McCain Explained: Subliminally

McCain Explained
It’s in the Logo


And it’s hidden in his ads:

If you listen carefully, over and over, to McCain’s radio ads slamming JD Hayworth — after all he’s made dang sure you can’t avoid them — eventually you become aware of a subliminal message.

Complex filter software can reverse the embedding process bringing the subliminal message into sharp focus. This software program is called the “Political Operative Output Propaganda Obfuscation Undertext Translator” or POOPOUT. Getting the POOPOUT of two recent McCain radio ads resulted in the short audio clip below.

But first a caveat: This is NOT what the ads actually sound like, just what a listener with a working POOPOUT filter might hear: Click here to listen.


  1. Michael Holliday says


    Finally, an honest John McCain commercial–a truly a frightful thing!

  2. Correct about the “poopout” effect!

    John will be flushed!

  3. Jacklyn M. says

    Posted under ‘Press Release’?

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