Maricopa County Republican Party Straw Poll: Romney Wins; Thompson, ‘Most Acceptable;’ McCain, ‘Most Unacceptable’

The Maricopa County Republican Party met today and elected Tom Husband as the new chairman of the county party. Congratulations Mr. Husband!

The county also gave an indication of who the party faithful is supporting as the Republican nominee. Here are the results out of 721 ballots cast:

Overall Votes (662 Votes):
#1 – Mitt Romney – 28.4% (188)
#2 – Fred Thomson – 18.3% (121)
#3 – Ron Paul – 17.4% (115)
#4 – Duncan Hunter – 14.0% (93)
#5 – John McCain – 12.1% (80)
#6 – Rudy Giuliani – 5.0% (33)
#7 – Mike Huckabee – 4.8% (32)

Most Acceptable (1781 Votes):
#1 – Fred Thompson – 20.8% (370)
#2 – Duncan Hunter – 20.1% (358)
#3 – Mitt Romney – 20.0% (356)
#4 – Rudy Giuliani – 13.2% (235)
#5 – Mike Huckabee – 11.6% (207)
#6 – John McCain – 7.6% (135)
#7 – Ron Paul – 6.7% (120)

Most Unacceptable (1949 votes):
#1 – John McCain – 21.9% (427)
#2 – Ron Paul – 20.3% (396)
#3 – Rudy Giuliani – 18.3% (357)
#4 – Mike Huckabee – 17.4% (340)
#5 – Duncan Hunter – 8.0% (156)
#6 – Fred Thompson – 7.8% (152)
#7 – Mitt Romney – 6.2% (121 )

Additional results on issues will follow shortly. Also visit Seeing Red Arizona for more coverage on today’s meeting.


  1. As I read this, Sen. McCain is giving his victory speech in South Carolina. Perhaps Maricopa County Republicans are kind of weird compared to normal Republicans?

  2. I guess this kind of makes them irrelevant?
    John McCain will be the Republican nominee for President. That will help ALL Arizona Republican candidates from top to bottom. The MCRC has ZERO credability!

  3. FredThompson2008 says

    Tony GOPrano,

    Considering your and thinkrightaz are the only two Republican blogs in the state supporting McCain, versus all the rest of the Republican blogs who aren’t fans of his, I don’t think that makes the Maricopa County GOP straw poll irrelevant. You pro-McCain nude elephant guys are kinda the odd ones out, no matter how many pro-McCain posts you keep making every day. Can you name more than TWO Republican blogs in the state (out of what, 50?) that support McCain?

  4. Hey Richard Grayson,

    So McCain winning a primary proves the Maricopa County Republicans wrong about McCain ? Look at the straw poll. The question was not who is GOING to win the primaries, it was who SHOULD win, based on suitability.

    8 Reasons why McCain is NOT suited for the job:

    1. Pushes amnesty plans for illegal aliens.

    2. McCain dumped “Campaign Finance Reform” on us, damaging your 1st amendment right to
    political free speech by outlawing ads against an incumbent candidate for up to 60 days before a federal election.

    3. Voted against Federal Marriage Amendment.

    4. Campaigned against Proposition 200 which protected your voting rights. Prop 200 mandates that you must show you are a citizen to register, & show ID to vote.

    5. Repeatedly voted against drilling for oil in Alaska.

    6. Supports Gore’s unproven position that global warming is caused by human activity.

    7. Has voted to spend billions of your tax dollars on the unproven science of embryonic stem cell research, which destroys human life.


    Which Republican is “kind of weird” NOW ?

  5. kralmajales says

    As I said in a different thread, get back with me when McCain is your nominee. Ya’ll will be slobbering all over yourselves in a McCain lovefest…and you know it.

    I saw the EXACT same thing with Jon Kyl when HE “betrayed” you.

