McCain Senior Adviser Grant Woods was fined for hiring illegal immigrant nanny

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

John McCain’s senior campaign adviser, the liberal Republican Grant Woods, recently said, “To be an Arizonan is to be a part of Mexico.” We discovered why. Woods was fined $1400 by the INS for hiring an illegal immigrant as a nanny in 1993. His excuse? He said he didn’t realize it was against the law. This man later became our Arizona Attorney General, and now he is a Senior Advisor to the McCain campaign. Over the last few years he has drifted further to the left and now frequently endorses Democrats. He endorsed Democrat Harry Mitchell for Congress in 2006, former Democrat Mayors of Tempe Neil Giuliano, John Moeur and Bill LoPiano, former Scottsdale Mayor Sam Campana, former state Senate President Leo Corbet and others. Liberal Republicans like Woods are quick to call out other Republicans for violating Reagan’s 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican,” but don’t hesitate to break it themselves. Woods slammed J.D. Hayworth when Hayworth was running against Mitchell for Congress. Among some pretty rude insults, including calling J.D. “Foghorn Leghorn,” Woods said, “His rhetoric in immigration, in particular, is hurtful.” Is that so Grant, is that because you got caught? Woods served as Harry Mitchell’s criminal defense attorney when Mitchell got caught stealing campaign signs from an opponent. Woods understood what it was like to get caught doing something wrong. With senior advisors like this liberal, it is going to be difficult for McCain to fool the voters that he has really changed and is now as conservative on illegal immigration as J.D. Hayworth is.


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  1. You can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps. McCain surrounds himself with liberal Republicans, many like Grant Woods who think they’re above the law. Let’s not forget McCain’s immigration advisor, Juan Hernandez.

    Here is some info on Hernandez from Michelle Malkin:

    Hernandez was a close advisor to Vicente “Welcome to North America” Fox and headed up a Mexican bureaucracy called the “Presidential Office for Mexicans Abroad.” It was designed to allow Hernandez to travel across the country, meddling with local, state, and federal immigration enforcement on behalf of millions of illegal aliens in America. He lobbied for illegal alien driver’s licenses and Mexico first, defended Mexican bus operators carrying illegal aliens to the USA, and promoted extending banking privileges to illegal aliens.
    In an interview on ABC News’s Nightline, Hernandez stated bluntly that he was betting that the Mexican American population in the United States –all generations– “will think Mexico first…”I want ‘em all to think Mexico first.”

  2. Blue Meanie says

    The Woods guy is another elitist, so it not a mystery he supports McCain. I understand he owns a villa in a fancy lakeside community in Italy. I wonder if he needs ID when he travels there?

  3. Jack Hammer says

    While serving as one of McCain’s chief advisors, Grant was also heading up “Republicans for Napolitano”

    Now THAT’S reaching out in the pure McCainiac style!

  4. tommygarage says

    A liberal like mcCain naturally runs with guys like Grant Woods. I was ery conceredwhen our governor allowed him to be a part of her reelection campaign

  5. The Mole says

    Wasn’t Woods found guilty of illegally spend public money? I thought he got sued by Sam Steiger over it. Definitely a McCain guy.

    Nos. 1 CA-CV 00-0081, 1 CA-CV 00-0084.
    — September 18, 2001

  6. The Mole says

    found it! here is the opinion:

    ¶ 1 Appellee challenged the state’s provision of private attorneys to represent state officials in a criminal investigation.   The trial court entered judgment in favor of appellee and ordered appellants to repay to the state the full amount of the funds paid to their attorneys.   As discussed below, we hold that Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated (A.R.S.) § 41-193(A)(2) (1999) authorized the Arizona Attorney General to provide legal representation to protect the official interests of the Office of the Attorney General in the situation presented here, but did not allow the retention of counsel to defend an Assistant Attorney General who was under criminal investigation by a grand jury.   We therefore reverse the judgment as to appellants J. Grant Woods and Marlene G. Woods, affirm the judgment as to appellant Robert B. Carey, and remand for entry of appropriate judgments.

  7. “Among some pretty rude insults, including calling J.D. “Foghorn Leghorn,””

    LOL! I’ve heard people who were 1000% more conservative than Grant Woods call JD “Foghorn Leghorn”. JD was given that nickname by other Republicans in Congress.

