Maricopa County Republican Party tables resolution supporting Employer Sanctions bill

Last night, rather than allowing a vote on the resolution, the Maricopa County Republican Party tabled it, keeping the issue alive and postponing the vote for at least a month. The sudden and abrupt end to the matter was orchestrated by County Chairman Lyle Tuttle and is being hailed by supporters of the LAW initiative as a major triumph, while supporters of the GOP-backed legislation HB2779 view it as a direct rebuke of their work. At the Capitol, Republican lawmakers are shaking their heads at the lack of support their work is receiving from the County Party. The resolution, which praised HB2779 as reflecting the will of Arizona voters, was to serve notice that the County Party supported the bill and did not want anyone to interfere with its implementation, whether such interference should come from the Governor, any legislators who wanted to water it down, or ballot initiatives such as LAW or the threatened initiative from WakeUp Arizona.

Tuttle, and others on the County Committee who are active supporters of the initiative, are indicating that they do not trust the legislature to implement HB2779 and that they believe that without the initiative, weak-kneed GOP legislators will work with the Democrats and Governor Napolitano to gut the bill. Proponents of the resolution felt that Tuttle and his brethren could still work on the initiative if they wanted to in their personal capacities, but that the Republican Party should be on record as supporting the bill passed by the Republican majority at the behest of prior resolutions passed at State GOP meetings.

“It is hard to believe that the County Party is telling its own legislators that they don’t trust them or don’t think they have the guts to do the right thing” said one Capitol insider, who remarked that “With the business community threatening to primary Republicans who voted for it [HB2779] you would think that the Party would be moving to protect these guys for voting for it, instead of hanging them out to dry.”

We’re pretty sure this isn’t the last of this issue that we’ll be posting about here on West Washington.

The full text of the proposed resolution is as follows:

Motion of the Executive Guidance Committee of the Maricopa County Republican Committee in Support of HB 2779


WHEREAS, the citizens of Arizona overwhelming support employer sanctions in all polls conducted to date;


WHEREAS, the federal government has failed to enforce the immigration laws of the United States;


WHEREAS, the Arizona state legislature passed and the governor signed into law HB 2779, the Fair and Legal Employment Act;


WHEREAS, the Fair and Legal Employment Act is a tough but fair employer sanctions law, which prohibits employers from knowingly employing an unauthorized alien; and based on polling, is overwhelming supported by Arizona voters; and


WHEREAS, Arizona voters support technical corrections to the law in order to clarify how employers would comply with the law provided the corrections do not change the intent of the law nor the penalties; now therefore be it


RESOLVED, that it is the sense of the Executive Guidance Committee of the Maricopa County Republican Committee that HB 2779 represents the will of the citizens of Arizona, as well as making such legislative technical corrections as may be necessary to insure its implementation; and it is further


RESOLVED, that any citizen initiatives or legislative effort that would modify or weaken the intent of HB 2779 are counterproductive to the implementation of HB 2779 and are not sanctioned by the Executive Guidance Committee of the Maricopa County Republican Committee.


  1. This is ridiculous. We are getting sold out! We need to stand behind Goldwater and the SLAW initiative!

  2. Mr. Conservative says

    We need to stand behind our Republicans who passed this bill out of the house and the senate that the governor signed. We need to wait and see how well the law works. Republicans need to “Grow Up” (to quote the late and great Sen. Barry Goldwater), stand together and we will win. Divided, we will loose…

  3. Its LAW, not SLAW, unless the “S” stands for Silly… The initiative was there to ensure the legislation was passed. The legislation got passed. We won. We got what we wanted. Now Goldwater is mad because he won’t get any more press? He is putting himself before the party and even before the issue. Those of us who want border security are going to pay a price when Goldwater’s bill fails to qualify for the ballot and/or loses. The lefties are going to say that Arizona doesn’t want employer sanctions and that’s not true. We wanted them and we got them.

    Don Goldwater and his pals may not trust the Republican Party to do the right thing on this, but I do!

