Maricopa County Spokesman, Al Macias, fired

Maricopa County Spokesman, Al Macias, has lost his job after being discovered of using his work computer to conduct personal business. According to the Arizona Republic, Macias, “violated ethics policies by ‘disclosing potentially negative information’ about Brock to his District 1 political opponent, Ed Hermes.”

Macias was also discovered of using his County computer to surf the internet, shop for personal items and for sending emails to local television stations containing, “potentially negative information about Sheriff Joe Arpaio.”

Macias responded to his termination with the following letter which addresses the charges against him.

Al Macias was on the County payroll at $90,000/year. 



  2. Charles Brannon says

    What a surprise. County officials so afraid of what they may be doing that they resort to tracking e-mail messages from employees to news services. As a PIO, Macias should be reading blogs and tracking news services – frequently. He should be building “special” relationships with news reporters, so when he needs a message to get out, it gets out. Sure smells like someone named Lisa was involved in this before she headed out the door.

    Fulton Brock and Don Stapley should be scared. They are on the verge of being found out in regards to their deceit on the school for homeless kids. They are about to “trade” that land, have it sold (wonder what relative of which Supervisor will buy it), and have it resold. It’s a tricky mess, but the last thing they want is a public information officer that thinks the public should know what is going on.

    Wonder what some of the high level players in that mess will think when their scheme is unvieled.

    Maybe they should worry. This will all come out. And, when it does, what will be said of their ethics?

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