McCain can’t fool the Arizona Tea Party!

John McCain must think that Arizona Republicans are stupid.

The Arizona Tea Party members won’t be fooled. Here is the latest video (few days old) detailing the tenuous and politically expedient relationship between Mitt Romney and John McCain.

My only critique is that the video editor should have used The Who’s classic piece, Won’t Get Fooled Again!


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  2. How funny: McCain can’t fool the Arizona Tea Party! Neither can Hayworth no matter how many GOP hardliners infiltrate the Tea Party Groups pushing Hayworth. True tea party groups do not endorse candidates, they educate so one is capable of making their own decision.

    As for Romney endorsing McCain, one worlders stick together.

    DEAKIN US Senate 2010

  3. This is the sort of information that confirms to me that politicians of any ilk are untrustworthy, are liars, and are ego bent. It is the same “Old Boys Club” crap!

    Personally, McCain lost his value as a candidate for me many years ago. He confirmed it when he caved in to Obama when he quite running for the Presidency. His hand has surely stuck across the isle! He has had more than enough time and chances to work on the Border problems. I expect him to send congrats to BLM, too.

    If these so-called “representatives” of the people continue to chop each other’s reputations down, they are going to hand the election back to the Democrats and the socialist left. This is my advise: Grow up! Form a team! Listen to the little people, the ones who pay you more than you are worth, start to actually represent the people and open your ears to what they are screaming at you!

  4. Precocious says

    No matter what faction you inhabit within the conservative wing of the GOP, one fact must be conceded i.e.: John McCain is a part of the political problem and play no useful part in it’s solution.

    We need a new leadership group in both parties to bring us back to governing basics and common sense at home and abroad!

    The “welfare/warfare” state must be rejected along with the “invite at home” and “invade abroad” mentality that grips our political elites!

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