McCain ahead in Arizona by double digits

The most recent Cronkite/Eight poll has the GOP presidential nominee ahead of Obama by 10%. At the time we wrote this the KAET site had not yet posted the details but the Gila Courier blog has lots of info.


  1. First, the KAET poll is one of the worst state polls in the nation. Its referred to as the “crank” poll for its wild swings, inaccuracies, and methodological errors.

    Second,summer polls have problems, and August polls have lots of problems.

    While McCain is almost certain to carry Arizona, take this poll with a block of salt.

  2. Antifederalist says

    I admit I’ve hit McLame hard on this blog…he still deserves it. However, I’m not above acknowledging a slight sea change. McLame’s numbers have improved across the board. If the KAET poll is flawed, it’s harder to argue with aggregate statistics like those on the Real Clear Politics homepage. Where once Obama was ahead in almost all the battleground states and in the national average, McLame now leads in several battleground states. Keep in mind that these polls are pretty much all within the margin of error.

    While McLame may be ahead in some polls, and it undercuts some of my argumets as to WHY McLame will lose, I am still getting the same signals from many conservatives who may/will sit out the election as they did in `06. Last night, at a Fairfax Co. VA Republican Committee meeting, one woman warned a McCain staffer during a Q&A session that if McCain chooses an anti-Life VP, it will be a watershed event for conservatives. So, while some may like to fling ad hominem attacks at me (Horst and I think Nightcrawler), I’m not insane, I can come up with evidence to back up my assertions. When those who disagree with me can do the same, I might consider their arguments. Until then, McLame would have to work miracles to dissuade me from voting for Bob Barr. I’ll most likely be voting a straight R ticket down-ticket tho.

  3. Antifederalist,

    First, I agree that McCain has enjoyed significant progress over the past several weeks, due if part to changing his position on offshore drilling, Obama’s lame response to the Russian aggression in Georgia, and Obama’s incredibly stupid, and dishonest statements on post birth “abortion” (infanticide) at the Warren forum.

    Second, like you, I plan on reluctantly supporting Barr, as I am outraged by McCain’s attack on the first amendment (he calls silencing conservaties “campaign finance reform”), I am very angry at his prior attacks on gun shows and the Second Amendment, and I cannot stand his support for amnesty for illegal aliens (and yes, it is amnesty).

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