McCain on message

We could hardly be accused of blindly singing McCain’s praises. Never the less credit is due for an excellent speech Tuesday night by Senator McCain. He hit on the main themes separating the two parties in a way that inspires his party and also attracts independents. The Senator can probably take a little break as the media will not cover him much over the next few weeks. After that McCain will need to make tonight’s speech look like the warm-up act. We are looking forward to the general election.

My favorite line:

I’ll leave it to my opponent to claim that they can keep jobs and companies from going overseas by making it harder for them to do business here at home. We will campaign to strengthen job growth in American by helping businesses become more competitive with lower taxes and less regulation.

CNN video of the speech.


  1. Time for McCain to start doing some serious homework on health care and economic issues. And its time to raise money. LOTS of money.

  2. Sound Advice says

    McCain is holding a fundraiser at the Ritz this Friday. The cost is $1,000 per person.
    It’s from 6pm to 7pm.

    For those of you who collect political items:

    T-shirts are on sale at their campaign office for $10.00, if you want one for a keepsake. Signs are available there too.

  3. McCain attracting Independents?

    Are you kidding? McCain tanks terribly with Independents. Independents vehemently despise the war McCain supports. McCain has also embraced Eggplant’s economic policies including the privatization of social security, a very unpopular position, and huge tax cuts for Cheney pigs. He has endorsed the policies producing unprecedented deficit spending and the upcoming recession if not depression. I recall posting here in December when Dow was at 13,500 that it would drop below 12,000 this year. I didn’t know it would happen by March. Come November, I put it at just over 10,500. Inflation will be the highest in 15 years. Unemployment will double, raising the uninsured population to 65 million.

    ABC News Poll

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