McCain spends the day in Boston

News flash: The latest Massachusetts poll has Romney ahead by 13%. After McCain’s visit to Boston that is still better than McCain’s numbers in Arizona where he is only 9% ahead without Romney spending the Super Bowl in Phoenix.

In the last debate McCain was quite proud of being endorsed by the very conservative Boston Herald. Since McCain spent yesterday and this morning in Boston we thought we would see what the very conservative Boston Herald thought of his visit:

It’s odd that on the eve of Super Tuesday, the 71-year-old Republican front-runner would be here, in his top challenger’s home state, where he’s running a mere 32 points behind.

Why isn’t he stumping in California, the nation’s biggest state? Out there he’s running neck and neck, or just a little behind, Mitt Romney ahead. If Mitt somehow pulls out a victory in the Golden State tomorrow, he stays alive.

The only reason McCain is here this morning is to rub Mitt’s nose in the fact that he, not Mitt, is winning. He resents Romney, because in the Dreaded Private Sector, Mitt was a runaway success, while McCain’s only experience was in the son-in-law business.

And this is from a paper that endorsed McCain. Interesting endorsement.


  1. Arizona is a winner take all state. Massachusetts isn’t.

  2. Utah is a winner take all state. California isn’t.
    Montana is a winner take all state. Georgia isn’t.
    What’s your point?

  3. the point is that McCain can get delegates by campaigning in Mass & Romney won’t get any in Arizona.
    McCain will win most of the Northeastern states & may be able to pull some delegates out of Mitt’s homestate.

  4. TR’s point is correct. But McCain might still be better off in Georgia or some other very close states.

  5. For all those holding on to the “Huckabee is a spoiler” thought….

    “All of the three major national polls taken in the last three days (Fox News, ABC/Washington Post and Gallup) show that even if every single voter who backs Huckabee, switched to Romney (an impossibility, of course), McCain still wins across the country. The numbers, if you’re interested, of McCain supporters vs. the combined total of Romney and Huckabee supporters — 48 to 39% (Fox News), 48 to 40% (ABC News/Washington Post) and 43 to 42% (Gallup). Meanwhile, all indications are that for many of the Huck-a-nuts—perhaps even a majority – their second choice would be McCain, not Romney.”

  6. Ann if national polls mattered then Gore would have won in 2000. Getting elected president is a state-by-state affair. If Huckagee got out then we would have a much better picture in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, etc. If McCain wins so be it. I am not ready to accept the media spin because the voters are the ones that matter.

    The voters have already removed Huck from the race in NY and CA.

  7. Check out Vietnam Veterans Against McCain dot com for more eye opening facts you ought to know.

  8. I’ll be glad when tomorrow is over, then we will have our nominee. Hopefully then every post on SA won’t be a McCain bashing party.

  9. Wierd analysis Ann. Look at the state by state numbers. For example, Insider Advantage’s poll of Georgia: (Feb. 3, 465 GOP LV, MoE +/- 4.5%)

    McCain 32
    Romney 31
    Huckabee 26
    Paul 3

    It looks like putting Romney and Huckabee together beats McCain by quite a bit.

    You are correct in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, but not in Alabama, California, Colorado, Mass., Missouri, Oklahoma, or Tennessee.

    If you want to look at national polls (which don’t mean too much), then your math is wrong according to the latest polls from Rasmussen, CBS/NYT, USA Today/Gallup, Pew, Cook/RT and CNN. But you would be right according to ABC/WAPO and Fox News.

    Check out for lots of polling data.

  10. I am just glad I agree with Ann and Lynn. It is hard to argue against reason and evidence when there is so much bombast and emotionalism. I guess that is some kind of comment on 21st Century masculinity political discourse in Arizona – or its lack.

  11. Public Servant says


    Are you trying to say that strong political disagreement within a pollitical party is somehow a new phenomenon in the 21st century Republican Party? Horse manure.

  12. No, I am comparing how we men surrender to bombast, emotionalism and confrontation where these women use reason, evidence and persuasion. They have shamed us and we should be grateful for the lesson.

    See you in a couple of months.

  13. I’m starting to think McCain is really on to something here. Bipartisanship. Yeah…that’s the ticket! After the McCain sleaze in West Virginia today, I may give reaching across the aisle a try myself. You know, see how much of the Obama vote I can turn out!

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