says

    Remember, friends don’t let friends vote McCain! Be safe.

  10. Brian Rogers says

    Just the facts, folks! Can someone please inform the group what/who exactly “American Gazette-News” is? Is that the “newspaper” reporting that America never declared war on Nazi Germany?

    Enjoy the weekend everybody!

  11. Brian Rogers says

    Sorry, mean “American Post-Gazette.” Sometimes I get my fake newspapers mixed up, apologies

  12. Arizona Ranger,
    I bet you a stake dinner you haven’t got a large enough grill and a big enough beer cooler for that event you are dreaming about.
    You are in luck, you ain’t going to need it.

  13. Hey Horst,

    We should throw a party for AZ Ranger & the 10 people who support JD! We know how to throw a party. Let them drown their tears in beers & brats! LOL!

    Happy Memorial Day!

  14. Good Idea Tony but hold off on the Brats for the moment, I suggest grits and gravy.

  15. Where was JD yesterday at the Stand for Arizona event in Tempe?

    Because everyone at these events assumes everyone else is a JD supporter, I heard some really interesting stuff. I heard from a former JD staffer that his campaign is a mess. I also heard that he’s really hurting for money both in the campaign and personally. I don’t wish financial difficulty on anyone, but I also refuse to vote for someone who is only running because he needs a paycheck. The final thing I heard was that JD is only running because he thinks that McCain got him fired from his radio gig. (That’s the second time I heard that from an insider.) That’s not a reason to run, even if it were true. Unfortunately, everyone in radio knows that JD got fired because he misused his job and put the station in legal jeopardy. That’s no one’s fault but JD’s.

    By the way, did JD pay in full yesterday for putting his signs on the fence at Diablo like everyone else was required to?
    I’m sure we’ll see it on his FEC reports.

    Finally, before the screaming starts, No, John McCain was not there. There were too many lunatics there who have been brainwashed with lies. Several of us took our McCain stickers off our cars so we would not be harrassed. We’re supporting McCain, but we still like our vehicles to have paint on them.

    You guys are going to be like the New Yorker magazine writer who couldn’t believe Nixon won because she didn’t know anyone who voted for him.

  16. Everyone knows McLame lies every time he runs for election.

  17. Jane 001 says

    There are mountains of damaging information in the public domain about John McCain and his alledged conservatism. His flip flopping, his lying, his personal brand of globalism, his deception, his elitism, his anger, his abusive behavior, his own and his family’ member’s hatred of conservatives are so well documented, you need only pick one to get McCain liberals out quibbling in droves. It’s become a pattern. And it’s very easy to tell which facts threaten John McCain the most.
    Travis, what a stooge.

  18. What do you want to bet that Travis is a paid McCain consultant? He posts so many comments on this blog promoting McCain it’s pretty clear he’s a hired gun. Oh and Trav, your comments about the Hayworth campaign being in disarray are just spin, ask Shane who runs this blog and actually works for the campaign, it is doing just fine, unlike the McCain campaign which just replaced its two top operatives (you guys spin it that way, but we all know they were FIRED because the border security ad was such an embarrassment).

  19. Mike just proved that he really has NO clue of what he is talking about. Keep dreaming Mikey!

  20. I think Tony is right on this one, sad to say. McCain’s friends have just been moved to the Victory 2010 campaign (RNC money). Now they will have control of that money too. PC’s have been told that the party doesn’t take sides in a contested election. That is a lie. They are supporting all incumbents. Read the new PC manual.

  21. Jane 001 says

    Don’t PCs have some say in how money is spent?

  22. The Mole says

    The RNC does whatever it (our McCain) wants without regard for who gave the money. Arizona has most always been a “donor” state. STOP GIVING THEM MONEY!!! Give directly to candidates you support. That’s the most effective way. If you are sure about an organization, cautiously give. I gave to the State Party and found out McLame was trying to hijack the money. They will not get a dime until McLame is gone.

    Money is the life blood of a candidates campaign. Give it wisely.

  23. How to behave when a Democrat needs you for political cover:

  24. Stephen Kohut says

    Couple of points.

    The Victory plan does not come into play until after the primary. Wishful thinking by McCain.

    Regarding a new pc manual, there is a new
    one in the works, its not the one you are refering to and its not the lousy crap I’ve seen being used in a number of counties. This manual and accompanying powerpoint was put together by PCs from four counties using the best reference materials available. The draft manual and powerpoint has been shared with a number of county chairman and members of the MCRC executive committee. A member of the MCRC executive committee helping with the final edits. There is nothing about retaining any incumbant. I know. I facilitate the group writing it. Final versions will be sent out to all county/ld chairs late in June. You can see last draft at the link below in my April 28 comment.

