McCain continues to fade in Iowa.

The McCain campaign further slides in Iowa.

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  1. Correction says


  2. Either way, it’s only a matter of time before the McCain camp orders “abandon ship.”

    This blogsite has long predicted that the McCain Camp will NOT finish the primaries.

  3. kralmajales says

    I am still surprised at what an inept campaign he is running. I mean, honestly, you have to admit this. Among all the candidates, he has the most secure track record on most conservative issues of all the viable candidates. There are no questions about him on “life” (save for stem cell). Questions abound on Romney and his flips…Giuliani ISNT prolife…and frankly there is a lot of fuel ready to burn on Thompson if he ever announces. There are a number of statements by him that he is NOT prolife and/or has “changed his mind”.

    On terror…McCain has em all beat. Giuliani, did a great job managing a disaster of 9/11 but what gives him any…any…any credibility on foreign policy or actually FIGHTING terror. He has never done ANYTHING to fight terror…really. The first chance he had, he failed. He suggested that Bush put up some chump for Homeland Security that was quickly run out of town on a rail.

    Romney…on terror…he’s a governor…and produced essentially a socialized medicine plan.

    And on Iraq, which I think is a total waste, McCain is the only one with any REAL commitment to it.

    I dont know…as a whole…if I were conservative and wanted someone I could trust and who would tell me if I was not going to vote the way I would like them to…it would be John McCain…not these others.

    By the way, as you might guess, I would much rather vote for Giuliani over a McCain anyday…and for some of the very reasons I have stated above.

  4. If he is able to stay afloat, he’ll finish fourth.
    He has shown himself to be untrustworthy.

  5. kralmajales says

    Washington Post and Leherer Newshour reporting that his campaign is in disarray after only raising $11 Million. Has reassigned or let go 50 employees on the campaign.


  6. kralmajales says


    How can you trust flip-flopper Romney? You CAN trust Giuliani…he at least says he is a moderate Republican and is liberal on abortion and gay rights.

    So Thompson? Da da da da….da da…He should be able to snow ya’ll. He can read a script better than anyone. But that piece of paper he signed showing himself to be pro-choice…and that comment on Meet the Press about not wanting to overturn Roe….hmmmm.

    McCain seems FAR more trustworthy…er…maybe Guiliani.

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