McCain blog goes negative

McCain must be running scared over a Drudge report that Romney is ahead in Florida. Looks like the senator instructed his puppets over at Mafioso to run negative attacks on Romney.

Here is a fact about McCain’s record for Arizona to consider – After 25 years in congress illegal immigration has continually worsened in Arizona. In fact the Tucson Sector is the busiest in the nation, after 25 years of McCain “representing” Arizona. Isn’t is a federal issue?

Update: New Rasmussen poll – Romney in the lead.


  1. kralmajales says

    Florida would be a VERY big win for Romney. It might signal to some that he can win southern states, although it still is not a southern state in the traditional fashion. It might also boost him towards a win in a place like Georgia, with a cosmompolitan Atlanta made up of many NE transplants.

    That said, a loss there would be a big deal. It is a winner take all delegates state too.

  2. Half of the Florida delegates were taken away by the GOP for moving their primary up.

    I still say the big day is Feb 5th.

  3. Running scared? You wish.That’s why you keep writing this stuff because we are not running nor scared. You wish that was the case, but that ain’t happening. Just like I told you how many times it is now, enough times that I have lost count, but no matter we are here to stay and that is all you a#*holes problem lets be honest. You didn’t knock McCain out in S.C. like you thought you would and that is your real problem. as far as Romney being ahead I don’t know wehat poll you are looking at but you must have it upside down because that is a figment of your imagination MY FRIEND.

  4. Nice Try Pat! After your ‘pal’ Willard got trounced in South Carolina (he came in what? A distant 4th?), your trying to spin this? I just posted the facts, something you McCain Haters don’t ever seem to comprehend. Who leads the National Polls? You know who, JOHN McCAIN does that’s who
    . That’s right, John McCain, the next President of the United States.

  5. You border on treason. Catching up with the other dolts blogging in you area?

    P.S. take a peak at the Florida polls. Everyone of them as McCain ahead. Romney is pretty upset his buying of the electorate is falling short.

  6. Romney has actually received a majority or leading plurality of Republicans in four states. Mcaintforamnestyniceguynextlie wins the Democrats and lefty open border kill free speech independents. Mcweknowyoupersonally gets less than 10% of the Precinct Committeemen in his own county.

    His slippery habits are legendary. “I commanded the largest combat squadron in the Navy.” Translation: When the Navy had to find a spot to shelve the son and grandson of Navy Admiral heroes, they gave him the command of a training squadron in Jacksonville Fla. What a twisted version of “commanded the largest combat squadron” recitation.

    Hard to get straight talk from old forked tongue.

  7. kralmajales says


    You all are doomed.

    Sorry…but this thread says it all.

  8. No more hating please… please act adults and focus on what is important. Economy… professional investors and traders are declaring a huge doomsday is coming… many foreign markets are losing, too… We need some one to lead us through the turbulent waters of economy and it’s Mitt at the helm… forget anything else except this.

    Please cease your bickerings… and think about your tomorrow! There will be no happy tomorrow wihtout Mitt and the monkey will agree, anyway.

  9. I voted in Florida for 20 years, and a lot of the Florida Republicans I knew in South Florida were Cuban immigrants. In fact, before Cuban-Americans all became citizens, Miami-Dade (then just plain Dade) County was almost entirely Democratic. It switched to being Republican-dominated between 1980 and 1984 or so. Another large segment of the GOP is Jewish, and Lieberman, enormously popular with that group, is stumping there for McCain.

    However, if Giuliani continues to collapse, the anti-McCain Republicans in Florida will surely go to Romney.

    It will be interesting to see if Jeb Bush or Charlie Crist will endorse anyone. Both are popular (although Crist is pretty liberal).

  10. Ben F, have you ever served? How many other veterans support Mitt?

    Much to my discomfort, I agree with kral. The level of hatred and bile is palpable and so long as it remains corporal we may be looking at a President Obama or Rodham.

    I sympathize with the sentimens of Vikki, Irish and the Mafiaso. If we are looking at a borkered convention, then truly this line of cleavage will again emerge.

    Louisana is the next primary for us. McCain can win some and lose some. But even I have my limits. McCain must win Arizona. If McCain loses Arizona, I must in good conscience advocate for someone else – probably Guiliani or Thompson and reconsider supporting Lord Helmet Hair. The stakes are too high to let emotionalism rule.