    I read a piece in the Times today that was arguing much as what I have…McCain is no moderate. I also said months ago that the one thing McCain had going for him was SC…I did not imagine the win in NH. I thought Lindsey Graham would deliver the state…and he did. He will be McCains VP choice if he make is…mark it.



    and if you all nominate Romney…gone.

    McCain is the best hope you have against Hillary or Obama…and for races in this state…they are right. Romney won’t deliver you much of anything. He came in, what, 6th in SC…how will he do in Bama, Miss, Georgia, Tenn, NC, etc. etc?

  6. McCain=Clinton-
    Maybe you should tell us the positives of your candidate instead of the negatives of another. It’s easy to criticize, how about giving us 8 reasons what is good about the candidate of your choice.

  7. nightcrawler says

    I was there this morning and was never given a ballot. The people who had an anti-McCain agenda carefully distributed the ballots to like minded voters. This has poll has absolutely no bearing on the primary or the general and is another fine example of the MCRP setting a dinner table on the titanic.

    Thompson is toast. Get over it.

    Guiliani may have pulled one of the biggest political blunders in recent memory. Truly, out of sight and out of mind.

    Hunter just pulled out.

    Huckabee has no chance and is circling the drain.

    Ron Paul has a great network, but is too far removed from the mainstream.

    That leaves Romney and McCain. I’ll support either one as the nominee.

    This McCain bashing is shameful and not worthy of respect or attention.

  8. I guess will have to stick with John McCain…most electable.

  9. As to the straw poll ballot distribution, there was a room to the side of the credentials center, right off the lobby opposite the bathrooms, with signs saying “straw poll ballots”. If you took a straw poll ballot, they marked through your number on the credentials tag, making an X meaning you had received both a regular and straw ballot. It was crowded and may have been missed by those either who registered on the other side or whose view was obstructed by the mass of people and similar looking 8 1/2 x 11 computer generated instruction “signs”.

    Once inside, during some of the discussion, a gentleman came by our area quietly offering straw poll ballots to those seated in the respective LD’s. He came by a few times and marked the credentials of the delegates as they filled out the form.

    I’m sure many PC’s did not vote, considering the final number and the number of those in attendance. I’m also sure the 200 or so votes from LD 11 were very well represented in the straw poll as their LD chair had his infamous yellow button made into a sticker and was worn by a some in the crowd.

    But, does it really means anything? Honestly, Fred came in a distant third in SC but did very well in the straw poll and was the most acceptable candidate. Now I would love to be able to parlay that into something of value. Reality is just not that easy to manipulate.

    The time has come to say why we should vote FOR someone not why we should OPPOSE another. Do we really want our nominee to be the guy who withstood the demolition derby rather than the guy who rose above the crowds through his own determined effort and obvious ability?

    We have a choice, something we have not had in many years. A real choice. Let’s not spend our time pointing out the bad guy so when it is time to pick the good guy all we know is who we don’t want.

    This is not to say any one candidate is the bad guy, it is a request…a very serious and respectful request….for all of you who have a candidate to post why you support that person. Do not eliminate others but support yours. As this process narrows us down, we will wish we had spent more time being proactive rather than destructive.

    I realize Fred is on the ropes and may very well be down for the count. I’m not giving up…sorry guys,…but I also am not unrealistic to the probabilities. When I assess the others, there are things I like and things I don’t about all of them. I am asking for the opinions of those who should be able to tell me, tell anyone, why you are FOR your candidate. I want to know and I bet there are others, too, who want to know why the “other” guy is the man for the job. We are bigger, better and certainly more capable than the Dems, we need to prove it.

  10. AHHHHHH, victory is so sweet MY FRIENDS and we are off to lasso the world.I am glad though that Fred beat out Romney’s fake rear.
    But romney’s win is in name only so really what type win is that? i think I would just as soon lost. Take a look:

  11. Iris Lynch says

    SO FAR, in these primaries, there has been one winner and that is Romney. None of the other ‘winners’ has come close to 50% of the vote. Thompson is a steady vote getter and has ‘beat’ several of the so-called winners, BUT in my view, Florida will dispatch Huckabee once and for all. If Fred stays in (and he should), he will gain a substantial majority of Huck’s voters. Guiliani will lose Florida despite his putting all his apples in that basket. After Florida, we will have a REAL race, not one dominated by Independents, Evangelicals or nostalgic Veterans.

