Matt Salmon upset over straw poll.

     The Arizona Conservative (see FUR FLIES…Jan 18) is reporting that Matt Salmon is upset over the Maricopa County Republican Straw Poll done last week. Salmon is quoted as referring to the poll as a “dirty little trick.” Matt should certainly know what a dirty little trick is. During the recent Republican Primary in CD8 Steve Huffman spent weeks launching scurrilous attacks against at least 2 fellow Republican candidates. But when the DCCC ran ads against Huffman Matt Salmon was quick to record a robo-call on Huffman’s behalf that went out to Republican voters. In the call Salmon mentioned Huffman’s name several times but said nothing about the other candidates running. The call sounded a lot like an endorsement. Nice try Matt but sell sanctimony somewhere else.

     As a footnote Lisa James eagerly explained Salmon’s intervention during her recent appearance at the Pima County GOP Headquarters. Her defense of the state chairman meddling in a primary was so enthusiastic it bordered on support for Salmon’s actions.

Thursday January 18, 11:35 pm.


  1. I simply reported the results. No analysis or editorial was provided by this blogger.

  2. Having read your entry on Arizona Conservative, I noted your ability to keep the issue within the issue. The drawing of lines to associate others was not your work. They took a part of your entry on another site, duly noted and linked, and added the last paragraph with their own editorial content.

    The continued need to tint any story, issue, or possible thread with the same shade of distortion or personal projection is obvious. Fortunately, it seems to be limited to a couple of contributors and, for the most part, this site.

    Your desire to maintain the integrity of your original piece and distance yourself from the editorial comments of others is admirable.

    Others who attended the event in Tucson felt Lisa had a good understanding of the meddling, who did what, their actual position and organization, and the hows as whys of Matt’s involvement. No editorializing just the perception of others who also attended.

  3. Oro Valley Dad says


    Please give an example of a “shade of distortion.” Yes, I do have a perspective that I clearly communicate but distortion? If there is anything that is a distortion it will be happily corrected.

  4. I am so SICK of Matt Salmon!! I wish he was planning on running for Chairman again just so we could kick him out of office. What a failure as a chairman. He ran one of the worse campaigns for Governor in recent history, giving the win to Napolitano. And then he went on to be one of the worst GOP chairs, if not THE worst. I’m sorry I ever voted for him. I’m sorry I ever supported him.

  5. Nice to see that Sal Bass can get upset about anything in Arizona politics. About six months too late.

    Maybe it’s time for another robocall in support of Huff Daddy.

  6. Oro Valley Dad,

    Let me start by saying your gracious, even if a disagreement exists, responses to my posts are appreciated. When I posted the WISH list contribution you did not attack me but asked for evidence. Your polite request for me to explain my views is appropriate and deserving of a reply. Please do not take the length of time it has taken for me to respond to mean I was ambivalent; I have an adult child with a high risk illness requiring occasional trips to the hospital. That is how I spent the majority of today. I started a reply earlier but I did not have time to do justice to either position. If my words are less than eloquent, after the day I had I really feel like blogging about immigration!…but I digress…

    The “shade of distortion” I speak of is the slight but intentional turn of a story to one of implied complicity. For instance: “Her defense of the state chairman meddling in a primary was so enthusiastic it bordered on support for Salmon’s actions” which is a very subjective evaluation and largely a picture painted to illicit a negative connotation despite the legitimacy of any true involvement or support. It is a footnote to another post that is very much neutral with some editorial views but not in favor or oppositon to either candidate except in the review of the overall feel for the event. The use of this story to further your own position, seems to me to be the “shade” without being a full-on assault.

    It is your post, it is your liberty in action, it is entirely defensible. As are my words and thoughts. (I am going to bed and not spell checking…so please indulge me if I missed anything)

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