McCain may get tripped up by campaign finance law

The Federal Elections Commission is looking into whether the McCain campaign used possible matching funds as collateral for a loan. According to the article:

At issue is the fine print in the loan agreement between McCain and Fidelity Bank & Trust. McCain secured the loan using his list of contributors, his promise to use that list to raise money to pay off the loan and by taking out a life insurance policy.

But the agreement also said that if McCain were to withdraw from the public financing system before the end of 2007 and then were to lose the New Hampshire primary by more than 10 percentage points, he would have had to reapply to the FEC for public matching funds and provide the bank additional collateral for the loan.


  1. Geez, we don’t have to worry about the left-wing media tearing the Senator apart, that happens right here. How about some positive stories about him?

  2. Lynn,

    Visit Politico Mafioso for positive stories. They write about 5 of them a day.

    If you don’t like the news tighten your seat belt becasue the MSM is just getting warmed up.

  3. Isn’t this a Republican blog?? Why do you insist in helping out the Dems? I understand why the left trys to promote so much negativity but the right? What happened to we just report the news? Try reporting the positive side. Face it, McCain is going to be our nominee and EVERY Republican should get behind him, our only other choice will be Hillary or Obama, and that’s not much of a choice.

    Oh BTW, I do read other sites, I just don’t understand why you are so ready to help the Dems.

  4. Antifederalist says

    Yes, this is a Republican blog, and we small-government conservatives hate McCain’s guts because he’s a RINO and his nomination shows clearly that the party is full of moderates who betray a lot of the party’s core beliefs. IMHO, Republicans didn’t get bloodied enough in 2006, and McCain’s nomination is proof positive that the party didn’t get the message embedded in the 2006 losses. I WANT the party to lose again because when the Republicans are in the wilderness, they return to their core beliefs. I WANT conservatives to show the party that we’re not kidding about conservative principles by staying home this year if McCain is all the party has to offer us. It’s not a matter of helping the Dems, it’s a matter of slapping the party around to show them we conservatives mean business. Republicans lose without our money, volunteerism, and votes. You want our time and money so Republicans can win? Then elect small-government conservatives.

  5. Lynn,

    You have us; we are guilty of covering the news the way we want. This was just too precious, John McCain in a dispute with a government bureaucrat in charges of some little obscure portion of federal law. I wonder if McCain now realizes what Wisconsin Right to Life went through.

    Before we were Republicans we were Conservatives.

  6. Antifederalist
    Spin it how you want, it is a matter of helping the dems. You are certainly not slapping me around, but don’t come crying later if a dem gets in.
    az gnat
    at least you finally admitted you aren’t just covering the news but only what you like.

    My guy Fred didn’t make it and I don’t agree with McCain on everything but I pretty much disagree with Hillary and Obama on everything. So my point is, you seem to be cutting off your nose to spite you face, which tends to leave you disfigured and ugly. I think I’ll keep my nose.

  7. “I WANT the party to lose again because when the Republicans are in the wilderness, they return to their core beliefs.”

    Huh? After the FDR and Truman (one of the longest same party stretches) Republicans won with Eisenhower who was not a small gov’t conservative in any way. After JFK and LBJ, Nixon won–also a moderate. The only time in recent history that I can see this wilderness garbage is Reagan after Carter. Bush II is very clearly not a small gov’t conservative. There is no reason to think that if Obama wins, Republicans will suddenly become more conservative; if anything they will become more moderate.

  8. Lynn,

    I thought it was understood that political blogs had a built in political slant. We certainly have a point of view but still try to cover the news, especially state and local races that the MSM glosses over. I don’t think our little commentary about media coverage of McCain will sway many states into the Democratic column. If we had enough power to swing an election we would have used that power to get a different nominee. We understand that McCain is the nominee but could not resist a little commentary. Please keep reading.

  9. Oh you know I will. (keep reading) But I have to say my first love is back, it’s softball (baseball) season!

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