McCain near 4th in IL.

According to a recent poll by American Research Group, Inc., McCain’s numbers in Illinois have been cut in half since they last polled in January of this year. Then he was at 24% and is now at 12%.

Giuliani leads with 33%, Thompson 21%, McCain at 12%, and Romney at 11%.


Michelle Malkin summarizes the latest shakeups in the McCain campaign.


  1. kralmajales says

    I wonder where John McCain’s support will flow if he does drop out? If he is so moderate and liberal as many here suggest, then his support might very well flow to liberal Giuliani.

    I wonder…thoughts from those of you who are more knowledgeable?

  2. I may frequently disagree with many of the conservatives who post here on other topics, but I think many of us can agree with the fact that McCain is losing support because he is seen as inconsistent, expedient and downright slippery by people of all ideological stripes.

    McCain got my vote in the GOP primaries in 2000 because I bought into his “straight talk” BS and trusted him to bring the Republican Party back to the tradition built by Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan. Those of us in the middle who trusted him at that time no longer do because he reinvented himself to seem more palatable to the right this time around. Folks on the right, conversely, have never really liked or trusted him.

    All of the above sums up why McCain is fading in the polls, not raising money and continually retooling his campaign. He may well drop out before Iowa. My hunch is that his dwindling supporters will go to all camps, but I continue to believe that Romney has the best shot of getting the GOP nod.

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