Mayor of ‘Nazi-cop’ town booted, says election stolen

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By Joe Kovacs

They found a whole bunch of early ballots they could stuff the box with’

The mayor of Quartzsite, Ariz., the town seething in vitriol since police forcibly removed a woman from speaking at a public meeting despite the mayor’s objections lost in a recall election last night, but claims the “corrupt” town council fixed the results to force him out.

Mayor Ed Foster of Quartzsite, Ariz., says his town is filled with massive corruption among government officials.

“They found a whole bunch of early ballots they could stuff the box with,” said Mayor Ed Foster, telling WND the election was “absolutely” stolen.

Foster says at the polling place, he was winning by a 2-to-1 margin over former Town Councilman and Quartzsite Fire Department Captain Jose Lizarraga.

But there had been 328 early ballots cast, and 208 of those went to Lizarraga, giving the win to Lizarraga by a final tally of 289 votes to 230.

“There’s no doubt about it [being a fixed election],” said Foster. “The early voting was so obscenely different. … Whether people voted early or late should not have affected the weight of the vote.”

But the outcome is not deterring Foster from continuing his fight against alleged corruption in his rural town. In fact, he plans on running again for mayor, as primaries are slated for March, and a general election in May.

“They stole it from me. I’m gonna take it back,” he said.

On Saturday, hundreds of Americans – some from as far away as Alaska and Connecticut – descended on Quartzsite for what was called a Liberty Fest to take a stand against government corruption. Some videos have been posted on YouTube with highlights of the event. (Continue Reading)


  1. But aren’t recall elections anarchy? I mean, if you’re unhappy with government officials, just wait until the next election. It’ll all work out.

    Also, every conservative should unite behind union lobbyist shill and McCain good friend Wes Gullet.

    • Sarcasm duly noted. But then, who did I think I was kidding voting for Jennifer Wright, no to blank check spending to the City of Phx; and yes to a community-friendly gas retailer who happened to provide free market competition?

      Did conservatives stay home on purpose? Or were all those 15% of voters bussed to the polls by social justice-ites?

      Sorry to speak off topic here, but I couldn’t resist your City of Phoenix lead-in.

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