McCain attacks Romney over marriage

The McCain campaign is doing robo calls in Florida slamming Romney for being weak on the life issue and traditional marriage. This from the guy who voted for federal funding of destructive embryonic stem-cell research and does not support the Federal Marriage Amendment. Further McCain divorced his first wife and Romney has stood by his wife even as she struggled with a difficult illness. If this is straight talk then I have heard enough.

Listen here to the smear from the McCain campaign.

Here is what the Republic has to say about McCain’s attitude on the “sanctity of marriage”

McCain married Cindy less than a year after divorcing his former wife of 14 years. His marriage to Carol had been strained by his years of absence, and McCain’s admitted extramarital affairs after returning from Vietnam.

Funny how McCain is all about the constitution when there is a vote to ban same-sex marriage but forgets about the same document when he wants to limit political speech. Another instance of McCain double talk.


  1. This is me ignoring your repeated attempts to twist the reality to present your version of the truth.

    Also great time management.

    McCain is going to win. He will be the nominee. Should Mitt not be selected to be VP, what will you do?

  2. Sonoran Alliance says

    “twist the reality”

    Please point out where we are incorrect. Did the McCain campaign produce that Florida phone call? Did McCain bring up the issue of the “sanctity of marriage”? Did McCain not divorce his first wife? Did McCain not get re-married within a year after getting divorced? We welcome having erroneous facts corrected.

  3. Can any of the truth about Senor be told without Ann coming unwound? Not yet. I still think she is getting Bettina’s salary from the McCain Campaign.

  4. It isn’t the validity of the statements it is the context in which they are used or misused to achieve a desired outcome. It is an old trick, very useful but old.

    Unwound? Gimmeabreak… Again, who is Bettina?


    What about my question?

  5. Sonoran Alliance says

    What will we do if Mitt is not on the ticket? Stay loyal to our spouses and spend more time with our families.

  6. LOL! By more time, are you referencing a specific day in November?

  7. Sonoran Alliance, be advised:

    Romney in his ’94 Senate bid:

    “Bay Windows, the Boston-based gay and lesbian newspaper, republished excerpts from an August 1994 interview the paper did with Romney during his campaign against Senator Edward M. Kennedy. In the interview, Romney said it should be up to states to decide whether to allow same-sex marriage and he criticized Republican ‘extremists’ who imposed their positions on the party.

    ‘People of integrity don’t force their beliefs on others, they make sure that others can live by different beliefs they may have,’ Romney is quoted as saying”

    Unlike the Surge smear, this is fair game.

  8. Go Mittens! Line up the table for Barack!

  9. Kralmajales says

    Hi all,

    I would like to add in on this one. I am NOT a fan of Romney (or any of the other candidates) but I say something in his favor here (or not because of my ideology on this matter).

    When the State Court of Massachussetts declared gay marriage constitutional, and the uproar began, Mitt Romney was among the biggest opponents of the decision. He tried to block its implementation, he supported a constitutional amendment to overturn the court decision, and I think his administration even dug up an old Jim Crow law from the early 1900s that prevented Massachusetts from marrying couples who came there from other states. I believe the intention of the original law was to stop interacial couples from coming to the state to marry since they allowed it.

    Romney, in my mind, was enemy number 1 toward allowing gay marriage to exist in the state…even after the court made a tough but just decision in Goodridge.

  10. I don’t know why all you anti-McCain people have to be so negative. How about pointing out the good you see in your candidate instead. All you are doing is helping the dem’s. So who do you vote for if McCain is the nominee? Do you go for the dem? Or do you not vote at all, which in turn still helps the dem’s. One last note: didn’t your mama ever tell you if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?

  11. Well Kral, you beat me to the post, because mine got erased and I had to start over ( on a treo). At least you were pointing out a positive.

  12. Lynn,

    As they say politics ain’t beanbag. I kinda like the gratuitous shots at McCain from a pure entertainment perspective.

    That said, his attacks on Romney were completely fair game. What do you guys expect? For McCain to not hit back. Face it up until a few years ago, Romney was a big time liberal on abortion and gays. The facts are there. He was pro-abortion, and he did actively court gay votes in ’94. You expect McCain not to point that out?