    The real race will be between Fred and Mitt and in the grand scheme of things, Mitt may well be done in by his religion.

  12. Yesterday was my first MCRC meeting. It was interesting and informative and won’t be my last. While in a sense it’s good that there is still competition among several possible candidates, it also indicates to me that NONE of them are very strong candidates and thus not able to rise to the top of the heap.

    I strongly support Ron Paul but I acknowledge that his stance on the war is very troubling to most. There is no easy way out of this most difficult situation. There is no “winning” on the battlefield in this war. The “enemy” is nearly invisible except when he chooses to step out and be seen, and then it’s often to blow himself and others to kingdom come.

    All but the RINO’s amoung us will agree with most or all of Ron Paul’s domestic policies on government spending, entitlements, immigration, healthcare and abortion and states rights. Would you prefer having the laws we live under voted on in Washington or in Phoenix?

    I was very impressed by Russell Pierce and intend to support him in his campaign. Does he have any shot at becoming Governor? He is spot on with his knowledge and feelings on immigration issues.

    As an aside, I talked two business friends in Nevada into going to the caucuses and supporting Ron Paul. One of them called me afterwards to voice his disappointment with the process, especially the Romney supporters. Several of them came 20 minutes late as a group to his caucus and insisted on being admitted, though the doors had been closed and it was announced that no one else could enter. When my friend gave a short talk on why he supported Ron Paul the Romney people boo’d openly and loudly and said he shouldn’t be allowed to speak because Ron Paul “wasn’t even a real Republican and shouldn’t be allowed in the primaries”. I’ve heard scattered reports of this sort of thing elsewhere, going back to the Iowa straw poll last Fall.

    Though I believe in Ron Paul, I know he’s a longshot and has little change of being the nominee. I know however that he is an honest and principled man who should be given respect, even by those who disagree with his platform. In fact his honesty, unfortunately, is probably why he doesn’t have more support. His platform doesn’t change from state to state or year to year. No one has every accused him of flip-flopping like many of the other Republican candidates have done.

    The Party owes it to all its members and to our country to treat each candidate fairly and respectfully. That’s all Ron Paul’s supporters ask of you. If we lose a fair contest…so be it. If we lose through deceipt or fraud or belittlement, many will walk away from the party that desparately needs our 5 to 10% of the vote to have any shot and beating the Democrats.

  13. I hate to break the news to the McCainiacs but Mitt Romney is ahead in the delegate count and that’s what matters most to these guys right now:

  14. Iris,

    Not trying to keep flogging this, but Thompson has beaten McCain and Huckabee one place (Wyoming) beaten Romney in one place (SC). He’s gotten his head kicked in everywhere else, being beaten by RON PAUL in three states for God’s sake. The highest rank he’s gotten in places with actual competition is 3rd.

    I’m on record as saying McCain is the only chance you guys have in beating Clinton or Obama this year. But it seems to me that if y’all are really concerned with beating McCain, that you need to drop this Thompson/Huckabee/9iu11ani nonsense and rally around Mitt.

    Which I really hope you do, because then Obama or Clinton can start measuring the drapes for the West Wing now. Although, it does appear conservative influence in the GOP is waning when not even Rush can mobilize the troops to beat McCain.

  15. Attended Meeting says

    nightcrawler must have had his head buried down his hole again. Beside the room marked Straw Pool, and numerous announcements as to where the delegates could obtain the straw polls, there was a crew that repeatedly went down the aisle distributing ballots to those who had not obtained them (and marking off their credentials). Just goes to show that those who know the least blather the most. Wear a shirt that says “Here Is Stupid” so they can find you more easily the next time

  16. nightcrawler says

    Attended meeting,

    Thanks for making my day, that was priceless, haven’t laughed so hard in years.

