Mary Rose Wilcox: $340 million court tower justified since it will create 100 jobs

Democrat County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox has written an op-ed in the Phoenix Republic insisting on no cuts to the brand-new Taj Mahal Superior court tower being built because “it will create 100 jobs.” Remind anyone of the so-called Stimulus Bill in Congress, which will create jobs at a cost of $206,000 per job? This is even worse. The Court Tower will create 100 jobs at a cost of $3.4 million per job. At that rate, why not build TWO court towers and create twice as many jobs!

Meanwhile, county law enforcement is being told they must cut 20% of their budget. A Sheriff’s Deputy told us that they are trying to get to this 20% number by not replacing employees when they quit, and since they usually lose about 15-20 employees each month, they are about there. But it is making things difficult to take care of the inmates, and there will eventually be lawsuits.

According to a recent article in the Arizona Republic,

Maricopa County’s new revenue figures released Wednesday are horrendous, with the county recording the sharpest declines ever – and no indication of where the bottom is.

Combined, revenues from sales tax, vehicle-licensing tax and jail-excise tax are below budget by $25.5 million so far in fiscal 2009, about 9 percent lower than at the same time last year and 7 percent under budget.

Officials are revising this year’s budget, and they are preparing for harder times in 2010.

Seems pretty irresponsible for the fancy new tower to continue being built while law enforcement takes the cuts.


  1. I heard the tower was ‘no go’ because of the budget problems… I think this is an attempt to keep it on the agenda – just call your BOS and tell them ‘no’. Of course, if you are in favor of construction jobs – well, you know what to do..

  2. James Davidson says

    If this is why the Supervisors killed the Pappas Schools and if they wanted the Pappas property to trade for this site, shame on them.

  3. Maricopa GOP says

    It would be miserable at your figures of $340,000 per job. Did you graduate from the BO school of math? The correct cost will be $3.4 MILLION per job!

  4. But-but-but think of all the future court employee jobs that could be lost if a new court tower isn’t built!

    More-government types think the only important jobs are those the government “creates”. It wouldn’t pause to think who got laid off due to reduced profitability in the private sector.

    There are far too many people who never come across a source of common sense economics in their daily routine. There is little to none in any newspaper, rather little in any magazine, some small amount in TV.

    I encourage my Arizona friends to listen to Libertarian Solution on 1310 AM KXAM Wednesday’s at 7:00 PM.

  5. Say, Andrew Thomas keeps prosecuting, you all get tougher and tougher on crime and well, guess what, you are creating more and more cases. More and more cases means that the court long long ago outgrew the space necessary for the trials to put prisoners behind bars.

    Also, well, Maricopa population has exploded. So you think we need more law enforcement, more publicly provided prosecution, and more jails, but want to keep one important pipeline in the justice system small.

    I don’t understand.

  6. Maricopa GOP: thanks for the clarification, we are correcting it. Someone else wrote this up, not Chewie. Not that it matters.

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