McCain media team to resign Monday?

AZ Political Intel is reporting breaking exclusive news that McCain’s media team will all be resigning Monday. Have heard that as well, including the fact that it’s being timed in order to do the maximum damage to the campaign. Ouch. Looks like even his supporters really dislike him. Any predictions when McCain will drop out of the race? I’ve got $100 on him dropping out before the Ohio caucuses in January.

Addendum: McCain slips back to 3rd in NH.


  1. DoubleDecafLatte says

    Ohio? Do you mean Iowa?

    My favorite tee shirt is one that says: “The University of Iowa, Idaho City, Ohio. And on the back “…and we don’t grow potatos”

  2. kralmajales says

    hahahah nice shirt!

    So where does McCains supporters (something in the teen percent) go now?

    Romney? Giuliani? Thompson?

    The Democrats?

  3. Ted,

    You will win your $100.

    If married, take the wife to dinner. If not, I suggest an Ashton Spellbound ($15) and a bottle of Laphroaig ($45). You’ll need a leather couch.

    As Kral notes above, the interesting question is the hand off of his machine to another candidate.

  4. Is Thompson’s delay in announcing a gentlemanly way of not being the death to McCain?

  5. AZ Political Intel has a poll asking for predictions when McCain will drop out of the presidential race.

  6. Ted — Iowa or Ohio? flyover country bunch of vowels, guess it doesn’t matter…

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