  8. Michael Holliday says

    I don’t like the guys McCain surrounds himself with.

    McCain is more at home with left-wingers like Kennedy and liberal Republicans like Woods than he is with traditional conservatives such as JD Hayworth.

    I cannot understand why McCain has squandered his conservative inheritance on trying to appease the liberal wing of the Republican Party and Democrats too!

    McCain’s a “Big Tent” kind of guy.

    But Hell is a “Big Tent” kind of place: all are welcome, no morals, lax standards, lawlessness is rewarded, etc.

    Looks like JD Hayworth is riding the wave of popular discontent with McCain-style liberalism to a fabled and historic victory!

    The proof is in the pudding: illegal aliens are self-deporting by the thousands!

    JD’s time has come!

    McCain’s goose is cooked!

  9. Y’all are way too funny!

  10. I’ll see your 17 year old issue and raise you a JD senior advisor running from the law over a domestic disturbance order of protection.

  11. Yeah, except McCain has been a sitting US Senator during all this.

  12. Ann:

    And how about the McCain fundraiser ripping off investors for 1.5 billion?

    Are your RINO panties in a knot about that?

  13. OK…and JD didn’t know Simcox was a brick short of a load?

    You missed my point but proved it at the same time….there is a post that makes some less than positive predictions about the race. So, what happens…a “press release” is posted about an incident that was news back in 1993. Big news. Not a new development.

    What is this…paper, scissors, rock?

  14. Jane 001 says

    No one missed your point Ann. LOL! “Big news. Not a new development.” If you want a new development, how about the big elephant of a new development over at campaign headquarters? Scott Rothstein ring a bell?

    Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Grant Woods is the Ambassador of Illegal Immigration; Brewer needs to throw him overboard.

  15. Tom Dodson says

    @ Michael mentioned “Big tent” which usually means liberal friendly and i agree with the Reagan conservatives who believe the “Big Tent” is more for a circus. Conservative is conservative is conservative unless the person is not quite sure what it is that they are “conserving”. Conserve liberty, justice and responsibility. @ Wanumba, ” sitting” Seanator is correct, because until this year he has run unopposed by GOP AND DEM challengers. Sitting because he certainly is not “voting” by missing more than half the Senate votes because he does not want to follow his heart and be exposed for the liberal he is all while running bogus conservative sounding campaign ads.

  16. Kenny Jacobs says

    Even though facts mean very little at SA it should be pointed out that Neil Giuliano was a Republican when he served as Mayor of Tempe. But, again, this is from the poster who told us Donna Brazile was being brought in to CM the McCain campaign. Just to be clear, the anonymous idiots behind these posts write anything for any reason at any time. I’m sure you’re very proud, Shane.

  17. Let’s not forget that Grant Woods JUMPED at the chance to prosecute BP Agent Nick Corbett, and his attempts at character assassination of Agent Corbett were DESPICABLE!

    Why the F**k would McCain hire a POS like Woods?? …Because McCain hates Border Patrol agents, too!!

  18. Jacobite says

    Grant Woods was John McCain’s AA when John first entered Congress in 1983.

    With all Congressmen, the staff reflects the views of the incumbent. Woods was/is a typical McCain staffer!

    The Senator is NOT and never has been, or ever will be, a philosophical conservative!

    What you elect, you get!

    And in John’s case, a twenty eight year track record trumps campaign rhetoric!

  19. Some folks will “endorse” you for a price. Some haven’t even held their elected job for awhile but want to cash in now and then.

  20. AZDryheat says

    Isn’t this guy Jan Brewer’s campaign chairperson?

  21. To Kenny Jacobs says

    So you are confident the rumors that the McCain campaign was going to bring in the Gore-Lieberman team were not true eh? How do you know they didn’t back off and change plans when the rumors hit the media, somewhat due in part to American-Post Gazette? I’m told the rumor was accurate and Team McCain panicked when it got out. Too bad, that would have shown their true colors.

  22. Saddlemaker says

    Isn’t Grant Woods Jan Brewer’s campaign chairperson? Are we throwing Brewer under the bus too or is this McCain specific?


    found this link too. More Woods/McCain style shenanigans. Both these guys are a moral. If Brewer is in bed with them she should be thrown under the bus.

