McCain near 5th place in NC.

The story went that North Carolina* was John McCain’s firewall. No matter what happened in Iowa or New Hampshire, McCain would take NC. Now, in a poll dated July 2nd, McCain is 1 point away from 5th place.

*One of our readers pointed out that this is the strategy for South Carolina. Sorry for the error.


  1. South Carolina, not North Carolina.

  2. kralmajales says

    I was about to say, so what, its North Carolina. THIS is big news. I tell you, I don’t know what is happening here with his campaign. I am sure that Thompson is licking his chops waiting for him to drop out.

  3. PartyGuy says

    You know you’re in trouble when Ron “Blame America First” Paul has more cash-on-hand than you do…

  4. PartyGuy says

    And even the comments seem confused/confusing.

    South Carolina is the firewall (post #1 seems to point that out) and the poll is from North Carolina (post #2 seems confused by the clarification as though the poll was South Carolina).

  5. HELP… *** this comment has been edited *** is driving me insane!

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