Martin on Brewer/Obama Meeting


For Immediate Release

June 2, 2010

Director of Communications:

Tim Gaffney 602-810-4715

Today – State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Dean Martin issued the following statement prior to the Brewer Obama meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

“On behalf of Arizona I sincerely wish the Governor well on her upcoming meeting with the President. For far too long the federal government has ignored the plight of border states like Arizona, and their failure to act cast upon us the great burden of dealing with the effects of illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Now that the President is listening, the focus is on the Governor to leave tomorrow’s meeting with tangible results. Her effectiveness as governor is being put to the test. Will she be able to deliver or will it be more of the same? Either way, I know Arizonans will be watching her actions intently,” said Martin.

Dean Martin is the State Treasurer for Arizona, a statewide elective office, where he oversees $9.3 billion in investments from State and Local governments. Martin is a former state legislator who has a long record of providing transparency in government and real solutions for tax relief and border security for Arizona families.


  1. Maybe she’ll get sick and Dean Martin, or someone else more qualified than Jan B. can sub for her 😉

  2. Shelly Smith says

    Glad to see Dean is getting into the race more aggressively. He’s got my vote. Brewer shouldn’t get to be the queen of the border just because she signed one bill that wasn’t even her idea. We need the Guard on the border and Brewer has said we “can’t afford it.” We need a Governor like Dean who knows how to get things done.

  3. Jane 001 says

    One very real possibility of Brewer actually meeting with Obama is a McCompromise with the White House.

    Kudos to Dean Martin for keeping vigil over this issue. Get ready for January 2011.

  4. Tortoise says

    After SB 1070 sat on her desk five days, Jan Brewer stuck her finger to the wind to find 70% of Arizona wanted her to sign SB 1070. The next day she signed it.

    Brewer’s campaign manager is Grant Woods. That’s right. The former Chairman of NO on Prop 200. Brewer was neutral on Prop 200.

    Brewer is a border-hawk-come-lately. Glad to have her on board now but, you can’t trust her to take pro-actuive anti-illegal immigration actions.

    Dean Martin wrote Prop 300 ending illegal aliens masquerading as “in-state” students. Martin’s heart is truly in keeping American jobs for Americans.

    Go Dean!

  5. Obamanation says

    I like Dean much more than this governor who taxes in a recession and wipes out a jobs bill, and is still selling our Government buildings. She has no idea about how to run an economy. Dean would make her look foolish in a debate, which is why you will see her handlers refuse to have her in ANY unless she has her teleprompters on. Watching her and Obama without scripts ought to be amusing. Dean in my opinion is much better than Brewer in every sense.

  6. Bill in AZ says

    From al-AP:
    “The White House said it would lay out for Brewer the “unprecedented resources” dedicated over the past 16 months to secure the border.”

    Don’t expect much from this meeting. President OilSpill will educate the stupid, presumptuous flyover state governor on what it is.

  7. Shelly Smith says

    Great point about letting the bill sit on her desk for five days. If she really supported it without reservations like she claims, wouldn’t you sign it immediately? She is jumping on the bandwagon big time.

  8. Brewer is using the title of “Republican” to hide her true political motives and intellectual shortcomings. Common sense conservatives don’t raise taxes to save the economy. That just doesn’t make any sense. If you look at Dean’s website you’ll see how much the Governor and senate are wasting our money on welfare and bureaucracy.

  9. Delusional Bill says

    If Jan had simply handed out a copy of the AZ law to everyone in the room and spent the meeting reading the law out loud she’d have secured election in November.

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