  24. grant woods mccains former aid also tried three times to burn a border patrol officer out numbered 4 to 1 had to shoot an illegal trying to kill him with a rock and wasnt that long aGO

  25. Governor Jan Brewer Announces Bid for Second Term
    November 5, 2009

    Former Attorney General Grant Woods and Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation 
Mary Peters announced as Campaign Co-Chairs

  26. Kenny Jacobs says

    ‘To Kenny Jacobs says’:

    You accurately refer to the Donna Brazile story from “American-Post Gazette” as a rumor so I think you answered your own question. But since you were “told” the rumor was “accurate” why don’t you share your source with us?

    “American-Post Gazette” are bottom feeders. That’s why they are so comfortable in Shane Wikfor’s online home.

  27. look it’s Kenny Jacobs face book page! Now we know why he likes McCain.

    kenny jacobs’s Details
    Status: Single
    Here for: Networking, Friends
    Orientation: Gay
    Hometown: Edwardsville, IL
    Body type: 6′ 1″ / Some extra baggage
    Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
    Religion: Atheist
    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
    Smoke / Drink: No / Yes
    Children: Love kids, but not for me
    Education: Some college
    Occupation: technology/service


  29. To Kenny Jacobs says

    Ahhhh yep, that’s what you do when you have no argument back, call names. Can’t you think of anything more creative than bottom-feeder?

  30. Kenny Jacobs says

    ‘To Kenny Jacobs Says’:

    I guess that means you don’t actually have a source for the rumor you believe to be true. Shocking!

    Stan & Roger:

    Enjoy your summer vacation.

    Shane, your friends are becoming more mature, apparently.

  31. To Kenny Jacobs says

    Because Kenny asks for American Post-Gazette’s source for a shocking rumor about the McCain campaign, and no one is willing to reveal the confidential source in a comment on Sonoran Alliance, must mean it’s not true. Brilliant logic Kenny! That’s like leaving a comment on a blog asking for a journalist to reveal their source or it must not be true. I’m dying laughing.

  32. Jane 001 says

    Nice work! Congrats to Texas GOP delegates on passing SB1070 plank:

  33. With Ann, this is so funny!!!!!!

  34. American Post-Gazette. Paid for by JD Hayworth
    SA. Paid for by JD Hayworth.
    You can always pay for half baked “news” articles. of which this blog is a perfect example. Try as much as you can, you’ll never be able to pay for truth and credibility.

  35. Jack Hammer says

    Hey L.D.

    How about “putting up” or “shutting up”?

    Who’s youre source regarding payoff’s?


    On second thought, you DO use the Bittersmith approach to campaign rhetoric!

  36. Stephen Kohut says


    Do you like the AP wire used by CBS News? Does that float your RINO boat?

  37. I love these aritcles that are paid and distirbuted by candidates. THey are so transparent it’s funny.

  38. Kenny Jacobs says

    “To Kenny Jacobs Says” :

    I asked you to substantiate your rumor. “American Post-Gazette” had already been proven wrong. I never really expected you to have the integrity to back up your own words.

  39. If you think it is a fault of McCain’s that he did not ask to see Wood’s nanny immigration papers, you are more ignorant then you think. I suppose JD has illegals working in his yard. Let us not make an issue when there is not one. McCain is by far Arizona’s best choice. Do you not remember what a joke, what a terrible politician JD was when he was in Congress last time? JD is pathetic, a big spender, unethical, a pure joke to Republicans. Do not listen to JDs slogans, review his history!

  40. Riiight, Sloan…
    McCain is terrible for Arizona…RIGHT NOW.
    He is PRO Open Borders and amnesty.
    McCain is terrible for America…RIGHT NOW.
    He is ANTI National Security.
    ..and he is ANTI those who sever to protect us.

  41. sever = serve

  42. Top Cat Radio says

    If you want a Rhino Republican in the Senate that is pro-illegal and for Cap and Trade, please vote for John McCain.
    Name 5 things John McCain has done for Arizona in all his years in the Senate?
    JD Hayworth will make a 1000% better senator than John McCain. IT’S TIME TO RETIRE FLIP-FLOP JOHN McCAIN!!!!
    One last thing, Thank You, John McCain and the hapless republicans for electing President Obama(the worst president to ever sit in the oval office).


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