McCain lacks Espresso.

It has been no secret that this blog has been tough on Senator McCain. I have passed on some stories so it did not come across that we had some personal issue with the guy.

Now it looks like another major Arizona blog is not very impressed with McCain either. Greg at Espresso Pundit is very careful about what he writes and runs a less reactionary blog than we have here. So it is with some surprise that I have seen these comments recently on Espresso Pundit (not a good sign for McCain.)

McCain’s campaign is sinking fast.

“Welcome to the digital age, Senator.”

And now on Friday This is going to leave a[sic] mark.

It looks like Politico Mafioso is still firmly in McCain’s camp. And Arizona 8th has its own McCain correspondent. Just maybe the good Senator should schedule a trip to Starbucks to buy someone his favorite coffee beverage.


  1. kralmajales says

    Dang, I am still wondering who you folk are going to go with, if not McCain. Hard on him yes, which is fine with me, I don’t like him much either. But I can be fairly liberal…as you all know.

    I am just shocked that Romney and Guiliani would get all that much support. They are far more liberal than McCain.

  2. DoubleDecafLatte says

    I’m thinking Mitt should also schedule a trip to Starbucks to buy a Double Decaf Latte or some other hot beverage. There is nothing better than a hot drink to really take the chill off when you’ve been out hunting rabbits or other varmits…of course I haven’t done it since 1972.

    DDL – Former McCain supporter (2000), former NRA member and an Ex Latter-day Saint.

  3. kralmajales says

    Ahahaha Doubledecaf…

    I was wondering when someone was going to bring up the gun debacle with Romney. Seriously, his new found love of guns for sport has become a BIG debacle…almost to the level of Guiliani and his remark that leaving it to the states would mean that some states would be right if they wanted to pay for abortions.

    There is one difference here though. Guiliani had the guts to say what he really believes…in South Carolina…where he knew it would not be popular.

    Romney on the other hand, keeps trying to appear conservative…and has lied blatantly about it. Especially the stuff on guns and him owning one.

    Meet the Press had a nice discussion of it today.

    Best to you all…and again…if I were still a conservative…I’d be thinking McCain. If I wanted to keep the Presidency though…I would be thinking Guiliani…

  4. As someone very interest in the right to own firearms my pick among the top 3 is Romney. Sure he is stretching to appear pro-gun but if that wins it for him then he will know who helped put him office.

    McCain and Giuliani are both mavericks and will abandon gun owners whenever they see fit.

    BTW – The spelling is Giuliani. Don’t take my word for it, go to his web site.

  5. DoubleDecafLatte says

    Can’t we all get along? I think this board needs to ease up a bit on spelling and grammer jabs. Some of us have such fat little fingers we make some typing errors from time to time. And I for one can attest to the fact that my fat fingers are often times moving faster than my 53 year old brain. DDL

  6. kralmajales says

    Eh…my blown spelling of Giuliani is pure ignorance and laziness, not fat fingers. I will admit.

    Gnat… Interesting that you still support Romney on guns when he is a clear Johnny come lately…although I see what you mean about Giuliani and McCain.

    I doubt, however, that he will be beholdened at all to any of you after he gets you vote. AND, this is not the 1st time he has made a complete 180 degrees on an issue to APPEAR conservative.

    Be very careful who you are supporting in this case…and look deeply at his record as Governor in Massachussets. I know I am about a billion points more liberal than you…but I am not wrong on this one.

  7. Hmmmm…. an admited lib cautioning against a candidate because the candidate is liberal? And who would you feel is the superior conservative candidate?

  8. DDL,

    Sorry did not mean to be too harsh about the spelling. As a member of the journalistic community we need to keep up our standards (after all look what happened to the newspapers when they got sloppy.)


    I said of the top 3. Yes, Mitt is groveling for the pro-gun vote. Groveling is good, if it’s in favor of your issue.

  9. kralmajales says

    The superior conservative candidate in this race is clearly McCain, Ann. He is pro-life…really…and he is anti-gay rights…clearly. He is stronger on the war than any of the candidates and has much more experience on the world stage than any of the candidates.

    I know he has angered conservatives by being prickly against the administration and triangulating as some kind of “straight-talker”. But as an independent who is not conservative, McCain is far scarier (sorry…smile) than either of Giuliani and Romney.

    I would vote for either of Romeny and Giuliani, but I would not for McCain…no way!

  10. kralmajales says

    I also think that Romney and Giuliani would be more likely to win than McCain though. They are far more moderate, likely to attract independents, and far less likely to continue to wage this war. So if you want a winner…I would say Giuliani and Romney…but you wont be getting a conservative.

    I don’t say this to Ann, of course, because from what she has said in the past, she seems to not love any of the big three, am I right?

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