  4. Amen Brother John!

    Hated Goldwater’s quote about “I’m surprised the state Republican Party thinks it owns this issue.” in the Repugnant. To the contrary, the Party passed Employer Sanctions and deserves all of the credit for that. But Goldwater won’t give it to them because he wants it for himself. And the Resolution that is shown above here doesn’t claim ownership over the issue or the initiative, it actually makes it clear that the initiative is not sanctioned by the party. So Goldwater wants to defeat that resolution while insisting the party doesn’t own the issue? Riiight…

  5. Why did they table it? Why didn’t they just defeat the resolution? Seems like keeping the issue and debate alive is stupid for the County folks to do. They should have settled the issue one way or another instead of just dragging out the fight. Seriously, do these folks have any idea of how to make political decisions?

  6. Why is it stupid Tim? You are going to trust Napolitano to actually hold a special session and not water down the law? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    Who are you guys kidding?! I thought we were all on the same side! She will ruin the bill, and you guys are now happy about it?

  7. W Phx Activist says

    WOW! I would expect this type of inaccurate and slanted information in the Repugnant.

    First of all, the LAW Initiative has a citizens Executive Committee largely comprised from Prop 200 volunteers. Don Goldwater was asked to Chair the Committee and he has followed the direction of the Committee. He did not call the Press on this issue and he is not even a voting member of the EGC, so it is pretty hard to place the blame on him.

    The Arizona Constitution was amended just a few years ago because the legislature not only was amending laws it had already passed, but was also reversing citizen initiatives against the will of the people.

    We have experienced a systematic betrayal by our federal Republican officials over the last few months. The federal government has refused to enforce its own laww. The governor and attorney general have fought the enforcement of Prop 200 and other immigration laws. And you think they should continue to trust the elected officials. Get a life!!!

    As to the State Party position, they only became opposed to this Initiative after meeting with the “bag men” of the establishment who promised . . . . .

    As to the Fair and Legal Employment Act, the State Party did not endorse it, in fact, the State Committeemen at the annual meeting in January passed a resolution supporting the LAW Initiative. In addition, the Fair and Legal Employment Act was passed with only eleven nays in the House and four nays in the Senate and signed by the governor. It is NOT a Republican Law.

    As to the EGC action, anyone with parliamentary procedure expertise knows that when a motion is placed for a vote the only way to oppose the motion without extended debate is to make a motion to table the original motion. A motion to table the original motion MUST be voted on without debate. Also, if that motion is made without a time certain to reconsider the original motion, it must have a majority vote of the body to ever be reconsidered.

    In case anyone has doubts as to the solidarity of the vote to table, it was about twenty five to four, including Constantin Querard being one of the four. In fact the members of the EGC were much more knowledgeable than their detractors in that they killed the bill without increasing the angst and passion.

    I know that some of the posters above are conservatives who are concerned, however, I believe that some are NS or Big Mac pals.

    Lastly, if you accept the printed garbage from the Repugnant as journalism instead of commentary with an agenda, you should be checked for alzheimers. Most of the quotes were excised and taken out of context. Matthew Benson has a consistent track record of deciding his objective and shaping the article to meet it. Again, Get a Life!!!

  8. Geez R, nice logic… Not… I said it was stupid for the County Party to keep alive the debate over the resolution. The debate is divisive and should be wrapped up quickly, not stretched out. Read my post again if you need to, and it really looks like you need to.

    Then you write that I am “going to trust Napolitano to actually hold a special session and not water down the law?” And you ask if I’m kidding you?

    Wow… My post says nothing about any of that, and you want me to defend it? Weird. Why would I “trust Napolitano to hold a special session”? Why would I even want her to? When did she say she would, thus giving me the opportunity to trust that she will? In fact, she has said she wouldn’t, not would. And I trust Speaker Weiers and our GOP legislators to hold the line if she tries something sneaky.