  11. I have served and my son is currently serving. What that has to do with identifying the fact that it is disingenuous to mislead people with terms like I commanded the largest combat squadron when it was a training center in Jacksonville Fla quite a few thousand miles from any combat. Don’t you have trouble with that intentional misleading?

    Do you have any trouble when he said last week on television that he has not changed his position on illegal immigration that he has always supported strong border enforcement?

    Is the intentional misleading of the American voting public on such basic issues alright with you?


    Obviously, you read this political blog that “no one reads”. I guess that makes you “no one” which shows by your language, toilet fingers.

  12. Dick sweet says

    Brutal comeback Ben, I’m crushed. Yeah, something tells me you didn’t spend five and a half years in the Hanoi Hilton. People like you are such a joke. You claim McCain is a liar and yet I’m willing to bet you support Multiple Choice Mitt Romney. I hope you enjoy the Obama Presidency. Oh and by the way, enjoy speaking Spanish. Hahahahaha.

  13. You’re right, but Lucky Chesley did and he didn’t lose his integrity as a result.

    By the way, I see that you continue to read a blog “no one” reads, Mr. “no one.”

  14. Ben F., thank you for you and your son’s valiant service. I question the wisdom of challenging a man’s military record on a forum where most of the posters have never served and thus have no idea of what we went through.

    That said, I find nothing factually incorrect with McCain’s claims. You said: “‘I commanded the largest combat squadron in the Navy.’ Translation: When the Navy had to find a spot to shelve the son and grandson of Navy Admiral heroes, they gave him the command of a training squadron in Jacksonville Fla. What a twisted version of ‘commanded the largest combat squadron’ recitation. . . . I commanded the largest combat squadron when it was a training center in Jacksonville Fla quite a few thousand miles from any combat.”

    This is what wikipedia has to say about our senior Senator citing sources from the Arizona Republic and the NYT: “McCain underwent treatment for his injuries, and attended the National War College in Fort McNair in Washington, D.C. during 1973–1974.[48][16] Few thought McCain could fly again, but he was determined to try, and engaged in nine months of grueling, painful physical therapy, especially to get his knees to bend again.[49] By late 1974 McCain had recuperated just enough to pass his flight physical[49] and have his flight status reinstated,[48] and he became Executive Officer and then Commanding Officer of the VA-174 Hellrazors, the East Coast A-7 Corsair II Navy training squadron stationed at Naval Air Station Cecil Field outside Jacksonville in Florida and the largest attack squadron in the Navy.[48][16][50] McCain’s leadership abilities were credited with turning around a mediocre unit, improving its aircraft readiness and pilot safety metrics and winning the squadron its first Meritorious Unit Commendation,[49] and while some senior officers resented McCain’s presence as favoritism due to his father, junior officers rallied to him and helped him qualify for A-7 carrier landings.[49]”

    Regarding the status as being a training squadron versus a combat squadron, wikipedia citing “Dictionary of American naval Aviation Squadrons – Volume 1” writes:

    “In addition to conducting squadron transition training, VA-174 continued to train all the replacement pilots and enlisted maintenance personnel who served in the Atlantic Fleet Light Attack Squadrons. As of 1 August 1971, VA-174 had trained 535 pilots, 48 maintenance officers and 4815 enlisted maintenance personnel. VA-174 was the largest aviation squadron in the U.S. Navy. The squadron was disestablished on 30 June 1988.[2]”

    Again nothing dishonest about what McCain said about himself.

    What you failed to mention is how McCain was wounded during a fire on the USS Forestal or how shortly after he recovered from his injuries, he volunteered for duty on the Oriskany or how he and other pilots had been frustrated by LBJ’s micromanagement of OP Rolling Thunder. You neglect to mention how the NVA wanted to release McCain ahead of the others but he refused on the principle of first in first out.

  15. I am wondering if my post from last night responding to Ben F.’s smear on McCain will ever be lifted from “under moderation.”

  16. Wow – Drudge is hyping Romney ! Now all the other GOP campaigns are DOOMED!!!!!!!!

    Who would have thunk it ? – it’s not like Drudge has any pro-Romney bias or anything.

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