Maricopa County Ballots Update

Hold the Horses!

Sonoran Alliance has learned that there are 43,000 uncounted provisional ballots still waiting to be included in the Primary Election results.

This is significant and may affect the election outcomes in several races including Legislative District 18 and 20.

In the House race in district 18, Ron Middlebrook trails Steve Court for the second seat by 72 votes. This race may change dramatically because of Court’s affiliation with Kevin Gibbons who went down to defeat against Russell Pearce. Pearce had offered Middlebrook as his replacement in the House and when the hit pieces began flying in the district, the reaction backfired against Gibbons. How much of that transferred to Court (Gibbons’ unofficial running mate) is undetermined. Court actually won the early ballot count while Middlebrook outpaced Court on election day. It is very possible that those ballots walked in to the polls on election day may end up in Middlebrook’s favor.

Further west in the LD-20 House race, incumbent John McComish trails newcomer Frank Schmuck by only 65 votes! This race may change or even trigger an automatic recount – much reminiscent of what happened in the district four years ago when Anton Orlich and John McComish ended up in a recount.


  1. WOW!

  2. Economy First says

    Most of those uncounted votes are early election ballots that get dropped off at the polling places or are received in the mail the day of the election.

    Court lead in percentage terms among these early voters. I predict no change in the results.

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