Maricopa County, Arizona GOP Straw Poll Results

On Saturday, January 13th at the Maricopa County Republican meeting, a straw poll was conducted on the 2008 Presidential candidates and the reasons why the Republican faithful thought we lost the election last November. Here are those results:

458 Ballots cast

First Choice for Presidential Candidate:
1 Hunter 96
2 Romney 82
3 Gingrich 53
4 McCain 50
5 Rice 27
6 Tancredo 24
7 Giuliani 22
8 Brownback 14
9 Huckabee 10
10 Hagel 2
11 Barbour 1
12 Pataki 0
Unacceptable Presidential Candidates:
1 McCain 282
2 Hagel 272
3 Pataki 260
4 Giuliani 213
5 Barbour 113
6 Brownback 108
6 Huckabee 108
7 Rice 91
8 Tancredo 85
9 Gingrich 81
10 Hunter 71
11 Romney 65
Acceptable Presidential Candidates:
1 Rice 269
2 Gingrich 265
3 Romney 239
4 Tancredo 219
5 Barbour 182
6 Brownback 178
7 Huckabee 167
7 Hunter 167
8 Giuliani 157
9 McCain 89
10 Pataki 70
11 Hagel 28
Republicans lost last November because:
Primary Reason Iraq 136
Secondary Reason Spending 115
Tertiary Reason Too Lenient on Immigration 94


  1. I’m up here in Oregon looking for a Presidential candidate I can support.

    Illegal immigration is an important issue for me this go around. Although, terrorism, a strong military and a sound economy are also high on my priority list.

    I saw Duncan Hunter speak and answer questions on a C-SPAN segment. I was impressed with his speaking style and ability to respond to tough questions.

    Hunter has a straight out approach we Westerners can understand, along with a good sense of humor.

    I saw this poll and I was impressed, since the National Press barely mentions his name. They seem infatuated by McCain, Romney, and Giuliani. I am not. I like the idea of a true Westerner in The White House, the last one did very well(Ronald Reagan).

    It seems I am not alone in disliking the so called “front runners.” I hope the National Press wakes up to a “sage brush rebellion” brewing out West.

    Duncan Hunter maybe a dark horse, but I like his plain spoken tough talk on the border, terrorism, and our national economy.

    It wouldn’t be the first time the West has ridden a strong horse to victory over the East Coast Establishment.


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