McCain: A Maverick La Raza can Rely Upon

Arizona Senator John McCain may have done well in national polls last year during the Presidential race but the folks back in Arizona that know him best don’t seem to agree with the national numbers. McCain has been consistently identified as a flip-flopper on the issues, in particular amnesty and immigration. With the passing of Arizona’s SB1070, and the overwhelming support of the measure by Tea Parties and Arizona Voters – McCain seems to have found his Republican roots…once again. Very convenient for him, but not so much for Arizona.

Poll: Has John McCain failed Arizona as Senator?

Recently a Youtube video was feverishly sent around various media outlets portraying JD Hayworth in a infomercial ad that promoted the use of federal grants. The video made its way to the desk of Glen Beck who, without actually conducting a fact check on the issue, claimed JD Hayworth’s chances of beating John McCain for the US Senate seat were over and that his campaign was finished. The McCain and Deakin camps achieved its combined goal of spreading the video and tarnishing Hayworth – but only to a certain extent. JD Hayworth was quick to respond and brush off the attack during an interview with ‘Round Table Politics’. As Hayworth said in the interview, “…Mr. McCain and those around him realize they cannot run on their own record…” and “when you cant run on your record you have to attack your opponent for getting up in the morning.”

McCain should be very careful to throw rocks when he lives in a glass house. Being in the Senate for nearly 30 years provides researchers, bloggers and the media a lot of video coverage that can be used against him…and a majority of it pertains to bills that will actually impact the entire country and not just a few watchers of late night TV that happened to see the infomercial ad that Hayworth participated in.

Lets take a look at some videos (old and new) featuring John McCain saying things that actually do matter…

Below: Does this sound like a candidate that is for or against amnesty? Or does he sound like an ideologically flexible politician that changes his tune during election season? You be the judge.

Below: John McCain during a Presidential debate saying he’s for tougher boarder security, and not for amnesty…

Below: Here, in 2007 during his run for President, McCain says he is for secure boarders, enforcing existing immigration law…and for amnesty and supports a guest worker program…

Below: Again,in 2007 McCain says he’s for securing the boarders…and “touch back” (aka amnesty) and a guest workers program…again.

Below: Here Senator McCain says that he wouldn’t vote for the immigration bill that he drafted. I ask you again, is he ideologically flexible during campaign cycles?

Below: Absence on purpose? Notice how he did not state that he was against amnesty when he had the opportunity to do so.

Below: McCain saying that he made his position on immigration clear to a potential voter at a town hall.

Below: President Obama during a debate states he was in agreement with John McCain’s and Ted Kennedy’s immigration plan…the fact that a extremely liberal politician supports McCain’s immigration position is a red flag and problem all by itself.

Below: John McCain again pushing his amnesty plan and his position on a guest worker program…

Below: McCain now says he’s opposed to amnesty during an quick interview…

Below: McCain pushing the same old tired message on how to fix illegal immigration…biometric ID cards, walls and sensors. Here he also claims to be a conservative with conservative solutions.

Below: Here Glen Beck destroys Senator McCains amnesty bill.

Below: At the end of the interview with, McCain dodges Sean Hannity’s question on immigration reform…

Below: John McCain vs. John McCain

The bottom line is this, if we were to post all of the Youtube and internet videos showing McCain flip-flopping on the issues we’d be here all day and we’d run out of space on our server. The only thing Senator John McCain has proven to Arizona voters is that he is ideologically flexible and that he’s a political opportunist that will do anything that he can to stay in office and run his opposition out of town. It’s time for this solider to come home..for good.

Poll: Has John McCain failed Arizona as Senator?

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