Maywood, California -What a disgrace!!!! Patriotic Americans WAKE UP!

Eagle.jpgMinuteman HQ RadioHave you seen the video of the Patriotic citizens having to witness the unimaginable actions of the “other” group.  Visit, search for the following videos amongst the many posted on that site: Lou Dobbs – Mexican flag raised in Maywood, California, Maywood 8-26-06 part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 10 But –

Maywood 8-26-06 part 9 (This one shows it rising on the American pole!) Videos were posted by:

To say that they were all “illegals” would be inaccurate since I am certain their group was a mixture of legal and illegal persons.  To say that they were “unpatriotic” would be more accurate, in that they took the American flag pole under their control and put up the Mexican flag.  Some acknowledge that California is now “Mexifornia”.  Have you seen the amazing number of trucks and cars here in Arizona with CA license plates – they are flocking to Arizona from liberal California.  

Back to the raising of the Mexican flag over an American Post Office in an American community and in our NATION!!! What is next? I am careful in asking that!
Are you angered by this, frustrated enough to put some action to your views?  Then I encourage you to join groups and organizations that are active and making a differnce.  Also write letters, send emails and make calls to our leaders.

  The actions of a few will bring about actions of many!  Those who witnessed, in person, the Mexican flag being raised over our American post Office are furious!  Those who view the pictures and the videos are angered. 

 I am furious and putting action to my views!

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