McCain Ship Continues to Take on Water

Sinking Ship

When your employer tells you you’re not allowed to work any more overtime, you know trouble is around the corner. When your employer lays off all the part-timers, you know you’re next. When you get layed off, you know the business is closing its doors.

Today, the McCain campaign announced it was letting 50-80 of its 150 staffers go. Even the campaign manager, Terry Nelson, will be forgoing a salary.

When a campaign raises less money in the second fundraising period than it did in the first fundraising period, that’s not a good sign. When the campaign blows through $9.2 million dollars (out of $11.2 million) in that same period and it can has only $2 million dollars left on hand, it can only mean one thing – the ship is going down.

This blogger will go on the record and predict that the McCain campaign will not finish the primaries. There’s just too much water to bail. It’s time to give all hands a life vest and order “abandon ship.”


  1. PartyGuy says

    Glug, glug, glug – C Ya!

  2. Never should have had that many staffers this early to begin with…

    nah nah nah nah, hey hey, good bye, john.

  3. Am looking around at a lot of blogs getting ideas for one I am going to do soon.

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