McCain distant 3rd in PA.

Strategic Vision is out with a new poll showing McCain a poor 3rd place in Pennsylvania (see question 11.) He is not doing much better in Michigan where he is also tied for 3rd. He holds the same slot in Ohio. There they break out the results by sex. Looking at men he stays in third place because they all go for Thompson. With women McCain is in second place because they go for Rudy and take a pass on Fred.

Espresso Pundit hits the nail on the head:

“He was designed for a constituency that doesn’t exist.  He’s a pro-life, hawk war hero who opposed Bush’s tax cuts, supports stem cell research and amnesty.  He supports legislation defining marriage as one man and one women at the state level…but opposes it at the federal level.  He’s with Bush on Iraq, Kennedy on immigration, Lieberman on guns, Feingold on campaign finance and the gang of 14 on Judicial Nominations.”


  1. kralmajales says

    He sounds a lot like a man of principle who stands up for what he believes in…unlike the rest of your major candidates.

    Being principled,though, doesn’t get you elected but instead the ire of those who you dont cowtow to.

    Not a way to win either party’s nomination.


  2. kralmajales says

    Oh…and I was referring specifically to the excellent quote posted by Espresso Pundit.

    The best way to win either nomination…on the right or left…it to cowtow to it, bend to it, and do whatever they ask. Like Romney.

  3. I am so glad this is only a problem on the Republican side and that Clinton, Obama, and Edwards have never pandered.

  4. kralmajales says

    Oh Pat…The gist of my comment is in agreement with you….completely. It happens on both sides. What is different in this case is how John McCain gets roasted for being, essentially, principled…and I mean roasted.

    I think this quote from above really says it all:

    “He was designed for a constituency that doesn’t exist.”

    Again, it just may be that his principles don’t match those of the Republican party anymore…and especially its regulars.

  5. Buddy Breon says

    Why is McCain considered so “principled”? He was the king of PAC money for so many years he simply out-raised his opponents. So, he flip/flops and all of a sudden he’s the king of campaign reform??? He’s not real. He has such a temper those that cross him have to stand back, yet he pretends to be friendly and oh, so nice. Worst of all, he pretends to be a conservative Republican while hanging with the Dems. Makes me think that he’s into believing nothing except the next vote.

  6. kralmajales says

    And what of your other candidates Buddy? I mean, in comparison. Honestly. Romney is the biggest of pretenders. He is a corporate wonk, who has “evolved” his beliefs to get this nomination. Its clear. Giuliani, well, he is honest at least about being a liberal Republican…on abortion…or gay marriage…and his personal life is a doosy, if we care about that. And Thompson is left to be the savior, but even he has very little track record and frankly also has an evolving position on abortion.

    With McCain, you really got what you get. He was the toughest by far on the war (which scares the hell out of me), was anit-gay marriage (ancient thinking, but conservative), and was pro-life throughout his career (unlike those others you have to bet on).

    No, he is not a far righter, but on most things, he was quite conservative. He is going to be tanked and the party is left with the liberal pickens it has left.

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