  13. kralmajales says

    Well…the man cleaned Romney’s clock and with scintilla of the dollars behind him. This guy is your nominee and as I said before, I await you all falling all over yourselves in a big McCain lovefest.

    I think he has earned it.

  14. Lynn

    Since there is nothing good to say about McCain . . . . . . . . . . . .

  15. Sonoran Alliance says


    I doubt all of the conservatives will fall all over themselves to support Mac. Yes he won Florida but so did Hillary so don’t get too giddy.

    Some days the sun rises in the east and there is nothing you can do about it. McCain is certainly in the lead now and if he is the nominee he will make his case to the voters just like the Democrat nominee. We did not have a perfect candidate among the major presidential candidates but there are many other elections to work on where we have excellent conservatives running.

  16. kralmajales says

    True true Sonoran…and I do think conservatives will fall all over themselves to support him. Here and elsewhere…you can’t be left out and you can’t split your own party.

  17. Sonoran Alliance says

    The conservatives that I know will stay in the party and work for candidates besides McCain. They may vote for him in the end. A really conservative VP might help with that. But falling over themselves? Many of them would leave the country before they would fall over themselves to support McCain. Plus, McCain does not need hard core conservatives when he has the party establishment behind him.

    In a state with Shadegg, Franks, Hay and Schweikert on the ballot there will be plenty for real conservatives to do besides join the McCain bandwagon. I have not even included the legislative candidates.

  18. Awe Ben-
    You could have at least said congrats for Florida.

    So no answer to my question, if McCain is the nominee, do you vote for him?

  19. Here is another interesting link about Romney.

    Thank God the real conservative, John McCain, won!!!!!!

  20. Lynn

    That is a fair question. Look at the first two sentences of Post #17 for the answer. I have lived under RINO administrations and feel that the Party is more damaged during those times because they send the wrong message about what the Republican Party is all about than when the D’s are in power and you can fire at will at their socialist policies.

    I know it will seem like whining, but, McCain did NOT win. Charlie Crist and Mel Martinez won. Exit polls clearly established that. A minimum of three to one of the undecideds went to Juan due to those endorsements.

    Romoney still won the conservative vote by fifteen points in the face of that fact. That is encouraging.

  21. You’re not whining Ben. But there are endorsements to come and allegiances to be made. That is part of the deal. Certainly the other candidates have been the beneficiary of that on a time or two.

    Big Mo is in action. Tonight will be very interesting.

    Can I ask you to see things from my perspective for a minute. Your response to Lynn and post #17 is exactly the way many feel about the state and county party leadership. Yet when we step aside or look for other areas to send our money and time we are called out. Either it is right or wrong, but it should be no respecter of person or position.

  22. Crist and Martinez were not on the ballot. Also, this was a Republican primary. It did not differentiate between conservative, moderate, or liberal. It was a REPUBLICAN primary and John McCain clearly won it.

  23. Joe,

    According to the voters own words, they voted as they did because of Crist and Martinez, not McCain. I know it is something the McCainistas do not want widespread, but it is from the voters themselves.

    In addition, the conservatives voted overwhelmingly for Romney and I am a conservative. We will see how this plays out now that McCain is the “frontrunner” and his record of siding with the D’s on important issues instead of the R’s becomes clarified.

    I agree with Ann that tonight will be interesting. I expect Giuliani to endorse McCain. I believe that a cabinet post has already been promised – either Homeland Security or Attorney General. I hope we never get to find out if that is true.

  24. i was told by my girlfried that mccain had adopted a black child.. but that child was not part of his family when he was standing with his family.. why did he hide that child? also, i was told that his wife had cancer when he left her and mrs. reagon and ronald was left taking charge of her and then one month later he got married to a 24 year old at age 42… now he has a new commercial approving stem cell research if he becomes president..but how can he do stem cell research if he endorses no abortions for women… also the man is 72 years of age.. is he actually going to be around to be the next president or is sarah palin going to be our next president.. it really makes you wonder…

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