    Then, you really trip out and accuse us of being happy that Nappy will ruin the bill? We’re the guys defending the bill, from her, from liberal lawmakers, from WakeUp Arizona, and from LAW. Anyone who wants to change it isn’t helping.

    So “R”, seriously, if you’re gonna drop acid and write posts, write the posts first next time, not second…

  9. W Phx Activist says

    Tim – you need to be more aware of the Parliamentary Procedure. They DID kill it. They just did it quickly without a lot of raised emotions. It is a good lesson to learn.

  10. W Phx Activist, come out from behind the mask. You claim to have been at the meeting (and are thus reporting vote totals – albeit quite different from those reported by others) so that should narrow it down…

  11. W Phx Activist says

    Sorry, Tim, you’re wrong again. You have consistency down pat, now try for accuracy.

    I did not claim to have been at the meeting. So your statement on that is about as accurate as your other information.

    PS: Did you learn the lesson on Parliamentary Procedure for future use?

  12. Actually, I just wanted to see if you were blowing smoke about the vote count. Now that we know you weren’t at the meeting, we know you’re just blowing smoke… So thanks for the play by play, Mr. I Wasn’t Even There!

  13. W Phx Activist says

    Well, Mr. I don’t know what I am talking about.

    It is a shame you have no information and therefore have to resort to the previous.

    I received reports from three separate people who were at the meeting and all their information was exactly the same.

    If the vote was close, the brilliant parliamentarian experts in favor of the resolution would have asked for a division of the voice vote and they didn’t. Kind of telling isn’t it.

    So thanks for the inaccurate Repugnant type reporting from Mr. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  14. W Phx Activist says

    PS. I just made a phone call and the four nays were: two from the E Valley, one from the W Valley and one from Phoenix. Is that enough info for you, Mr. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  15. Dang W, you need to seriously chill… Not sure why you’re on the *** tonight, but goodness gracious, you sure got your panties in a bunch! If this is you when your side wins, what must you be like when you lose? Hard to believe you’re actually a Republican the way you are lashing out…

  16. W Phx Activist says

    Actually, John, I was just returning Tim’s medicine. If you will care to look back at Posts 10 and 12, Tim started the personal stuff. I don’t think anyone won the battle that was fought Thursday night except the establishment people like NS, Mac and the Chamber.

    As the Benson article stated in one of its few clear and accurate moments, Pullen and his people decided to attack the very people who voted him into office in order to gain some type of personal benefit from his enemies.

    I am told he did the same thing when first elected as National Committeeman and had to be confronted about the situation as to where his loyalties were. It seems like another trip to the woodshed is in order.

    The Party will do nothing but alienate part of its base if it takes ANY official position on the initiative at this point. It made a statement in January by all its State Committeemen and the Chairman should not be taking a position in direct opposition to that position. Even the Executive Committee should not act to override the vote of the members.

    Again, the only reason Pullen is Chairman is his previous position on the Initiative which was the opposite of his opponent. He needs to remember that.

    Tim, I’m sorry that our conversation took the turn it did. My poor justification is you started it, but that does not validate my participation. I will try to keep the level a little higher in the future regardless of your input.

  17. W Phx Activist says

    PS: John, you will note that Tim also made some disparaging remarks about the EGC, calling them stupid and saying they do not have the ability to make a political decision, when actually they were very smart and made a definitive decision in a brilliant move that kept the other side from fomenting their stuff. Perhaps you should lecture Tim as to his personal ad hominems.

    There were also personal attacks about Goldwater who is not even a voting member of the EGC and is merely carrying a message from his Executive Committee on their feelings about continuing the Initiative due to the statements of Janet NO, Magruder, Sproul, the Wake Up Arizona group and the historical facts about the actions of the legislature in similar situations. Seems like Goldwater should be recognized as having serious integrity for staying the course and representing the group position, which is something Pullen could learn a lesson.

