McCain in 3rd place in AZ

Senator John McCain is in third place in the latest Rocky Mountain Poll. He not only trails Rudy Giuliani but is way behind None of these.


  1. Breaks my heart.

  2. Yeah…it will break your heart when we end up with Hillary Clinton for 8 years because people like you and Randy Pullen won’t back McCain.

    Every poll I have seen shows McCain strong against Hillary. In fact, in some states they actually show McCain ahead of Hillary.

    Thompson is only strong in South Carolina.

    While Guiliani leads nationally but not in the early states.

    And, finally, Romney leads in Iowa and New Hampshire and very weak nationally.

    What does that all say?


  3. For the record, as state party chair, Pullen is supposed to be neutral.

    You are correct that McCain still enjoys healthy support among independents. Too bad for him he spent his career alienating conservative Republicans.

    The poll was done by Rocky Mountain so you can blame Republicans in Arizona if don’t like the results.

  4. Pullen hasn’t opposed McCain’s candidacy. He’s stayed neutral, as a party chairman should!

  5. Such a careful choice of words makes it true. When in reality, it could not be more untrue.

  6. where’d you get third place…the link has McCain @ 18% & Rudy @ 20%… that is 2nd place.

    Clinton is at 44%, but that is solely against the Dems, not including the Republicans…

    margin of error 3.5%…TR’s top two are running even.

  7. 1st None of these 32%
    2nd Giuliani 20%
    3rd McCain 18%

  8. The Independent voters are big on McCain according to this poll. When both numbers are added together, McCain is the big winner. Then he is only a few points behind None of These and way ahead of Giuliani. Unfortunately, this is a “preference” vote and limited to only registered voters of each party.

  9. Ann, it is limited to registered voters of each party because the Presidential Primary in Arizona is also limited to registered voters of each party. Independents may NOT vote in Presidential Primaries, only the regular September primary.

    So the poll was done correctly.

  10. The 2008 General Presidential election will be won by whomever can get the most independent voters into his/her camp.
    That also means courting the women of the 21 th century, ya know, they let ’em vote now.
    Conversely, it will be lost by whomever fails to heed that advise. The 2002 and 2004 gubernatorial elections should serve as a painful reminder of what I just said for the benefit of my fellow Republicans.
    By the way did I mention yet that my wife and I feel that John McCain is the only candidate in the Republican Camp who can win the White House.

  11. Correction, It was the 2002 and 2006 Gubernatorial election in Arizona that I was making reference to.

  12. Tim,

    The poll was correct and never in question. My point was that even though, when I’s are added, Sen. McCain is by far the most supported candidate, it is of no avail because the vote is a “preference” primary which is different than a primary. Preference of the parties not the voters in general.

    Much talk has been spent on the impact of the I’s in this election. While they cannot vote in the preference primary, they certainly can in the general. It would be wise to use that in our evaluation of a nominee.

  13. The only real dispute between Hillary, McCain and Giuliani would involve the application of a liberal agenda!

    How d’ya want it?

    Straight or on the installment plan?

    Frankly, she, like Jimmy Carter before her, would provide something the GOP is dire need of…chemotherapy!

    In any event, Republicans always become more conservative in opposition and in four years can offer the faithful a candidate worth rallying around as in 1980!

  14. Tom:

    So, what’s your point?

    It sounds like you want Hillary Clinton as our next President?

    You can’t mean that.

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