Maybe We Should Rename All Government Departments

Todd Lang, Executive Director of the So-Called “Clean Elections” Commission was quoted today in the Tribune as objecting the Arizona Senate’s amendment to rename the Clean Elections Act the “Publicly Funded Elections Act.” Lang’s reasoning for his objection is that he believes this is a step towards repealing the Act. Lang also said that voters would be less inclined to support the Clean Elections Commission if they see it as “just another expense of tax dollars.”

It’s interesting that Lang is so nervous about what would happen if voters were given a clearer picture that their tax dollars are being spent on campaigns. You would think the Commission would have more confidence in their own mission. But then again, they probably know better than most that the idea of using tax dollars to finance political campaigns is not the most popular proposition.

In any event, Lang’s opposition to renaming the Committee to more accurately reflect it’s mission got me thinking. The Clean Elections Commission has the best deal in government, it has a name whose sole purpose is to confuse and obfuscate it’s true mission and instead make people feel good about what the Commission does. In the interest of fairness to other government agencies, maybe we should give each agency in Arizona government the opportunity to come up with a new name to help taxpayers feel good about their missions.

In the spirit of helpfulness, I have come up with a couple of suggestions.

Change the Department of Education to “Department of Making Your Kids Smart”

Change the Department of Transportation to “The Department of No More Traffic”
Any other suggestions?


  1. How about we call CPS – Children’s Perfect Society?

    Department of Economic Security – Department of Everyone’s Sincerity.

    Department of Revenue – Department of Rewards

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