  18. Not the greatest apology I’ve ever read. In fact Tim’s post doesn’t call the EGC stupid, he only thought the chairman’s decision to have it tabled was stupid. Hardly a “personal” attack. That’s why I wonder what party you’re in, because we elephants have thicker skin. Thin-skinned lefties are always crying about how their feelings are hurt, playing the victim while attacking at the same time, like your post did by going after Pullen for “attacking” people? Attacking people? With a resolution? How do you attack someone with a resolution? I can hear the EGC members crying now, “Ow ow, stop attacking me with that resolution!”

    I thought that was how party committees took positons on things. These things were introduced, debated, then voted on. Of course no debate was even allowed on this one because they wouldn’t allow it.

    See? No debate allowed? Crying while attacking? Sounds like the left, not the right…

  19. Please keep the discussion cordial and avoid any vulgar remarks.

  20. W Phx Activist says

    Alright John,

    In the first place, Tim’s quote was “stupid for the County folks to do.” He did not say the Chairman. If you want to correct someone, refer to the source document.

    Second, the Chairman did not make a decision to table the resolution, it was a motion from the floor and, again, following parliamentary procedure, the Chairman had no other choice than to allow a vote on the motion to table. As to your statement that the EGC should have made a decision, the tabling of the resolution, it WAS a decision. They decided to not support the resolution and by not tabling it to a time certain, it, in effect, was killed and cannot be brought off the table without a majority vote of the members. A DECISION WAS MADE!!!

    The debate with members of the press in the building would have only increased the headlines and the overwhelming majority of the body felt that tabling the resolution with no intent to ever bring it off the table reduced the negative effects. In fact, you will note that the Repugmant did not have a followup story on the “divisive” argument in the EGC as a way to further give the impression to the public that the Party was in a Hatfield-McCoy type of situation.

    In fact, here is the only place where there was an increase of the hyperbole which wasn’t necessary if everyone had sought information instead of calling people stupid and unable to make decisions.

    If you want a confrontation on the issue, we should follow Tim’s preferred course of action, however, the EGC chose not to create that in their meeting. Sounds like good strategy – for those who understand the underlying reasons for doing so.

    Lastly, if you will take careful notice, I never accused Pullen of attacking anyone, I did say that Matt Benson printed that assertion. In addition, look through the previous posts and see if you can identify any attacks on Goldwater by some of the posters. Please put the complaints in context.

    The only thing that linked Pullen with Goldwater was the last statement that Pullen could take a lesson of meeting with his supporters and getting their input before taking a position he knew was against the wishes of an overwhelming majority of those who voted for his election only a few months ago.

    DSW: Discussion is not always cordial, but I did not see anything vulgar. If you moderated a post that had vulgar input, I was not aware of it.

  21. The County Chairman asked the At-Large member to introduce the resolution. You would like to absolve him of any responsibility, but that would not be accurate. This was the Chairman’s handiwork, like it or not.

    The rest of your screed is just your style of bludgeoning everyone to death with repeated assertions, over and over again until everyone gets bored of listening to you and goes home.

    You’re like a thread killer… When the argument stops, just know that it isn’t because you convinced everyone, or even anyone, its just that we got tired of writing about it with you.

  22. W Phx Activist says

    Your problem is you are unwilling to accept the facts, which is why they are restated. If someone agrees with you without documentation they are erudite, if someone disagrees and supplies documentation it is a screed. Thanks for clarifying in what you believe in a clear, unprejudiced and disinterested posting. Right.

    Just to make it easier for you to get support without any input of facts, I’ll sign off for the day. You and Tim and Party Guy can tell each other how right you are. Have fun.

  23. WOW, what a fine mess this thing called democracy.

    First the duly elected a Chairman who was not designated by our US Senators and their bag men, then the duly elected County EGC will not bow down to the same power brokers.

    Then we have bloggers whose allegiance is to the smoke-filled back room Wizards writing sycophantic proclamations of doom and gloom in every blog site possible.

    Is this a surprise? Hardly. It always happens when those who believe they rule by divine right are removed by vote of the people.