    I will wear that shirt with one modification, it will have a arrow drawn on it pointing to the far right and I will sit next to you.

    Here is my vote.

    Overall..Romney, McCain, Giuliani
    Most Acceptable…Romney, McCain
    Most Unacceptable..Huckabee

    Who do I feel has the best chance of beating a Democract ? McCain.

    That is why I will not throw him under the bus.

  17. kralmajales says

    Kute is right…as is Nightcrawler.

    I will say this again since it was on a different post. Tell me where in the GOP dominated solid south that Romney can win? If he is the nominee, he is weakest in the area of the country that is the stronghold of the GOP. He would lose states like Virginia, Kentucky, and Arkansas and possibly Louisiana. Then he it would be tight and the GOP would have to defend each of these states and states like West Virginia, NC, and Tennessee and maybe even Georgia. It puts 3-4 very much in play and 4 states sort of in play that aren’t normally. What does he bring you that you usually don’t get, maybe, maybe some NE states…maybe and the same old Western states you always win.

    Romney is a recipe for GOP disaster. McCain, however, puts the solid south back where it should be for the most part…and brings more for you in states like Florida, Ohio, etc.

  18. McCain will keep the Reagan coalition alive and give it new life for the 21st century. Thompson is a good conservative on most counts (a bit wacky on others) but is pretty much toast right now in the election. Hell, if he wasn’t so disorganized and unenthused I would support him (and was an early backer of his until he fell asleep). Huckabee sounds nice, but has a not so stellar economic record. Mixed with his radical views on evolution, he is a mish mash of hard to follow political positions. Romney is false on ALL counts. Principles and consistency do matter and running for President isn’t a game (despite what some think). Romney was pro-abortion when McCain was pro-life. Romney was dissing Reagan when McCain was a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution. Romney is a political chameleon akin to Richard Nixon. I don’t think Republicans want to relive that blot on our history again.

    McCain is the best able to defeat the Democrats and reinvigorate the Republican Party.

  19. John I think that you are one of the smartest commentators on here today other than myself of course. When you get tired of being abused by all these LOSERS on this site come on over to where the WINNERS reside that is MV08. As in come to my site and join up there. It is as easy as pushing a button at:

  20. Careful Vicki

  21. McCain claims to be pro-life then files an amicus brief against Right to Life’s free speech rights.

    McCain now claims to be strong on the border just months after concocting the McCain-Kennedy-Flake Comprehensive Amnesty Plan.

    He is the best current example of the ills described in 1984 – the book. Newspeak is alive and well if McCain is identified as a grass roots Reagan Conservative. Excuse me while I barf.

    Billary is a two-headed monster but they are the Dem’s. McCain is ours.

  22. McCain/Feingold took no one’s free speech. Free speech does not = money. Most Americans were/are cut out of the bidding process for our political system which has been reduced to an entity on the auction block to the highest bidder. The majority of our nation simply did not have the cash to compete in the bidding process. If anyone’s first amendment rights were violated it was their’s.

    Don’t you people care? Don’t you people care that our democracy has taken a nose dive into the hands of Corporate and Special Interests. Interests that keep our prescription drugs so high that people have to make a choice between their meds or a meal. Interests by oil conglomerates who will and have stood in the way of alternative energy sources until they can figure out how to monopolize the sun and wind.

    Regarding illegal immigration. NO, “interests” in the form of business etc. should NOT lower wages to the point that an American family can not feed a meal on. Answer this. What is the difference if we lose millions upon millions of jobs outsourced by these corporate and special interests to nations where people will work for low wages, or 12 million people who have come into this nation to take a job that you couldn’t afford to take care of your family? It all comes down to the impact that these huge corporate and special interests donations have on our political system. Please be reasonable about the campaign finance issue. It was meant to level the playing field and take money out of the equation in our currupted political system.