  25. WOW, if we cannot work together, we have issues! If standing up for a ‘label’ rather then an issue is what you want of a Senator, I suppose you should look away. McCain has never failed us in his votes, as he works for the people of AZ and of this Nation. While I have not agreed with him on every vote and every stand, I must say, this guy busts butt for us and I plan on voting for him. JD is ignorant and is NOT what we want or need, his corrupt, unethical behavior is disgusting.

  26. Smith,
    If McCain’s working for you, you must be bribing him. He sure as Hades is not working for ME!! I live on the border and people down here have been screaming for years for border security and a stop to illegal immigration. He has failed us TIME AND TIME AGAIN!! Not only FAILED US, but ACTIVELY WORKED AGAINST border security. That’s a fact – and it makes him JUST LIKE OBAMA – WEAK, WEAK, WEAK on terrorism! McCain is also fundamentally dishonest – and that’s a character flaw that can’t be fixed.

  27. The Phoenix Rising Rally is next week, June 5th. Open Borders, Amnesty-loving, McCain won’t be a speaker.

  28. Tony GOP, Travis, Ann, B Rogers,

    I have one question for all of you. How disappointed are you that you support somebody who told everybody that he really felt that his amnesty plan with Teddy Kennedy was the only solution, but in order to save his own neck he is willing to shrug off principle just so he can serve another term in Washington?

    Now before you start telling us how you really don’t care, I just can’t imagine how somebody who ran for President in 2000, basically as a war hero, could so fundamentally walk away from that persona to the guy who will do and say anything to get elected.

    Mr. Smith went to Washington, feels like Mr. McCain has gone Washington. There is a big difference between the two.

    BTW: McCain’s ads suck. If you are going to go through the trouble of tv, hire somebody who knows what they are doing; its downright painful to watch. Thank god for DVR! No wonder Obama whipped McLame’s ass.

  29. I feel fine about supporting someone who has worked very hard on comprehensive immigration reform. That’s why I support Senator McCain.

    I feel fine about supporting someone who is endorsed by the very forces who are actually working on the border. That’s why I support Senator McCain.

    I feel fine about supporting someone who has done the hard work and actually accomplished passing immigration reform.

    I feel fine about supporting someone who is willing to change with the current situations, if needed, for the best interests of his state. That’s why I support Senator McCain.

    I feel fine about not supporting an unemployed radio talk show host who needs a job.

    I feel fine about not supporting someone who uses time in immigration debates to hold up his book and ask people to buy it, so he can profit financially.

    I feel fine about not supporting someone who lost a vital congressional seat to a dodering old school teacher with no credentials in a Republican district.

    I feel just fine, thanks for asking.

  30. Travis,
    I DON’T feel fine to be represented by someone who will say anything to win. I believe his real views were the ones he shared with the precinct committeemen in Havasu when he kicked off his senatorial campaign. That man was not amused at our stance on illegal immigration. What a difference an opponent makes.

  31. Travis,

    Nice diatribe about nothing. How about you answer my question now?

  32. DeAnn – You are the epitome of saying anything to win. McCain was not amused at the disrespect and vitriol – not the subject.

    C2C – I know you don’t understand what I wrote – we’ve met.

  33. Travis,

    Nice insult.

    Still doesn’t answer the question, how do you feel about somebody who says one thing and then does another to save his own bacon. You know Travis, its called being an opportunist. Hey, guess your fine with that too.

    That’s okay shows you are just as shallow as McLame.

  34. Tyler Mott says

    I am not paid by either campaign & I noticed the same thing. The entire Republican Congressional Delegation refused to support or was openly opposed to Prop. 200 – including J.D. Hayworth & John McCain. This is one of the reasons that I have a tough time believing & wholeheartedly supporting Hayworth against McCain.

    Hayworth also refused to support Randy Graf against amnesty author Jim Kolbe. But to go further, Hayworth stayed out of the CD8 Republican Primary in 2006 after Kolbe had announced his retirement. Hayworth may have been able to help people unite behind Graf. Hayworth could have at least condemned the disgusting & bloody tactics that were used by Steve Huffman. But once again Hayworth was silent.

    I haven’t completely decided who I am going to support in this Republcian Senate Primary, but one thing for sure is that I know for sure that Hayworth was not always such a stalwart when it came to fighting for border security & against illegal immigration.

  35. Travis,
    Sen. McCain’s response to the “vitriol” was to say ‘we don’t have 12 million handcuffs’. The reason Sen. McCain got mad was because the PC’s were holding him accountable and letting him know what we expect from our senator.

  36. Republican Lady says

    John McCain will be in Havasu again on June 3rd, tomorrow. That will be the third time he’s been here since he started the race to retain his seat in the Senate. He has even opened an office here, altho he doesn’t know who is running it for him! He was here once in 2008 while he was running for President but he hadn’t been here in the five (5) years previous!
    Having an opponent really has made Havasu important to him! I guess he knows how we vote.


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