    To cite a famous quote, GET OVER IT!

  24. Wow, I actually miss Ann!

  25. 22 posts before we hear from PK? You been out of town man?

    So tell us folks, since you’re “citing” it… Where is the famous quote “Get Over It” from that makes it famous? I’m trying to remember if it came from some speech or pop culture reference from a show or movie? But I’m drawing a blank… Is it just a saying, or is it actually a famous quote?

    Now exactly a major item, but this thread died a bunch of posts ago anyway! lol…

  26. Quoting the Eagles song lyrics seemed appropriate:

    I turn on the tube and what do I see
    A whole lotta people cryin’ ’don’t blame me’
    They point their crooked little fingers ar everybody else
    Spend all their time feelin’ sorry for themselves
    Victim of this, victim of that
    Your momma’s too thin; your daddy’s too fat

    Get over it
    Get over it
    All this whinin’ and cryin’ and pitchin’ a fit
    Get over it, get over it

    This thread died when you were pointin your fingers at others without facts and W challenged your statements and you refused to either admit you were wrong or refute his info. Seems like the facts shot down your whinin’ and cryin’ and pitchin’ a fit. So, get over it.

  27. Tim…

    Oh I’m here. But, I’m sorry friend, I have no desire to use my time to join in the middle of any debate that has posts with lines like “Mr. I don’t even know what I’m talking about” or “Mr. I wasn’t even there”…. As I’ve said before, I raised 4 teenagers so I really don’t need any more junior high drama than I’ve already lived thru.

    Unfortunately, it seems this is what we have come to. I could opine as to why, but that would only lead to more of the same. And quite honestly, I am more concerned about the obvious relaity that this is symptomatic of what we have become in this state than in proving my position.

    The inability to disagree without being disagreeable is not flattering and certainly not the way to lead and maintain a majority.

  28. The bigger problem are press releases and other statements that form the basis of B-1 banner headlines in the Republic and other articles that highlight or make up differences in the party, whether by Mecum or Sproul or Voeller or Magruder.

    Vigorous debate, some of what you might find offensive, has been common in the political arena, whether in the courthouse square, Independence Hall, on the campaign trail, at national conventions, or the Internet.

  29. You make a valid and very true point; the choice remains whether to partake in the vigorous debate. When it seems a possibility of a positive outcome or even topic worthy of spirited debate, I am always ready to join the party but when the route appears destructive and without end, I choose not to enter the fray.

    Having been called a friend of Job, you will get my point if I choose to refrain; reference Eph 5.

    I will however “hold fast” when it is a subject about which I feel very strongly and grounded in truth.

  30. Ann,

    Please remember that sometimes others feel very strongly and grounded in truth in areas where you might not be.

    That goes to my reference to Job’s friends. They were convinced that Job was wrong, and beat him up instead of helping him in the place he was.

    The State Party and County EGC should not be beaten up in public by those who are interested in seeing the Party advance and be successful. If you disagree with something they are doing, go in and confront them on the issue then work to make it better. I have passionately done so.

    The people who criticize them for their financial decisions, for example, will not even admit that they took in twice twice as much and spent one fourth as much in May as the preceding administration during the same time period two years ago. (a net plus 46K versus a net minus 80K)

    That is good financial management, yet people, some of whom were used to being at the trough for personal gain(and I am not putting you in that group), continued to say that the Party could not be trusted with our contributions.

    If that suggestion is fully implemented, it will only serve to make sure that we all get the result we say we do not want – additional Democrat gains.

    I saw the same dymanics play out about fifteen years ago, when the goal of the establishment was to retake control of the Party, even if it meant election losses and major damage to the vitality of the Party. Some of the people who played the cards of division, dissention and distrust then are the same people playing the same cards now.

    None of the grass roots leaders have a personal financial interest in who the leader is, while most of the establishment people do. It might be helpful to look at that when determining the underlying cause of some of the statements.

    Times change. Generally speaking, people don’t.

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