    I’m a republican, but would support anyone who makes an attempt to save whats left of our democracy, even a democrat. And no, not Edwards. He is a joke for bringing up this issue in 2008. In 2004 he did NOT utter a word regarding this corporate and special interest impact on our gov. Why many, including myself, were pulled to a “Ralph Nader” then just to have the issue on the table to be debated. Bottom line:

    Its time the GOP establishment care enough about our democracy as John McCain does. Amazing how they will lose an election rather than get behind someone who doesn’t march lock step to their dogma. Someone who is not a robot and thinks for himself. Someone who can look at issues in the correct light, even if that means crossing the aisle. We Republicans don’t have all the answers, neither do the Democrats. But we can work together. Is that so wrong?

  23. The big picture should be the focus. In reality, we are not electing a dictator but a president. We will not be electing a singular person but it will be a ticket with a two-person promise. That second seat will go far in November.

    Until then….

    At this point, it is about money and message. In more ways than one; the economy will become more an more of an issue and very soon. Look for the financial news due out tomorrow to have an impact on the debate Thursday.

    Huckabee knows his days are equal to the amount of daily dollars he can continue to raise and the stick-to-itness of his faithful if they see him slide in the delegate and polls. His record will be tested and without benefit of any doubt.

    Romney, the only question for his race is, will he write the check? With a net worth of around $200 million, this is a challenge in personal fortitude and has nothing to do with ability to sustain a campaign or a carry a message. That is not to say he has no message, but the ability to continue is all up to him and not falling on others to support it.

    Giuliani has yet to be really tested. He has the machine that can run hard and fast if fueled. Florida, even a close second to McCain, will be a stimulating push for Rudy. If he stops with the 9-11 poster boy routine and goes deep into policy for economic reform, not regurgitation of numbers and statistics, but solid ideas for all of America and now…he will rally big.

    McCain will need the endorsement of some heavy hitters to keep his momentum alive if the issue changes from security to economy.

    The super Tuesday crowd is awake now and watching. We are getting into the heartland and Rocky Mountain west; farms, families, and faith.

    Whatever candidate will temper their echo-chamber issues and realign their candidacy with the people, the solid R base that wants to know they have a safe home, a secure job, and a government that will not take away their liberty (that includes the ability to prosper)..they win.

  24. Ann,

    9/11 is all 9iu11ani has. The second he moves his stance from it, everyone remember that he’s a thrice-married adulterer whose kids hate him and who won’t back up the GOP on their stances on abortion or gay rights. If Rudy finishes inside 10 points of second, I’ll be surprised.

    With Rasmussen showing Romney in the lead, he may just write that check (although I’m convinced its an outlier, I think McCain still has a slight edge). Can McCain win in a state that thought “Katherine Harris? That makes sense.” I don’t think he can – unless Fred drops out and endorses him. 9iu11ani has the Cubans in Dade, Huckabee has North Florida, McCain will get the I-4 corridor (Tampa/Orlando), Romney will get Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Little Germany (Naples/Sanibel). Romney will pick up enough of the leavings in all to use the Gold/German Coast as a base to propel him.

  25. Sarah

    Tell that bunch of junk to organizations like Right to Life, the NRA, or American Federation of Taxpayers who cannot send out educational pieces on candidate positions and historical voting records that McCain-Feingold did not infringe on free speech.

    It shocks you that the people who joined the Republican Party because of its Platform on issues that they care about would not support a candidate who is opposed to many of those principles. Maybe the candidates should come to the conclusion that they are seeking the REPUBLICAN PARTY nomination for President and that they should be in alignment with the issues of the Party they wish to represent.

    The Party Platform has basically remained the same for the last thirty years. Plenty of time for McIdowhatIwant to decide to be an independent or join Joe Lieberman as a D if they are in lockstep with each other.

    Just like the name on your church should stand for something and people who are of like faith should be leaders in that church, the name of the political party stands for something and those who want to be leaders in the party should be of like mind with the guiding principles of that party.

    By the way, people can change their registration on line – it is easy to do. I’m sure JM has access to a computer.

  26. Sarah,
    If what you say about McCain’s CFR is correct, then pray tell how do you account for the emergence of Move-On. org and the Soros machine AFTER those laws were inacted. Sounds to me like you may be drinking the koolaide. No. I’m sorry, it did not level the playing field and those who were behind it knew that oh so well. It was all about sustaining incumbancie and silencing the “masses” and so far has worked like a charm.
    As to the power of the “Corporations and Special Interests”, they are totally unaffected by CFR. Want proof? Simply look at how many of the Fortune 500 comapnys are tending Democratic this time around. What that constituency wants is a continuation of the cheap labor (read that “illegals”) so that they can exploit that labor resource while Joe Taxpayer picks up the “benefits” tab. The Democrats will give them that gladly through amnesty while at the same time letting this “new constituency” shoulder aside the long taken for granted black population in this country.

    Sorry. If McCain is the nominee it will not only be the demise of this nation’s sovereignty, but that of the traditional Republican Party as well.

  27. When did going with a supposed WINNER (before a race even really begins) become more important than the long term benefits to one’s country, or following the Constitution?

    Any candidate espousing amnesty (Romney, McCain, Giuliani) would be detrimental to the survival of our way of life and standard of living!

    Any candidate promoting unprovoked war (Romney, McCain, Giuliani, Huckabee) is antithetic to the core values of America (Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11, so don’t start that cr*p).

    There is only one TRUE REPUBLICan in the race, and that is Dr. Ron Paul.

  28. kralmajales says

    “Tell that bunch of junk to organizations like Right to Life, the NRA, or American Federation of Taxpayers who cannot send out educational pieces on candidate positions and historical voting records that McCain-Feingold did not infringe on free speech.”

    This is what the anger about McCain is all about, but for one thing. Big money corporate true believers…and the GOP itself…was filtering money to these so called “grassroots” groups. This was never about speech…he cut off the spiggots of money that would have NEVER gone to any of these groups.

    THAT is what most of those groups are mad at. They couldn’t raise money from their poor membership..they had to have the wealthy excentrics to fund them. McCain cut off the dough…its about greed.

  29. Respectfully, I agree 100% with mediaMike and Dan. Please everyone go back and re-read entries #27 and #12.

    Dr. Ron Paul is the one true Republican running for President in 2008.

    I’ll not vote for the lesser of two evils in this election; Messrs. McCain, Romney, Huckabee will not receive my vote.

    Thank you.

  30. When Soros and MoveOn and the rest of the 527’s no longer exist, you might have some standing. Debate and education on specific issues has always been a critical part of what makes America great – and our American Hero has been instrumental in crushing it – and always partnering with the furthest left-wing D available.

  31. I am tired of hear you so called Conservatives whine. We all got together and elected President Bush, your man. I have stood with this President while you Conservative wimps led by someone I used to respect Rush Limbaugh bailed out on him time and time again. Now you say you won’t vote for the most obvious choice, John McCain. I suggest you actually read what McCain says rather than listen to distortions fed to you by talk radio hosts with their heads up their butts. Real Americans want things done not just talked loudly about as we have done for 16-years. McCain wants to control the border and to get rid of the 2-million criminals that have infiltrated our country as our first step, but suggests compassion for good members of our community that happen to be illegal. Why throw them in back of a line where 1 in 5 are criminals when we know already they are not. You must speak English he agrees. Global warming we have something going on, China is building 2-3 new Coal fired power plants A WEEK! 70% of the carbon in the air over the USA is from China, they produce only 9% of their products for us. Do we really want to have no control over that looming disaster? Think! Marriage? It is a 15th century french word, not even English and you want to amend our Constitution, how petty, don’t we have bigger fish to fry? Shame on you Conservatives splash some cold water on your face and get behind John McCain as he works to keep another clinton from being our President.

    Bill Heath
    Tucson, AZ
    A real Republican

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